Who am I?

me and seth

Yes, this is just another page that is supposed to help you get to know me, but truth be told the best way you could get to know me is to meet me in person. This is a little dream I have ever since I first started blogging, which was in 2005, and my dream was to meet all the wonderful people , knowledgeable people, loving and caring people that became my friends, my followers or just silent bystanders. I imagine us all on a big green field filled with wild flowers, enjoying tea, coffee , cupcakes and milkshakes and just breathing, everyone among fellow poets, fellow photographers, fellow parents, fellow survivors, fellow beings.

If you read through the first paragraph, you allready know two most important things about me:

I am a Dreamer. I will storm into your life , I will enter your head and everything will feel like in the poem of W.B. Yeats.

I am  Crazy. If I want something I go and get it, not matter what it is. If you want something, I will go and get it for you or we will do it together, no matter where or what it is. I will not let you deny me. If you tell me your wish, I will perhaps not be able to move mountains, river beds or fly great distances. But you will see me try to my fullest.

I feel misplaced, I deeply feel I belong somewhere in the middle ages. I want to be a bard. I am awaiting the arrival of a guitar, so I can start making music. It will not be good music, mind you, but it will be honest. Since this will all probably fail, seeing , in my ex husband’s words, my sense of music is completely illogical, forbidden and nonexistent, I plan on becoming a chef. I plan to cook. I plan to peel potatoes. Peeling potatoes calms me down,when during a day I can no longer stay ambivalent about the ugly buzz of everyday life, when I will either cry from everybody’s pain mixed with my own or I will peel. And cook. And write poetry. I will bake pies and I will pass them out on the streets and everybody will look at me like I am a lunatic.

Music is a great muse of inspiration for me. My favourite bands are Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer (Yeah, I should’ve just said “Anything Maynard”), Acid Bath, Katatonia,Opeth,Anathema, Shinedown, Soundgarden, Cult of Luna, Sonata Arctica, Marilyin Manson,Porcupine Tree, Mars Volta and many more, including classical music.

I read. A LOT! I enjoy reading, giving feedback and discussing what I read. My favourite books are The Discworld Series, not just because I think they are ingenious, but because my resemblance to Granny Weatherwax is astounding. I feel as tho the character was written after me.

I was born with Sun blessed hair. When I turned 15, my hair was almost completely gray, and I mean ash gray. I died it to coral red, fell in love with myself like nowhere before and it is something I will keep doing untill I am no longer here. I play video games for as long as I can remember and it is a part of my life where I take great enjoyement. My other interests are collecting stuff, stamps, envelops, postcards, colorfull napkins and many other things, like icecream wrappers. I live in Belgrade, in which I am aswell eternaly in love. I name almost every item I own. My washing machine’s name is Margaret, my Ipods name is Carlos, my stuffed animal collection is regarded as live beings and I often give voice, story, poems and lullabies to all of them.

If there is anything you’d like to know or are curious about , ask! Lets be friends!

*You are now entering an updated section, which won’t be much, but bare with me*

I am twenty and a seven years old now. There is not much to say, or any point in talking about the changes. All I know is that I got to learn that there is wonderful people around me who, at least when around me, reflect my soul. They are kind, compassionate, brave, fucked up, weirdos, lovely freaks. They are the best and they make me feel like I shouldn’t join any clubs having the name of my current age, just so I could perhaps give them back the trust, the chance of joy they give to me. They are my guild, they are my family and I love them all to death

148 responses to “Who am I?”

  1. I stumbled across your blog and really liked the first poem I read. I’m following and looking forward to reading more. Oh, by the way, we have a alligator pot holder we call Ali Gator and an owl garden decoration we call Auggie.

    1. Greetings! I am always looking forward to meeting new people in the blogosphere, so thank you for the opportunity to get to know you 🙂
      I am very glad to hear I am not the only one who names her appliances, and things and just about everything. Right now, I am debating with my husband because he claims our stuffed Hippo, Monsieur, does not need his own plane ticket when we head of for a vacation. Can you imagine that, he wants him to be in a suitcase!

  2. The Discworld Series are one of my favourites too. Though I am just some 8 books down the series.

    1. Discworld is awesome, and let me tell you that due to last years sad events regarding Sir Terry, many will envy you that you are only 8 books in. Even though Discworld has sky-high re-readability, nothing beats letting those books into your soul the first time. I hope you enjoy the series, I am sure you will!

  3. I enjoyed reading this. Especially the first paragraph. What a lovely dream! – Amaya

    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read, get to know me a little, and leave me a word of your own!
      Have a wonderful day!

  4. Could you send me an email at brudberg@gmail.com I have a question for you.

    1. Sure thing, Bjorn! Just opened the computer and am sending right away!

  5. Well, wow! All of this, and all of you, sounds fantastic! First off…
    Dia duit! Conas ata tu? Is mise Ward Clever (Brian), a curadh de Danann.
    I learned some Irish to impress a cailin. She was, but it wasn’t meant to be so far, but maybe someday, Danu willing.
    I like All Things Maynard, and Deftones, and I think you would like a Japanese band called the Gazette. Entry songs: 13 Stairs [-1], Invisible Wall, Vortex, Filth In The Beauty
    I read most of Terry Pratchett’s works .
    And I admire your soul’s ingredients. I’m happy you found your soulmate already! That’s fantastic.

    1. Thanks for the music recommendation! And for the Irish, I would LOVE to hear it 😀
      My soulmate cheated on me and dumped me, so thanks also for the reminder I need to change this description 😀
      Hope you are faring well!

      1. I am sorry I reminded you, and even more sorry that happened.

        Do you mean you would love to hear me pronounce your lovely language badly? I could try, lol

        I am doing fairly well. I hope you are, too. Oh, one more recommendation: Death From Above 1979 – All their songs are good.

      2. Wow, two awesome recommendations, which rarely happens to me. I thank you with my whole heart!

        No worries about reminding me, I am healing, I am in love with someone else now and I can see the gigantic difference between abuse and darkness, and someone who does nothing but push you into the light with “Not even doing anything”, as he puts it 🙂 I am fine, and happy I can say that! 😀

        And yes, I would LOVE to hear you pronounce it, lol! I love trying out foreign languages, and find it amazing when others do it as well! 😀

  6. Tell you something….
    You may just be the type of dreamer I’ve been searching to read for a long time.
    Best About page I’ve read for ages.
    Had red hair for a while and also became enamoured with myself but now back to light darkish brown. What, that’s a colour.
    All I’ve read, is this page of yours. I’ll dive in more soon. Time is a slutty little vixen, just like brain, and both of them run off with eachother, leaving me behind while they giggle and tease me and tell me they love me but I know they’re lying.

    1. Thank you very much for writing to me, and I am glad we seem kindred. Looking forward to meeting you more!

  7. Ha! Mad and honest passion! Good…

    1. Thanks for giving this a read, and reminding me that I should probably update it! 😀

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