Cyanide and Cherries project – when poetry meets music

Welcome to the project page of “Cyanide and Cherries” – an artistic creation adventure vortex, in which me and H.K. Abell got mercilesly pulled into, courtesy of our own dear muses.

The best way for me to describe to you what this project is – it is multi-dimensional goodness. It is a thriving symbiosis of spoken word poetry, rock music and surreal artwork. These are by no means tunes you would expect to hear at a party, these are tones and images that will invade your core and wreck it completely. We are fashioning this into a living, breathing work of art and we are looking forward to working with other people and including them in the magic as well.

Here is the list of tracks we got so far:

…and That’s When The Nicotine Kicks In

Music, poetry, spoken word all by H.K. Abell

Dark Night Of The Soul

Music, spoken word by H, K. Abell, poem and spoken word backing by Mirjana Miric Inalman (Selena Oloriel Moonshadow)


This poem was written by Jennie Saia and with music by H.K. Abell and Becky Booker.

Tin Pan Alley Blues (A Dream in the Key of D)

Completely writen and created by H.K. Abell and his wonderfull family, featuring an artwork done by me, using a great inspirational photo by Zoe Abell.

City is…

City Is… features a poem by Jeffrey Rossetto, with music by H.K. Abell. Vocals by Jeffrey Rossetto and artwork by  Selena Oloriel Moonshadow


Here is an artwork sneak- peak :

dnos 1

Thank you for checking this page out and if you have something to say, please do, we are more then eager to hear feedback.

*This porject is copyright H. K. Abell and Mirjana Miric Inalman , 2013 – ,with lyrics copyright the respective writers. Any unauthorized publication without permission and proper recognition of the artists is strictly prohibited.

25 responses to “Cyanide and Cherries project – when poetry meets music”

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  5. loved and That’s When The Nicotine Kicks In…
    Cool and creative work!

    1. Thank you, I am very glad that you are liking the project and that you enjoyed the Nicotine tune 😀

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  7. […] from around the globe, drawn to her flame like the proverbial moths. One such project, Cyanide & Cherries,  excited the wanna-be musician in me, and I’m just waiting for my invite to participate. […]

  8. Is the nicotine song just about nicotine? Please don’t take it in any wrong way but these songs have all been made to be played on LP’s in pubs and they’ll go so well with conversations giving a background track and simple things catching the ears and we say – “Man thats well said!”! 😀

    1. I am strongly against explaining poetry and tones, they are supposed to provoke something within you 😀
      For me,this wonderful song is not just about nicotine, it is about the complex easiness of relationship and our needs that can never be fully satiated. But wether they are a habit, road to destruction or a lung-gasm – depends on the eyes of the person sitting across you 🙂

      1. exactly! trust me when I say this – each song got me a touch higher on libation! damn… thats 4 extra pegs! 😀
        Loved everyone of them!
        Also I want to know which is the other language that you write your posts in?

      2. Serbian, my first language 🙂

      3. Novak Djokovic! 😀

      4. Thats the people’s reaction nowadays, but I am not a fan of tenis, nor Novak Djokovic. I wish when you say Serbia, people would still say Ivo Andric (our Nobel prize winner) 😀

      5. hehehehe… I don’t know anything about Nobels… I don’t know if our country has any that won it for any category! So Novak Djokovic came the closest!

      6. And am extatic to hear you enjoyed the tunes 😀

      7. I truly did… poems narrated are one of the best ways to create a song… no tunes… nothing strong… just words!

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  10. Just listened to the first tune. I quite like it! Will listen o the rest one by one as i have time, until I have heard them all! Great work!

    1. Thank you, I am very glad you liked it! We are keeping the project on a hold at the moment, cause both me and Ken are busy with other projects, but we will continue with it soon. In the meantime, I would be very happy if you listened to all the tunes, I think we made something that is very personal and can touch someone anytime 🙂

      1. I agree, and will listen to all! Lots of talent here! ⭐

  11. Absolutely brilliant, 0. I’ve only just begun to explore your new work here with these amazingly talented artists, and WOW- have you been busy, as usual! Very impressed! Thanks so much for your hard work and I can’t wait to listen to the rest of them. ♥️

    1. Thank you so much, B, I hope it was enjoyable; Ken really did amazing things with the whole project. I really hope perhaps sometimes in the future we can collaborate in this way again, because these were way way too long ago.

      1. Yeah, I noticed they were from 2013- you guys really do need to work together soon because these were AWESOME. Ken is a total breath of fresh air in the spoken word (and music!) dept. and it was great to hear your voice on his work as well. Really enjoyed them!

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