My artwork in “The Good Life Review”

•May 9, 2022 • 2 Comments

Hello, dear readers. One of my artworks, “Deep Sea Divers” is appearing in the “The Good Life Review” current issue.

“Deep Sea Divers”

Do go and have a look and a read through the whole zine; I guarantee you wont be disappointed. You can find the current issue of “The Good Life Review” by clicking HERE

Suburban Witchcraft Magazine – Issue 1

•March 14, 2022 • 11 Comments

Issue 1 of Suburban Witchcraft Magazine is now live. Do give it a read and let me know what you think. Thank you to everyone for all the encouragement and support!

Suburban Witchcraft Magazine

Warm Spring greetings to all! It delights me to say that Issue 1 of “Suburban Witchcraft Magazine” is now live!

Suburban Witchcraft Magazine Issue 1

Featuring poetry, storytelling, photography and art from all around the globe from inspirational contributors, we hope that you will enjoy this creative snippet into their worlds.

We would like to encourage you to read and get involved, connect with the contributors, discuss, offer suggestions, ask questions, and most of all, we hope that reading this magazine inspires you to create yourself.

I offer my sincerest gratitude to the contributors for gracefully allowing me to showcase their work and joining me on this publishing journey.

Here’s to Issue 1, and many more that are to come!

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•March 13, 2022 • 20 Comments
Image found HERE

*Poem was originally written in Serbian, you can find the original below


We Paradise-made,
where trees are dreaming
office furniture dreams,
the accountant tangles his tentacles
into the watchmakers last will,
clocking in his hours
and each cloud, like a gossip girl,
scatters its warheads and its Pulitzers –
do not stare into the night,
into the satin,
the nebulosi,
the beats
that carouse with the flame
of an old, greasy kitsch;
do not stare into the night,
it holds the flowery place
within the requiem,
it is here to devour,
to stand and with its sockets fixed
scan chagrin and trouble
laying sea-stones
half-chewed, confused,
beneath its feet –
the voices, like lace,
scratching the records,
of romance laden songs

that hiccup the most
when the tired host
discloses lack of gramophones;
between I and I
a single pair of eyes,
the game’s deaf telephone
tossed between hands
like dough:
instead of flour – snow;
instead of tears – icicles;
instead of love – chemicals
and dried dandelions
twisted into lady’s braids
and in the frames, pictures
of an indigent saint
from whose bones there wont be
any daggers made
no migratory birds,
no beads for the bracelets,
not the moon-soup of daybreak
to drip down
our hollow mouths
and the skies will not howl
its coyote red screams,
its navy blue nail polish,
its arches overladen with viscera;
but will, like an imp,
grabble between busts
of primavera,
mingle through the fingers;
you look up
and there is nothing
but holes.

it’s , lately, how it looks inside the hearts of all.


Rendgenski snimak

Mi smo napravili raj,
gde drvece sanja
snove kancelarijskog namestaja,
mrsi svoje pipke
u amanet casovnicara,
da unovci mu sate
i svaki oblak, kao tracara,
sasipa svoje
bojeve glave i svoje Pulicere –
ne gledaj u noc,
u saten,
u postapalice,
koji lumpuju
plamenom stare, umascene kicice;
ne gledaj u noc,
pred cvetno opelo
dosla je
da zdere,
da pored stoji
i netremice gleda
dok joj jad i beda
pred noge polutke slazu:
glasovi im kao cipka
grebu ploce romanticnih pesama
sto stucaju najvise
kad umorni domacin
objavi nedostatak gramofona;
izmedju mene i mene
samo jedan par ociju,
gluvi telefon
prebacivan iz ruke u ruku
popust testa;
umesto brasna – sneg,
umesto suza, ledenice,
umesto ljubavi – hemija
i sasusen maslacak
uvrten u damske pletenice
i u ramovima
slike uboge svetice
od cijih se kostiju praviti nece
ni bodezi,
ni ptice selice,
ni perlice za narukvice,
ne mesecja praskozorna supa
da kaplje nam u suplja usta
i nebo nece
zavijati kao kojot svoje crvene vriske
svoj teget lak za nokte,
svoj svod
nacickan iznutricama
vec ce
kao akrep
bauljati medju bistama primavera
provllaciti se kroz prste;
pogledas gore,
a ono,
nista sem rupa

takva su nam, u poslednje vreme, svima srca.


•March 6, 2022 • 23 Comments


Mixed media / March 2022

My newest digital art piece, titled Aurora, to mean Dawn, because today was dawning as I was creating.

Suburban Witchcraft Issue 1 – Cover Reveal

•March 3, 2022 • 7 Comments

Doing a Cover Reveal for ‘Suburban Witchcraft Magazine’ Issue 1. Let me know what you think!

Suburban Witchcraft Magazine

Warm greetings, everyone! With Spring just around the corner, and ‘Suburban Witchcraft Magazine’ sunshine-blushing for its debut, I am excited to reveal the cover for Issue 1. Without further ado, here it is:

Issue 1 cover

Suggestions, impressions and questions are always welcome!

Issue 1 will, likewise, be published in its entirety pretty soon, featuring poetry, stories, photography and art from various corners of the world.

It is exciting and I look forward to the release!

If you are interested in getting involved with the magazine, you can check out the Submission Guidelines and send your creations to

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Call for Submissions : Poetry and Flash Fiction

•February 21, 2022 • Leave a Comment

With Issue 1 well under way and donning its finishing touches before the release, I would be delighted to get some more Poetry & Flash Fiction submissions – so thank you for taking the time to have a look!

Suburban Witchcraft Magazine

Greetings, everyone!

Issue 1 of The Suburban Witchcraft Magazine has almost taken its full shape and will be ready for its scheduled April release!

What we are looking to include in the Issue 1 right now is some more Poetry and Flash fiction!

To find our more on how you can submit, please visit our Submission Guidelines Page, and get involved. Likewise, if you know somebody who might be interested and up this alley, show them this call.

We are also still accepting submissions of Writing, Photography and Art, which will be considered and crafted upon for our Summer Issue 2, so do not hesitate to send your creations.

Here’s to a lovely start of Spring!

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The Red Riddle

•February 17, 2022 • 53 Comments
Image found HERE

The Red Riddle

Where was Spring when flowers fell?
hand in hand, the dream and the child
with Persephone; in Hell.

White-veined in their shells,
blooming and oozing, tenebrous and wild
Where was Spring when flowers fell?

Whisper, deeper than a rain-stuffed well
never too ripe, never too mild –
with Persephone; in Hell.

The lackadaisy Moon will never tell,
not to the star, on either side
where was Spring when flowers fell?

And blushing cheeks with daggers swell,
and whistles rendered mute abide
with Persephone; in Hell.

With heart-strings all aloof and gasping just to dwell,
in tones and hues that colour darkness ‘kind’ –
Where was Spring when flowers fell?
With Persephone; in Hell.

Shared for Open Link Night at dVerse, do take up on the reading offered at the place!

It is 2022 and as it is evident, I cannot leave the villanelle alone; and it does not leave me be either.


•February 7, 2022 • 9 Comments

“Creation”Mixed Media / February 2022

Done with and inspired by one of monochromejunkie’s photographs that you can take a look at by clicking HERE. I wholeheartedly recommend looking at all of her stuff.

As always, I am all ears about your interpretation and musings on this piece.

Suburban Witchcraft – preparing the Issue 1!

•January 31, 2022 • 6 Comments

After a long time of just thinking about it, I felt like it is the time to do it. Starting my own magazine, second time down the line, with a lot of excitement and bewilderment and I would deeply appreciate if you took a look and got involved – because after so many years, it is precisely my readers and fellow creators that have been the fuel behind my own creative ideas; and your support and involvement means the world to me.

Take care, and share, and get in touch!

Suburban Witchcraft Magazine

Greetings everyone!

With a long, long time brewing inside my mind, I feel like the time is right to finally launch this project, and with the help of you, dear readers and creators, launch it to the full extent of my heart.

As someone who already ran a magazine, as well as submitted to plenty of them, I find that the times have changed little in the sense of publishing availability and publishing, showing and sharing content with creator desires in mind. These are just some of the reasons for the creation of this magazine. I want to provide you with yet another way for both you and your creations to be out there in the world, to be seen and read, in a way that inspires others and you to keep creating and to, well, keep sharing, showing and talking about it!

The name “Suburban Witchcraft” came to me…

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•January 27, 2022 • 17 Comments

Casanova”Mixed media, sometime in 2020-2021

Just a simple piece I don’t even remember when I worked on correctly, that I thought I’d share about. I like the simplicity and possibility of thought with it – I find it dark but pleasantly soothing?

As always, do feel free to tell me what it reminds you of or what it makes you think about and I hope impending February is treating you kind.

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