Allegory of Deluge


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Allegory of the Deluge

I can handle her when she is mad,
When she gushes and sweeps,
Lapping and veering licentiously
And vanishing down the drain, screaming
My name, her name, somebody’s name,
While she echoes through dark rags,
I’ll handle it, she’ll strip my coppers,
My wishes lain on the thorax intersections,
Her hair will be wet, and her hands,
Her hips and her waist and her every corner.
I will smile like a tramp and take her doubts
And warm them in my pockets.

But what of me, when she sneaks
Without an entourage of music,
Not a single note,
Mute in her nothingness, like a sinner,
When her heavy tear plunges on the roofs
And forgotten pains erupt like drums,
Suddenly, then halt,
Gifting you flame for mere seconds, only to take it,
Like the barely seen relieve of her face.
I’d tell her, let us take these insane thoughts
And carve them into oarage,
This infirmity to wooden boats,
Let’s sail from place to place
And make these chains rattle as we sway,
Make it a dance!
But how, when on my cheek,
A single drop from her,
Nothing but a single, lonely drop –
Silent, inconsolable.

I could manage, I could if she would warn me,
When she steams on the stove
Like a forgotten teapot,
When she would seam dresses from the chimneys,
And she is bored of watching hugging
And kissing
And she would paint nests or cages
Descending from above
To cool my mouth and
Water me with a torrent.
I would tell her, let us go and be the apples,
Let’s never stop loving,
Let’s be the paintbrush-leaves of the linden,
Let the others dream!

But what of me, when behind my back
She extinguishes the streetlights and bursts
While I looked away and the sparrows
Were resting their eyes,
When she drowns the ladybugs
And for the emperor and the lord
There’s no more time,
What of me, opening umbrellas above the bed
Pinioned by her slander,
What of me when my soul is not whole
And I have no place of my own
But I look alike her thousand pieces
Trapped in an eternal fall,
How in that misery to overthrow her
With any kind of love,
When she introduces herself as yearning
And touches my cheek with a drop,
Just a single, lonely drop,
Gentle, hopeless.


Alegorija jedne kapi

Lako cu ja sa njom kad
U besu lipti I nadire,
Kad zapljuskuje I vrluda razuzdana
I sliva se niz saht vristeci;
Moje ime, njeno, necije
Dok odjekuje
Kroz tamne rite.
Lako cu, ogolice mi
Bakrenjak izrezbarenih stihija,
Posute zelje tu na autoputu
Utisnutom nasred grudnog kosa,
Bice joj mokra kosa I ruke
I kukovi I struk I svaki skut,
Ko skitnica cu da se nasmejem
I da uzmem sve ja sumnje njene
U dzepu da ih grejem;

Al’ kako cu kad mi se prikrade,
Bez muzike, bez ijedne note,
Nema u nistavilu, kao da je gresna,
Pa kad se strmoglavi njena suza teska na krovove,
I zaori zaboravljeni bol kroz tminu
Kao bubanj,
Iznenada, pa stane,
Na sekund mi vrati plamen, pa ga uzme,
Kao nazrete brazde njenog lica;
Rekao bih joj ajmo ove lude misli
Izrezbariti u vesla,
Nemoc ovu u drveni brod,
Hajdemo od mesta do mesta
Nek cegrtaju lanci, nek bude festa
Dok se ljuljuskamo,
Al’ kako
Kad mi na obraz kane,
Samo jedna kap,
Jedna jedina kap,

Snaci cu se, kad me upozori,
Kad se ko napusteni cajnik zapari
Na ringli,
Kad bi od dimnjaka da sasije haljine,
kad joj dosadi da gleda zagrljaje I ljubakanja,
pa bi slikala gnezda I kaveze,
kad bi sisla da mi usne ohladi.
I da me napoji bujicom,
Rekao bih, hajmo u jabukama da nestanemo,
Hajde da nikad ne prestanemo da se volimo,
Hajde budimo listovi-kistovi
Na bagremovima,
Pustimo ljude da sanjaju..

Al’ kako cu,
Kad mi iza ledja
Zgasne sva ulicna svetla,
Kad brizne dok jedan pogled skrenem,
Dok vrapci tek sklapaju oci,
Kad podavi bubamare
I za cara I za gospodara
Vise sati nema,
Da otvaram kisobrane nad krevetom
Okovanom tom njenom klevetom
Da nemam ni celu dusu
Ni mesto
I tih hiljadu delova kojim slicimo
U vecnom padu,
Kako u svom tom jadu
Da je nekom ljubavlju nadjacham,
Kad se predstavi ko ceznja
I padne mi na obrza ta njena jedna kap,
Ta samo jedna jedina kap,
Nezna, beznadezna.

~ by Oloriel on July 21, 2014.

28 Responses to “Allegory of Deluge”

  1. Stunning…

  2. Vrlo lijepo!!!

  3. Lovely! “take her doubts
    And warm them in my pockets.” is one of many wonderful lines!

  4. Kod tebe su sve reci u “nekom proseku” ili “na bolje”, ne pada ti forma 🙂 Odlicno napisano. Iako ima dole prevod moram gugl translejt, lepse mi tako 😉

    • Navikla sam vas na gugl, ja sam kriva 🙂 Forma mi se smuchila, ali je i volim, kao sto vidish rime ne mogu da se otresem nikako! 😀

  5. Predivno…uživanje (:

  6. Poem for a daughter? Just guessing. Enjoyed this very much.

    • Thank you very much! It could inded be a poem for a daughter, but in reality, this poem is for the Rain. I turned my back for a second and in the next one she was pouring, but so silently, barely visible yet at the same time so strong, flooding the streets. It reminded me of how often we are unaware of the pain of our companions and loved ones, that emerges when we turn our backs.

  7. “I will smile like a tramp and take her doubts
    And warm them in my pockets.”

    Thus writes the bard. Always wonderful.

  8. Soulful…
    read it over and over again!! 🙂

  9. Reading through the comments realizing it was for the rain.. I thought is could have been for a competitor in a love affair… interesting images.. the crushed ladybug.. really a stark image if viewed as a metaphor.. but also gives an understandable rage to the rain.

    • Thank you very much for reading, Bjorn! I do realise it can be interpret in many different ways and the images can suit both nature or a person, which makes me believe as though writing this was a success, because it is just what I wanted to show: how much we are alike with nature. We spend most of our days believing and trying to be above, and in control. But down under, maybe we are just the rain? or Sun?

  10. I’ve missed reading your work! Lovely like usual. Especially this: “I will smile like a tramp and take her doubts / And warm them in my pockets.”

    • Dear Eva, I have missed you and your work too! Thank you so much for remembering me and my appologies for answering you so late. I did notice you have some new stuff posted and I can’t wait to read them and I promise I will do just that! 🙂

      • You and your work cannot be easily forgotten. ^_^ It’s so good to hear from you! Take your time. I hope everything is going well for you.

  11. Here, the deluge, during and after, just so much water, fallen and running, like ones lives at times…

  12. excellent (as always!)!

  13. Ova pesma je odlična. Zvučno..
    Sviđa mi se generalno ceo tvoj blog, iako nisam ostavljao komentare, uvek ispratim. 🙂 …da i to spomenem kad već šaljem komentar.

  14. YES! Beautiful, images, scenery, words, fits so in place…

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