Three of Hearts


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Three of Hearts


The Moon he sailed through the night-sky clouds

And bestowed upon his eyes

Was a beautiful silver star,

His soul was weaved with sudden love;

His heart with a surprise.

He sang, he sang the song of night

To his little star,

She doth said:” What stranger is it

Singing from afar?”

The Moon in all his passion shone

For love of little star,

He promised then eternal groves

And that they will never part.

“Oh Mr. Moon, do hold your words

before your dream ’s begun;

forget me and my celestial heart,

Forget me and to clouds depart,

For I only love the Sun”

The Sun awoke in midst of dark

Surprised by what he heard;

“Hold thy heart, oh little star,

for it might break and burn;

do hold your words, and hold your song,

you yell them out too soon;

Forget my gold, and warmth and beams,

For I only love the Moon”.

*From A Deck of Cards series. This is, I think, the first one of the series I ever wrote, way back somewhere around year 2005. For myself, the style does not change much, although I do find these initial pieces to be much more gentle in delivering their message.

~ by Oloriel on October 26, 2015.

21 Responses to “Three of Hearts”

  1. I see what you mean by gentle. There’s a somberness to the picture.

    • I cannot even myself decide is this supposed to be a gentle rendition or a sombre one. Are these celestial bodies all happily loving each other or grieving for each other 🙂

      • Maybe both?

      • But then, would they rise up, leave, day after day, forever?

      • Some people are cursed to live the same cycles over and over whether. Forgotten the exact myth I was thinking of.

      • It feels weird because what you are saying makes perfect sense, but at the same time, I try to identify myself with one of the celestial bodies in the poem and I do not think it would be enough for me, I would want to shake things around, burn something, throw a hissy fit. On the other hand, I really do think I am a person who is very addicted to a routine, in the sense of I had to be convinced once to stop eating the exact same meal, 3 times a day, for months. I am one of those people who absolutely have to take the same road, or sit at exact same table (their, my – table) at a restaurant – or they are simply unwell. I am straying into gibberish now probubly, but I think I can safely say this threeway situation from the poem is both a blessing and a curse – depending on which day is it 🙂

      • I get it. A lot of people have comfort zones and habits. Many times we don’t even notice the patterns in our lives, so an outside force has to step in to reveal them.

  2. Stil je ono što nas uvek prati, tako da me ne čudi što se nije mnogo promenio. Ne znam koliko ima kako te ja pratim ovde, ali ono što je meni prepoznatljivo to je jedan posebni titraj, uvek imam sliku neke daljine, praha, zlata i svetlucanja. Zato si ti – vila.

    • Mislim da je to jedan od najtoplijih komplimenata, sto se tice pisanja (a po meni i zivota uopsteno!), da se nismo mnogo promenili, samo dodali nijanse drugih boja.

  3. Najlepša ljubavna pesma koju sam pročitao u zadnjih nekoliko meseci.

    • Hvala puno, Dule! Drago mi je da cujem da mogu da te zaokupim i sa ovim ljubavnim, mada jeste napisano pre 10 godina. Sad nekako ko da su stihovi protkani nekom rdjom, kad je ta tematika u pitanju! 😀

      • Naravno, ja sam veliki poštovalac tvoga rada koliko god da sam odsutan sa bloga ima vas blogera koje pratim i bez blogroll-a. Keep up the good work! I nije rdjava ni malo 😉

  4. Poznato je da ne znam engleski. Samim tim ni pesmu nisam čitao.
    Svejedno tvrdim da ljubav i ljubavne pesme ne mogu biti “protkane rđom”! 🙂

  5. I think it’s a good thing you cannot break the bond between sun and moon… a beautiful little poem

  6. Oh my. It has such a beautiful rhythm to it. I read it out loud and I could feel the words falling on my lips. Wonderfully serene.
    I love this series of poems, Oloriel. And it’s always good to read your verse.
    I hope that everything is fine with you. I’ll drop you an email. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, HA! Looking forward to your email and as always, I hope you are doing well. Off now to read your poetic endavours! 😀

  7. Oloriel, how are you? Long time, my friend. My work keeps me away a lot lately. (We expanded and I now handle too much.) And some strange thoughts. I haven’t written a story since March (*feels ashamed to say). I never even finished that story I told you about. The one with the smoky things coming out of the dead.
    Anyway, too much time at work lives me stressed. And depressed as well. Tired. Burnt out.
    So imagine my gratitude today when I read this poem. It is lovely. It is very lovely. The argument, the rhythm. I imagine the little star’s reaction to the words of the Sun. And I wonder if the Moon will love her anymore, knowing that she had a threat, yet her threat is futile. That the Moon himself now has two lovers.
    It did make me happy. Made my Friday great. Thanks.

    • Peter, it is always nice to hear from you. I remember last time we talked, you had some health issues, I am glad that is over. I am sorry your work is making you feel burnt out, I know the feeling. But, stories are compelling and I am sure they will convince you, when it is time, to sit down and write them (and I do hope you drop me a link to them, as well, when you do! 🙂 )

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