The Damned Gambler


*More old stuff. It feels weird to read it after so much time passed. This is from my era of constant gambling with Lady Destiny.

The Damned Gambler

From the deck falls out
a nervous four of clubs,
incandescent thoughts writing a novel;
a conspiracy theory,
while the smoke in the lungs
simulates the curtain of the play.

A bluff-versed professional,
I replace two,
I pull the King out from my shoe,
it is your turn my friend
to kill them all.

I am sorry to tell you, baby;
The amount of clouds the sky holds
is how much cards I’ve got
hidden in the pocket.
I do not drink whiskey, thank you.
lay down what you got on the table
so I can take everything and leave.

The aces in the sleeve shine like demons.
(And when the sky is bright, I play Russian roulette.)


Prokleti kockar

Iz shpila ispada
Nervozna cetvorka tref,
Usijane misli pishu roman;
Teorija zavere
Dok dim u plucima
Simulira zavesu predstave.

Blef veshtog profesionalca,
Zamenim dve,
Iz cipele izvuchem kralja,
Na tebe je red druze moj
Da ih pobijesh.

Zao mi je da ti kazem bejbe:
Koliko je na nebu oblaka
Toliko ja imam karata
Sakriveno u dzepu,
Ne pijem viski hvala,
Spusti shta imash na sto
Da ti uzmem sve I odem.

Kechevi u rukavu sijaju ko demoni
(a kad je nebo vedro, onda igram ruski rulet)

~ by Oloriel on July 2, 2013.

43 Responses to “The Damned Gambler”

  1. Kept me involved 🙂

  2. Its intrinsic! Its almost as seeing you being on top of the world, being the queen, looking down at the world. With hidden agendas up your sleeve.
    Loved it!

    • Thank you for your words. You should’ve seen Destiny, just a sight of her either toughens you up or you fold at first second 🙂

  3. I think the last line, tucked away as an aside in the parentheses, is perhaps the most telling. —–Chagall

  4. Nemoj mi to “bejbe” gubim odmah sve 🙂

  5. Ah and here I thought it was all luck and skill. I feel cheated. 😉

  6. When you play Russian Roulette, do you keep bullets hidden in your socks?

  7. wow!!!

  8. mislila sam se gde su kecevi, u rukavu naravno, na delu kad zatrebaju kao i demoni.

    • Dok sam pisala, zamishljala sam sebe obuchenu onako vrlo slojevito i videla sam razne karte kako ispadaju od svuda, kao neki podsetnik samoj sebi da kad se neshto sprema ili nesprema je prevrtim svaki plan i kao trudim se da spremim sve 🙂

  9. Oloriel, you have a wild west gunslinger arrogance in this incredible poem, it suits you well. i likey! 🙂

    • If I lived in the wild west gunslinger times, I would have most defenatly been some secret vigilante 😀
      I am glad you liked it, your word is much appriciated!

  10. Kažem: bejbe, ima li đokera u ruskom ruletu?
    Sviđa mi se baš, mada se grozim od tih kečeva u rukavu 🙂

  11. Very well done I love the feel it somehow remind me of Charlie Daniels fiddle playing lol When I was a kid being my weird self I memorized the subtle variations on the back of a deck of cards and so I always knew what cards people had which made winning a lot easier but cards not so much fun lol. I can’t see that well anymore to even attempt it

    • I was a huge fan of cards when I was a child, but had only my family to play with and they were all cheaters. Family card nights were a war event of its own. When I grew up, none around me was playing cards anymore,so I resorted to playing with various entities 😀
      Remembering subtle details on the back is very admirable and certanly an interesting story to have and I thank you for sharing it with me 😀

      • =) I think probably my grandma who I mostly played went easy on me lol I know that she had different rules which were still fun but easy for me to understand as a small child. My favorite game was cascades but I don’t remember how to play it anymore.

      • I used to play Black Peter with my grandma. She had some special cards with Serbian royal figures painted on them and I remember she wasn’t letting anyone touch it except me 🙂

  12. ekstra stvar, vec imam muziku u glavi 🙂

  13. Those closing lines:
    “The aces in the sleeve shine like demons.
    (And when the sky is bright, I play Russian roulette.)”


  14. whoa! brilliant imagery in these lines. love how you have kept the idea of “pain” hidden only to be revealed in the last line. Truly a poem about a cursed gambler.

    • Thank you for your words, I am very glad the poem could speak to you. I think a gambler, no matter how strong or careless he may look, no matter how much he cheats or wins by luck or skill, will always be cursed, because he has to gamble in the first place.

  15. nothing wrong with revisiting “the old stuff”. Those last two lines are GOLD.

  16. When I`ll get to read deck? 🙂

    • This is not from the deck series 😛 But ye, I need to re-pick that up, as soon as I find the deck itself. Last I remember, the cleaning lady brought me about a dozen cards and said “Sorry, I kinda lost the rest”. It was survive or have a nervous breakdown and as you can see, I am still here 😀

  17. “while the smoke in the lungs
    simulates the curtain of the play.”

    Thhhhaat’s a hella cool image.

  18. Great images, and love anything about gamblers. Such a curious brand of people, throwing money away & hoping as they do. I used to be a croupier.

    • Indeed they are, so adventurous and so reckless at the same time, you fear for them, you questions them and slightly admire them as well 🙂

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