I Resemble the Willow



I Resemble the Willow

I’ve got a cricket
lost in my bloodstream;
he makes fragility crack
as he leads the rock
to the stained glass window;
my finger pricks on the spindle
I drip down
very bad jazz.

Slice through the illusion
of my beauty
with a fork and a knife.

The elegance of
waltzing down the highway
with a ghost
is in the inert thorn
inserted ever so kindly
into the coronary artery,
teaching you how to be dull;
have you tossed my bones
into the mercy of the seaweed?
Poured back the ocean
into the empty socket?
A stroke of the brush
for the unfinished death,
bottle my breath.

The white wall
is a mortuary,
the life line is the
endowment of the blade;
I followed the promise down
to the last leukocyte
and when my wisdom
copulates with escapism,
the beast is naked
and celestial and thirsty
for salt
to clean the wound.

This loneliness
is the stain
on a most loved coat;
I grew a peach
in the garden of sorrow
and now I smell like
Have you peeled my skin back
to read the poems?
Have you cremated
my confessions
and inhaled the dust?
Wonder does your name
echo through the spiral
of my insides.

Snuff the candle out,
let me lay down in your lap
and shatter;
if you love me
only then can I be
a gush of splendor.
Only then can you say
how the pain of my being
was so alluringly
Until then
I resemble the Willow;
until then
the scarlet hue
of the dreamer’s eye
is just the playful breeze
that cuts.


Podsecam na vrbu

Imam cvrchka
izgubljenog u krvotoku;
on chini da fragilnost popuca
dok vodi kamen
ka bojenom staklenom prozoru;
moj prst se ubada na vreteno
veoma losh dzez.

Seci kroz iluziju
moje lepote
sa viljushkom i nozem.

Elegancija igranja valcera
niz autoput sa duhom
je u inertnom trnu
ubachenom maksimalno ljubazno
u koronarnu arteriju,
ucechi te da budesh tup;
jesi li razbacao moje kosti
u milost morske trave?
Sipao nazad okean
u praznu duplju?
Potez cetkice za nedovrshenu smrt,
flashiraj mi dah.

Beli zid
je mrtvachnica,
linija zivota
je zaduzbina oshtrice;
pratila sam obecanje dole
do poslednjeg leukocita
i kada se moja mudrost
spari sa mojim bekstvom od stvarnosti,
zver je gola
i nebeska i zedna
soli za ranu.

Ova usamljenost
je mrlja
na omiljenom kaputu;
Uzgojila sam bresku
u bashti tuge
i sada mirishem kao
Jesi li oljushtio moju kozu
da procitash pesme?
Jesi li kremirao moje ispovesti
i udahnuo prah?
Pitaj se da li tvoje ime
odjekuje niz spiralu
moje unutrashnjosti.

Ugasi svecu,
dozvoli mi da legnem u tvoje krilo
i da se slomim;
ako me volish
samo tada mogu biti
vrcavi sjaj.
Samo tada mozesh reci
kako je bol mog bica
bio tako primamljivo
Do tada,
podsecam na Vrbu;
Do tada,
grimizna nijansa
sanjarevog oka
je samo razigrani vetar
koji seche.

~ by Oloriel on July 6, 2013.

48 Responses to “I Resemble the Willow”

  1. Amazing! Really like the flow of this.

    • Thank you very much for reading and taking time to leave me a word, I appriciate it and I am glad you enjoyed reading 🙂

  2. This poem is IMMENSELY powerful… your words always have a way of blowing me away. What vivid imagery. ❤

  3. Very intense! I’m always impressed with how your thoughts and feelings fill a page.

  4. “Wonder does your name
    echo through the spiral
    of my insides”
    the name is etched
    my head an explosive

  5. Have you cremated
    my confessions
    and inhaled the dust?
    Wonder does your name
    echo through the spiral
    of my insides

    Oloriel,you have such a command of the language, every word at your fingertips seems so perfectly placed eliciting every emotion when i read your poems. wherever your words are, i will follow…

    so sorry i was late, WP was not letting me like or comment yesterday. 😦

    • Thank you as always for your words, seeing them does bring me lots of joy, as well as reading your stuff.
      Do not worry about being late because of WP,I elarned it tends to get glitchy at times 🙂

  6. I think it’s the flow of your words that makes it easy for me to hear music as I read them. This one is no exception. I especially liked the line “my finger pricks on the spindle, I drip down very bad jazz”. I just want to put a over-complicated jazz chord there!

    • And strangely, as to why I wrote “bad jazz” is because when I try to explain people how my words or songs should sound like they tell me it’s “too complicated!” 😛

  7. love the cricket in the bloodstream! such an interesting thought…

  8. Oh, this is intoxicating, Oloriel! And the loneliness…
    I especially love this:
    “The elegance of
    waltzing down the highway
    with a ghost
    is in the inert thorn
    inserted ever so kindly
    into the coronary artery,
    teaching you how to be dull”

    Where the heck did it come from?!!!

    • It comes from people way too often labeling my pain and sorrow as something created, to be beautiful and entertain them, like a scheduled class on how to walk in pieces, all along while pain is simply something that unbeliveably hurts.
      Thank you very much for the visit and leaving me a word of your own, I am glad you liked the poem 🙂

  9. Solid – beginning to end – in tone, rhythm, and ingenious turns of phrases – great read. —–Chagall

  10. Your writing is incredible, wow you blow me away!

    I have a prompt at my blog if you are every interested I would be very happy to have you =)

  11. Beautiful artwork and amazing poetry. The willow tree does hold great myth and beauty. Powerful description took me to beautiful places and thoughts. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your words, Willows indeed are beautiful, but knowledgable aswell, I wish there were more of them in my neighbourhood, I love being around them 🙂

  12. As I read, I speak your words aloud. I feel drawn deep within your words, attracted to each line as it passes my lips in the articulation, like waves between rhythms. Love the way you’ve spoken within each line, love how you expose the beauty of your soul to the wind, and express to whom the words are intended. Peaches truly are beautiful, in all their glory, colour.

    Love your poems, and how form in your nature to contain parts of what makes you and your soul. I am just a dreamer, and can only write like that on rare occasions. Hope Sunday is beautiful for you…

  13. I`ll just say something wrong, its personal…osecam kako pulsira…

  14. Oh wow. I actually said that out loud when I finished reading your poem. The way you use contrast is remarkable. Love your metaphors and language throughout. Reowr!

    • Thank you for your kind words, every time I manage to awake something in a reader I am overjoyed. My son liked your twirls and swirls, by the way 😀

      • Haha, that’s awesome. I’m glad your son enjoyed it. 🙂

        Your writing is beautiful and provocative, and I suspect it reflects the writer well. 🙂

  15. Excellent poem. Powerful, raw, and intriguing. And translated in Slovenian, as well! 🙂 At first I thought it might be Polish because I recognized some words, but alas, no. Nice work, bravo.

    • Thank you for your visit and you words, I appriciate it. I must correct you tho, the language is Serbian,not Slovenian, tho I find them all so similar that it makes my heart warm 🙂

  16. uz ovo može fino da se nauči anatomija 🙂

    auuu koliko strendžera imaš na blogu 🙂

  17. Your poem used fantastic imagery without cluttering it, and flowed well. I enjoyed your work, and will definitively keep reading more. Cheers!

    • Thank you very much for your visit and your words, I am msot pleased you enjoyed and aswell for not finding it clutered, I often fear I write in a way that is too difficult to fully understand 🙂

  18. To quote you: “alluringly
    scrumptious” perfect description of your work!

    • Thank you very much for those kind words and compliment, I am also very happy when someone can describe something of mine with a sentence I made 🙂

  19. Fantastic poem & your characteristic vivid imagery, Oloriel.
    Those opening lines hooked me straight away….
    “I’ve got a cricket
    lost in my bloodstream;”
    Loved! xox

    • I am very glad you liked it, I hope your cricket is feeling excellent (I know he is, he is producing nice writtings on your blog! 🙂 )

  20. Oloriel, there is a distinctive beauty that I cannot describe beyond comparing your word to that of the artistic renderings of Salvador Dali, something surreal in its formation, maintaining its own weight, its own gravity, pulling one in as one reads. You, my friend, are a very strong poet. This is a marvelous read.

    • Thank you very much for your words, they do mean a lot to me. I am also always pleased to hear from people reading my work what they saw in it and if it reminded them of something. I have began observing my poetry lately as sort of a world that eats itself and I do hope those who get pulled in, emerge outside wiser , that would be my goal completely made true 🙂

  21. Wow…well this sat me down and left me a bit breathless! Love it, thanks.

    • For some reason, WordPress sent your comment to Spam, which is I hear happening often nowadays, nevertheless I would like to appologise for the late reply.
      Thank you for taking time to read and comment and I hope you had someone or something beautiful to restore the breath into you 🙂

  22. Kako je dobro!!! Ponekad stvarno ne znam sta bih rekla, imam osecaj da bi bilo kakav komentar prosto pokvario utisak.
    I evo, gledam… I ja sam u pocetku sve pisala na dva jezika, a onda sam prestala jer nisam imala nasih citalaca. Obrisala sam sve. Sad mi je zao, mnoge stvari koje sam napisala su mnogo bolje u originalu nego one koje sam dobila prevodjenjem.

  23. […] I Resemble the Willow  https://olorielmoonshadow.wordpress.com/ […]

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