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At the Pub in my Head

• September 28, 2013 • 117 Comments

Black & White Friday

• September 27, 2013 • 21 Comments

Around my World in a Tea Daze #3

• September 24, 2013 • 34 Comments

A Dreamer’s eve ( feeble attempt at haiku)

• September 23, 2013 • 49 Comments


• September 22, 2013 • 37 Comments

When the count of Monthe Cristo read this he went to hang himself (horhe)

• September 22, 2013 • 6 Comments

The Waltz

• September 20, 2013 • 49 Comments

Pixelventures – I’m a collector

• September 18, 2013 • 33 Comments

Tell me Lies (Sonnet)

• September 18, 2013 • 16 Comments

A Tale from the Backyard of a Room (Wordle)

• September 12, 2013 • 31 Comments

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Author of "Within Paravent Walls", "Daughterbody I", "Daughterbody II", "you ate popcorn in my house of grief" & "mutterseelenallein und splitterfasernackt". Pentalingual Idealist. Hypercreative homebody. Transgenerational Poetess.

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