Being Human

being human cover

Being Human

by H. K.  Abell

“Being Human is a darkly humourous look at a young man suddenly faced with his own untimely mortality. It’s a satirical quest for personal humanity in an increasingly impersonal and inhumane world. The Caulfield-esque anti-hero, Eric Cooper, finds himself forced to answer the question of who he is, and who (or what) he wants to be one way or the other, and what follows is sometimes pathetic, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, sometimes wonderful, and sometimes terrible, but always human, because being human is all of those things and more. And being human is all we have.”

This book will get you engaged, you will become a character in it with ease and you will feel the flipping of the pages flip your life as well.
The book feels very vibrant and alive and reading it, it feels very hard to try and maintain a distance and observe the story it creates as merely a bystander.

You can read it here :

As well as buy here:

*This is going to be an ongoing list and the authors and books I want to list are those that I think deserve far more attention then they are getting. If I like your book and wish to include it here I will ask you first, ofcourse.

9 Responses to “Being Human”

  1. I love this book more than I can say

  2. This looks great – and definitely like the book cover.

    • That’s great to hear and Ken will be very happy to know it! 😀 You can find the whole book for free up on his blog and read, you will not be dissapointed 🙂

  3. Going to amazon to buy it now! Thanks for the info! 🙂

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