The Lazy Cupid

“The Lazy Cupid” collage done via AI by me

The Lazy Cupid

If I
Picked you up
At the corner
Where would you put it?

With the
Graves of daisies
You saw –
Your heart skipped
And decided
To uproot them?

Nudged between
The books of poems,
Pigeon feathers –
Too pretty for the sidewalk;
In the braille that you read to
Soothe them?

Between the crumbs
And crawls
Of day old bread,
Wrapped in tinfoil,
To the back of the fridge
Into the liquid, to mull,
Into the washer
With pine needles,
Lest it gets dull.
Will it be nibbled
And made
By the corners
Of teeth,
Or fingerprinted –
A perfect crime
Of dreams,
Saffron on the hips;
Will it be worn,
Will it stay warm
And will you,
By the briefness of the butterflies
Toss it out
Like ashes
Into a disinterested sea,
When I am gone?

Or will I need to haunt the world
To get some more?

“Darkness in love with the Light” collage done with AI, by me

*Fit perfectly together for my own prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for Sunday Confessionals, where I invited everyone to revisit and finish some old creative work and the new prompt by Brendan at Desperate Poets, where we are writing love poems, of any kind, because there should be more of them (please go and read this prompt, it is an inspiring beauty in itself). The poem was sitting in my Notes, I rewrote it a bit and here we are. The AI did a good job in reading my mind for the images, or I am getting better at prompts. Please use it as an inspiration, and not the new thing to use to pass judgement on artists or writers, or anyone.


14 responses to “The Lazy Cupid”

  1. Cupids — mighty Eros incarnate at troublesome boy — are lazy in their desire, easy, fickle, indiscriminate — like, well, most teenaged boys and eternally adolescent men. Pinning more than bodies with the errant arrow. They want surfaces — nubile curvy skin — and little else. He and Psyche have a lot of growing up to do. Cupid says Now and Psyche says Forget Me Not and the conversation is only in one sense between bad boy and willing maid, but many love songs start there. What attracts us to this work, why do we stay and make an intricate collage of it? A great image to toy and trump in a love poem. Thanks for sharing at desperate poets. (Great collages, too. I used AI to create the last image in the challenge, am planning a challenge to see if there’s a difference between AI and poetry when it comes to desperation. I heard of one case so far of someone committing suicide at the prompting of a chatbox.)

    1. Yes, that makes sense, the growing up. Lately I am hearing tales from those around me – which is my go to inspiration and the force behind the drive to write – which sound just like this. I guess you could say the title was inspired likewise by the tale tellers, and I do not know if their gender defines the role, but they are all male, all chasing forever love, and all in their words failing. I would love to hear some other stories as well, but these are the repeating ones – just like mythology.
      Your Ai image inspired me to create some as well to go with the post, because the whole process is inspiration and like I mentioned before, during great creativity outbursts, I find myself lacking physical materials to create artworks – and it helps there. I have tried the chatbox AI as well, but I am not as impressed or intrigued by it, not in the creative areas at least, while I do attest it can probably Google things faster and better than me. Sad to hear about the stuff from your parentheses, but in reality, these things happen daily without any technology involved, would want us to understand it better instead of just blaming the machine.
      Thank you for hosting the prompts, I am enjoying them a lot!

      1. I’ve heard of countries like Japan – because the population is aging out, or because misogyny is so deeply rooted (no chances for adult women), or because technology has so separated people – that many young people are celibate and staying that way. Love is vanishing. Repeating tales of that means the idea is becoming dominant. The Y chromosome is vanishing, too, and men have no idea what masculinity means. (PS, I’m planning an AI challenge a few weeks down the road, it will be interesting to hear how the community of poets are figuring it out.) Thanks so much for the lively dialogue, Mirjana. So wonderful to have an international poet like yourself on board.

      2. Some of it is vanishing for sure, but I am not so compelled to believe that is a bad thing. For me, it is the constant juxtaposition of two scenes: one from the researchers who conduct their trials and conclude that, given the chance for intimacy, honesty and eye contact, any two people are likely to be able to develop something and the other one being so many violent, loveless, conditional, transactional relationships. I also think that we demand and define Love on one hand, while absolutely refusing to accept it as love in another ( a concrete example would be someone deciding to remain childless, but still liking kids and being still a valuable part of community that upbrings.)
        I am really enjoying the challenges and looking forward to what you cook up next, especially if it is modernly challenging.

  2. A flutter of a poem, lighting on a million flowering images and similes–with standout lines that focus the mind into taking it all in, remembering it, as it has happened in the heart..especially like the sequence beginning with “..the briefness of the butterflies..”

    1. Thank you so much for reading, I am but a slave to cascading imagery.

  3. Probably need to haunt. We are fickle and easily distracted by shiny objects and loud noises.


    1. I, as a self-proclaimed lover of do-dads and thingamabobs, have to agree.

  4. Great opening stanza.

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Kinda cascades down the, it seems, gets everywhere…in the nooks and the crannies….in the cracks. Will there be a world to haunt I wonder?

    1. I wonder as well, but I think there will. If not, I am sure we won’t be able to help ourselves but create a new one. Thank you for reading ❤

  6. Wow! You just keep getting better and better, Oloriel.
    Love the images. I’ve always adored your art!
    Be well!

    1. Thank you, Resa, I am always delighted to hear you enjoyed anything of mine ❤

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