April 2013

  • The Artist

    Umetnik Pre zavrsnog poteza,on je odustao. Slomio je kicicu I bacio je na pod, Bojama je uflekao zidove, zapalio platno. Nije verovao u sebe i u svoje ruke koje su ga euforiji vodile, nije verovao svojim ocima, jer cesto su ga varale, remek delo postalo je nakaza, jos jedan poen za odustajanje i zgariste nade….… Continue reading

  • Wings of Nails

    (http://annie-bertram.deviantart.com/art/Angel-of-Rust-68440977) Spare me the senseless rhymes of loves dysected, but never felt. Of loves worn in linens not on bare bones. Carnal circus menageries photosynthesized in milk and honey. Manufactured apathy tinted with faux tears of suffering Martyrised blood architecting palaces for lies, Hope rotting in the gallows of stenciled treachery. Lets guillotine the Angel… Continue reading

  • The Supermarket Fairy

    http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/moon%20fairy Mi dokoni i vechito inspirisani stranci posmatramo. Vrlo cesto primecujemo one skrivene tajne,zelje i bol, ushushkane i ucutkane ispod koze, ugushene u zenicama. Primetila sam je. Izgledala je kao ptica u kavezu, krila sakrivenih u crvenu odoru. Izgledala je kao da je zelela da zapeva, neku shumsku pesmu, neku neznu melodiju flaute ili harfe,… Continue reading

  • Blue

    http://dimage.deviantart.com/art/Blue-Dock-39084753 Blue My rusted birds bled burgundy down to the floor. Estabas llorando y me preguntó lo que viene después. Por la oscuridad abrazado, te dije que no tendrá nada otra vez. While the wolf in your iris is restless, the women walk away, leave nothing but their scent, I am the wanderer on the… Continue reading

About Me

I don’t mind the sun sometimes,
the images it shows,
I can taste you on my lips
and feel you in my clothes.
Cinnamon and sugary
and softly spoken lies,
you never know just how you look
through other people’s eyes


Colour me in Cayenne & Chlorine Poetry Collection
Suburban Witchcraft Magazine
Colour me in Cyanide and Cherries Poetry Collection

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