Anesthetic is wearing off

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frosty morning in february

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Anesthetic is wearing off

When I am making it with you
everything is blue
kind of like a mid February morning

like sunlight looking like
on suburban streets;
a man sits sells his flowers.
If you are pretty enough, he will give u one.

Do you want the flower?
how do you pluck it,
tell me specifics,
give me calculations and charts,
tell me coordinates
I’ll be subordinate
cause distance is the outstretched arm
of the pale in Renaissance paintings
dangling a cloth over an armchair,
a Thespian inheritance;
we feel real love in the spleen.

Hold my shoulders;
I won’t scream.
Pluck the wings.
Get it over with.
Don’t ever get it over with.
Don’t ever get over it

Think of candid forest paths
and deer that roam it,
think of mountaintops
and pines oozing out years
sticky and sour;
make innocence filthy.

When I’m making it like you
it feels like candy-nothings,
cause its so gently blue
kinda like my eyes,
kinda like your eyes,
kinda like sea at 5 in the morning.


Timing is a Red Coat

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Timing is a Red Coat

No fire can be started gently.
Flint against tinder.
Tinder against bone;
bone against bone.
Metal wheel against lighter fluid.
Tip of the thunder against a dry bush.
Right forearm against the dull edge of the table.
Skin against twig.
Friction against no intentions.
Twig against smooth rock.
Word against the forest.
Fairy lights against bewilderement.
Concoctions against organic.
Meaning against the mind.
Forest against mouth.

We guide the match across the box
in the velocity of our hunger for the light;
Go on, and ask it to burn candid;
Not to swallow, not to disturb,
flicker as it may against the canopy
of solitude it tries to break handless.
Sightless. Unquestioned. Heartless.

I will not come to you with torches;
I will not come to you with sunsets
spilling out of my pockets;
I will not come to you like a sermon
for the ashen dreams of a dried up sea;
I will not come to you held, driven and walked across
until I was timid and dead like charcoal
and it will not matter have I walked
or crawled or ran
and have I in my sizzling stared wide
at the wounds that I might make
or the wounds that I have taken.

I want to come to you godless.


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blood mage


Mixed Media/July 2018

You will do this to yourself

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You will do this to yourself

Distance is an infant god’s desecrated temple
You set the candles burning, then you leave.
Are garden trees dancing in the winds or do they tremble?

The nectars of a sunset closely reassembled
whenever oceans stare at you, you heave;
distance is an infant god’s desecrated temple.

Which palm line is barcode; which is semper?
Some meadows you worship, for some you kneel.
Are garden trees dancing in the winds or do they tremble?

The clouds will seldom cure you without leaving you ensemble;
first you love in ancient tongues, but then you grieve.
Distance is an infant god’s desecrated temple

When you thread its stone you won’t go gentle,
whatever is forgotten yearns to be retrieved.
Are garden trees dancing in the winds or do they tremble?

Your pain will linger like a dinner party ornamental,
like daydreams of a noon you long ago believed
for distance is an infant god’s desecrated temple
that makes the garden trees dance as they tremble.

*a slightly modified villanelle; the challenge with this form will I guess always be resisting to modify it because it is anyways hard for me to stay coherent and not speak in riddles and the aesthetics of the lines sometimes make me stray out of the line.


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Mixed media/ November 2017

S. Glitch

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*According to my calculations, the last poem I wrote dates August, 2017, henceforth I deeply apologize that the very first thing you are going to read after my hiatus is this experimental crap. Sorry, once again! 

S. Glitch


After being carefully dissolved,
dethroned crimson bellows archipelagos.
Anna buys coriander downtown;
decomposed carotids bicker: Adelante!

Domino carpet borrowing aspirins;
aspiring birds cater daughters.
Evening flamingos grapple hummingbirds;
hanging gardens fooling empires.

Equipment flawed. Garnishes : humid.

Elephants fire glocks hurriedly,
hollow glades furnish eyelids,
doom cloisters blistered amendments.
Always bow; curtains disintegrate
Follow gentle harbingers.
Instigate, jester, kill!
Kneel, jealous ivory!
Innocent jury, King –
kiss Juliet. Immediately!

Hammer gadgets farming electricity,
empty fawns glowing hysterically,
assemble braille calibrated diesel!
Discard comfortable, bourgeois apartments!

Look, majesty, now! Over!
Open nitrogen mask lens,
leave me never oblivioned.

Overture needles measuring lightness,
Anna buys coriander downtown,
dynamite candy butchers alliances,
evergreen farmlands giggle hours
in jarred kerosene.

Leave marigolds near opening.
Propagate questions; rupture Solomon.

Study rubies, quietly. Pirating
ever-lasts; fulminate grieving hopscotch,
dopamine coated, bysmal apothecaries.

Archipelagos bellow crippling divinities,
helium giants festering emitters;
tavern – ushers visionaries;
vivid under twilight together =
useless variables; velum upkeep thighs.
Aspiring bastards cut dandelions,
deal cinnamon butter airplanes.

Love misses never-ending omens.

Odessa needs magenta linens;
paratroop quickly, ride stallions!
Stop river quivering Polaroids!
Tend unsuspecting venues!Vulture undertides timidly!

Winter xylophone your zipper;
ziggurats yearn x-ray willows.
Allor’s, ballad c’est demode!
Heeding giddy-up feeling encryptions,
knighting juvenile incidents,
siphoning rationally quaked pistons

(Cosmic overlays usurp lithographs; summer opens negligee. Keep informed, cute cunt, parlor everyone!Everything, Pelonius!
Count crickets! Infest keen! Kinks Intensify, carnations carnage, Pythagoras Evolves. Non-stop orchestra simmers lucidity’s upset over casualties. )

Deviant cinders bubble asymmetric;
zen yields xylene wisdom:
vignette usurps temper,
tinder unpacks vestments.

Hoist gallows! Flip establishments!
Heaven grins, fermenting echo,
placebo quilts rosemary seasides,
Pinocchio quits reasonable sleezing.

I javel, kids!
Dig carefully : bones amok.
Already, beloved! Come quickly!
Darling, come be alive.
Always, beloved, close door.


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*For NaPoWriMo day 2, topic being dialogue and conversations. I decided to do a visual representation instead of writing per say. The image is supposed to represent different ideas, wants and definitions upon something that is often pondered about and discussed. I like to think that the play on words in it depicts the differences in dialogue, opinion and conviction and that, as well, something simple as 4 words can hold a myriad of poems, a slightly different say for whoever tries to write down what they see in here and how does their mind read it.

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