Artwork in Creation Magazine

•March 21, 2023 • 6 Comments

In December of last year , one of my most personally cherished artworks of last year, “Morana”, was published in Creation Magazine.

Please give the magazine, by clicking HERE, a read this lovely Spring day, and enjoy!

Issue 5 : Call for submissions

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Suburban Witchcraft Issue 5 Call for submissions : We are looking for more photographers and more, more, more poetry! Check it out if you have time, submit or just spread the word; we deeply appreciate it!

Suburban Witchcraft Magazine

Greetings, dear creatives and explorers!

For our Issue 5, we are looking for your submissions of Photography and Poetry, to further passionately craft our fiery, chilling, all shades and shapes of flowers, suburban spring and summery skylit issue.

Send your submissions to :

And do not hesitate to send submissions of any kind, because this editor is always hungry and yearning for your creations!

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Vocivia Magazine Issue 3 : CYBERSCRIPT

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I have had the pleasure and honour of having two of my artworks included in Vocivia Magazine Issue 3 : CYBERSCRIPT. The magazine is packed full of feels and do’s about the internet, from the older days till today.

From the editors : “The Internet is a vast and wide place. CYBERSCRIPT takes a look at how the internet has affected our lives and become a part of those lives. CYBERSCRIPT is a noun describing writings about the internet. It’s a word we created to describe those poems about the internet’s endless nature or stories of those long nights reading fanfiction on AO3 (or Wattpad too, no judgment). Inspired by Bo Burnham’s “Welcome to the Internet”, we wanted to hear what the internet looked and sounded like to you.”

Do check it out!

You can find the magazine by clicking on the image above, or visiting the Vocivia twitter or website.


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Macaleni Iintozomlambo 2010 Nicholas Hlobo born 1975 Presented by Tate Patrons 2010


The afternoon rips our arms apart,
The snowdrop calls for the hare,
the river unbegotten
and forgotten of our names
and dead still inside the pot
waiting at the stovetop,
a heartbeat of memory,
a minute-long place
where the tea has stained
a bruised heart,
a wavelength of quietly
sneaking in the extra teaspoon of sugar
into the world,
the lunch that’s never early,
the bite that’s never too late
and I, for a moment,
not letting go against
another day’s passing curl;
your kin- distant into the sun,
the frying pan of childhood,
scattering the breadcrumbs
away from home,
growing the olives
against the midnight whisper of the sea.
I prick in the thorns,
teaching the soul amaranthine
and the corvids laugh
so hard my dreams
are shaken off their pedestal.
These bodies of sparkly dust
choose like puppets,
pry into the sky
for fairies and unnamed stars:
I want to preach innocence
when the choice is
I want to be the raindrop
to the earth.

Urbanize the Soul

•March 4, 2023 • 15 Comments

Urbanize the Soul

Mixed media // March 2023

I should be writing, therefore I am doing art.

Colour Me In Cayenne & Chlorine – poetry ebook

•February 28, 2023 • 4 Comments

My second poetry book “Colour Me In Cayenne & Chlorine” is now available as an Ebook, in PDF.

You can find it here:

I am working on a PDF for my first book, as well as proper ebook for readers editions as well.

Suburban Witchcraft – Issue 4

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Suburban Witchcraft Magazine Issue 4 is now live; read, enjoy and share!

Suburban Witchcraft Magazine

Greetings, everyone. Suburban Witchcraft Issue 4 is now live! This issue features fantastic, emotional and chilling creations from our contributors.

You can read the issue by clicking on the cover below:

Release of Suburban Witchcraft Magazine Issue 4 - the Winter Issue

Or via the direct link:

What is different about Issue 4, and the magazine in general is that due to issuu changing their policies, we had to work on getting the magazine online with little to no changes from what our readers are used to. That meant procuring a free to make and free to use reader for you to peruse the magazine, while at the same time trying to meet our publication date goals.

All our previous issues will likewise be accessible to our readers in the same way from now on.

Please know that the reader is a custom build of love, sweat and frustration and that it is not perfect – we encourage you to…

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Poem at Bulb Culture Collective

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My poem “Ligeia, under dimmed lights” is up at Bulb culture Collective.

They are a really awesome lit journal that focuses on previously published work whose online homes are now defunct.

You could read my poem previously, in the long ago year of 2017 at Sudden Denouement , so I am thankful for the new life it is going to get with BCC.

Please give the poem some love by visiting here:

Art on a Wall

•February 17, 2023 • 13 Comments

Hope everyone is enjoying their February.

Recently, it was my best friends birthday, and this year, he wanted, for his gift, one of my artworks on canvas, We always talked about decorating with our own art, mostly because we design and are most often creative digitally, and he has had his eyes set on this one for quite some time.

There have always been challenges with making my art a real tangible thing. Taking monetary funds out of the equation, there was still always some hindrance with the quality, the options, the need for everything to be done locally. I always had the option to produce posters, but I would not want it on a poster, so I am assuming others wouldn’t either. I remember a time when, in the city centers, you could find poster sellers everywhere, with various motives and paintings that you could get pretty cheap. Now, in the local furniture store, there is a dozen already printed and framed paintings, beautiful and mesmerizing, and pretty affordable too.

What it does, in my case at least, is make one feel guilty.

And as a creator, often uncomfortable. Because, all those beautiful posters of moonlit wolf- packs, all of these breathtaking paintings of flowers, field and abstract panoramas of wild horses and shimmering cityscapes? Artists uncredited. Artists mass produced , no signature, no credit, and certainly no money in their pocket. The art picked up from the internet, resized and tweaked to fit the factory, valued so little; so little care because it is one shop, two-eleven – fifteen shops in some small country, unimportant, as the locals would say “behind the back of god”.

One could say that we have gladly moved away and running far from art being super expensive and thus, being unattainable for those who cannot, today, fork out to own an original piece, yet still want to be surrounded by art and see it as an integral part of what makes their homes feel more like homes. I am not shaming, because, I am, also, there, in that same world, living that same paycheck to paycheck, feeling like art is so far out of reach. I just think that this goes beyond, because it is so hard to fight it, individually.

But one has to start somewhere.

For my art, we found a local store that offers canvas printing, we got the dimensions, the digital files ready, the quotes, picked our options and ordered. They worked really fast, and I had the painting in a week. They have honestly exceeded my expectations, as a first time doing anything similar.

Putting myself in a position of someone else, who would want to just have a piece of art that takes their breath away, in their own space – I would say this would be the way to go. I, as a creator, never had a problem or issue with anyone wanting my art for anything, and noting down today’s economy, have never asked for exuberant sums for something that I have created. I don’t mind even if it is free. Because it is for you, and it will go into your home, or a home of someone you love and decided to gift.

But what I would definitely not like to see is my art, produced for a mall store – just because I wanted to show it on the internet or share it in whichever way that I see fit. This is why, I think, only us as consumers can make even a sliver of a difference. Perhaps, next time you would like a piece of art – go for the original, contact the artist, discuss production, ask with local printers, because the times have in this case I believe changed for the better.

The mall, furniture store, hallway poster art is likewise not free, but for me, I feel like I am paying everyone but the artists who in these cases have not been treated with any decency or respect for their craft. Even if they themselves do not mind that their art is there out there like that – I MIND.

Thank you for reading this far, and as always, I would love to hear your opinions, questions, advice and experience. And, here is how the canvas turned out:

The artwork itself is a piece titled “The Journeyman”, which I have created sometime in 2020, and it is a piece of Mixed media.

Teaser Tuesday: A Race of Survivors

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Legends of Windemere

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

This teaser comes from Legends of Windemere: Path of the Traitors.  I really liked writing this book because it allowed me to focus on several secondary characters.  This book also helped get a bunch of non-champion characters in position for the final book.  So, it definitely holds an important position in the series.  You can pick it up for $2.99 as an eBook or $13.00 on paperback.  Enjoy.

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