What really happens at 4 AM



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What really happens at 4 AM

The Moon, a pregnant vessel
leaking its miasma
over the bog of bones;
mush, dust and forest strawberries.
Lost and found harps,
a dime for a word,
ghost inhabitet hotels
in the telephone lines.
If only a raven, a kingdom of coal
spun through his eyes,
would peck at the fingers –
applepickers, artisans: united
in their caprice
to spoon the veins into talons
claw at the heavens, kaw at the stars.
Meantime – the carbon demigods
will choke a little
on their hibiscus tea.
Meantime – the suburban yellow bus
will have an afair
with the sound the river makes
when it remembers
there are lovers finding oceans
in each other’s ears.
Meantime – we will be set on considerate fire.
In the meantime,preserve love at room temperature.
Meantime – the evangelical will snap
like a toothpick between a rotten pair of fangs.
In the meantime, perhaps somewhere in Wuyuan,
a dark haired man writes countless names
on grains of rice,
he will grow us like flowers.
In the meantime, the air, thick as flesh,
sweet as a papaya,
incurably infected with our place
and our simulcrum,
barges in like a ruffian
into your survival.

Do not worry, darling,
it is just the weight of the world
twitching your periosteum.
Do not worry, darling,
once – the night will follow
through the postern.
Do not worry, darling,
once – the dark will love us all.

*Inspired by the Wordle at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. I think I skipped a few words more than I should have, but I did find them to be images and sentiments I often use in my poetry. Do visit and join in on the prompt writing fun!



~ by Oloriel on August 26, 2015.

29 Responses to “What really happens at 4 AM”

  1. Ако бих морао да опишем песму у две речи, то би био егзотични ватромет.
    Имагинација на нивоу, као и увек, свака част!

  2. The 4AM moment when sleep evades us, I think this is the weight it carries. A beast with ruffled feathers for sure,

  3. I love your imagery and the way you use language to invoke delirium!

  4. Great poem, which I read at 4:45 😉

    • Oh, thank you for that special kind of magic! If I may ask, if any did – which of the lines in the poem resounded the most to the heartbeats in your area?

  5. I just started a new page in my document for New Words. I am surprised I haven’t done so before….
    Three new words in this piece for me!

    Thank you. The red reminds me of when we close our eyes tight and see the insides of our own eyelids.

    And then the phoenix rises… out of these words and ashes reborn.

    • Learning new words is one of the best reasons why I love reading, poetry especially 🙂 I am glad I could enrich your notebook, it really makes me feel warm around the heart.
      I can totally see this poem of mine now as the event you described, with the eyelids, thank you for showing me a new, interactive perspective in which I can re-live my own writing!

  6. Your words amaze me!

  7. Powerful poetic imaginary… And such a great last stanza!… Thanks so much for sharing, dear Oloriel… All my best wishes. Aquileana 🐬🐳🐋

  8. Uf ej ne znam da li je to izbor reči ili šta, ali baš nekako macabre doživljaj, mada pesmu ne doživljavam nužno mračnom, no po ko zna koji put kad pročitam neku tvoju pesmu osetim se pametniji nego što sam bio pre čitanja, tako je i sada, svaka ti čast, oplemenjuješ! 🙂

  9. a new favorite… meantime… ~

  10. Hi again!! I’ve truly missed reading your work, Oloriel. Hope all is good in your world.

  11. My blog is up & running 😏 take a sho’t left to … https://poetessdeeblog.wordpress.com/

    stay blessed !!

  12. This is beautiful .. I’m indirectly inspired !!

  13. I need this when at work at 4AM…

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