A little tour of Belgrade – for Belinda


A wonderfull lady named Belinda at busymindthinking is experiencing the world through our eyes. This miny tour of my city is for you Belinda. You are a daily inspiration for me, you are a living,breathing, fighting monument of strenght, love, compassion, honesty and faith.

This is a look through my window. I live in the part of Belgrade called New Belgrade. This is one of our new bridges, built only recently


If you were here, I would most certanly take you to our most famous, most crowded pedestrian street called Knez Mihajlova street. Here is a rainy day atmosphere of it


Knez Mihajlova is conjoined to a square, called The Republic Square. This square is the most popular meet-up, wait for me there place for longtime lovers, blind dates, friends, visitors, strangers. The statue that you see is the statue of Prince Mihailo Obrenovic, but nowadays people just call it The Horse. There is so many people always waiting for someone on this square that finding who you need and is waiting for you became a hard task, so people divided the meet-ups in two ways: at The Horse and Under the clock. The addition of that clock tower was a blessing, it added to the whole waiting atmosphere and people love it.


On the same square is the National Museum. This is a close-up of it.


Knez Mihajlova is full of these wonderfull, magical, secret passages, alleys, which are filled with restaurants, shops and coffee places.


This is the entrance to one of my favourite sights. This is the church of Saint Marco and I think it is gorgeous. A lot of tourists get dissapointed that it is not sparkly and shiny or whatever, but I think it is a beautiful building that in these commercial times managed to stay true to it’s purpose – being a sanctuary for people seeking faith.


Close-up of the door


Here is how it looks inside. Everyone is welcome to enter, take a look and purchase rosaries or light candles for the living and the dead. The entrance is ofcourse free!


This is our Municipality building. As our country and our goverment – it is perpetualy under construction.


A snapshot of the city name and a restaurant facade on the Student square


Evenings are beautiful on the Kalemegdan fort


One of the gates on Kalemegdan at night


The statue you see here is called “The Victor” It is one of the main sights to see when you find yourself here. It is at the Kalemegdan fort, overlooking how Danube and Sava rivers meet.


After a long day of walking, sight-seeing, shopping, I would take you to my favourite hang out place, an irish Pub called “The Three Carrots”. Besides rejuvenating and creative alchoholic beverages, they have the best damn parfe I ever tried.


There is a million more places you could see in Belgrade – all beautiful, all ugly, veiled in a mixture of blood, happiness, spite and pride. Old and new history here mixes on the street, but I really only wanted to share photos I personaly took. I promise I will make more and make you visit my city once again!

Hope you enjoyed!


~ by Oloriel on August 29, 2013.

41 Responses to “A little tour of Belgrade – for Belinda”

  1. What a gorgeous place you live in!

  2. Parfe! The way to my heart is absolutely through my stomach lol I love the photos wow! The church is lovely =) I really should put up some photos of my city.

  3. This is really great, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself in reading it. Great pics, great writing, and very interesting. One of the best things I’ve ever seen posted on WordPress. Awesome job! ~ Bill

    • Thank you very very much. I love my city and I it always makes me happy to know that speaking about it and taking photos of it I manage to translate a little bit of that love to other 🙂

  4. Extra(s)!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your images and prose, particularly liked the candles in St Marco’s.

  6. What a beautiful city, Oloriel! And I love that the writing is in both, Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. Thank you for sharing these photos.

    • I am very glad you enjoyed the photos! I love personaly that everything is usualy writen on both cyrilic and latin letters just one under the other. But there are somethings that are on cyrilic only,like our national newspaper:)

  7. That is one beautiful city… Id love to come to Serbia some day.. : )

  8. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    In my absence; I signed on to find this gift awaiting me! Today, I travel…with a very special and caring friend…would you like to join us? Huge hugs and much love for the time you invested doing this. xo

  9. Beautiful Belgrade!!!

  10. like, like, like…. 🙂 više puta.

  11. I certainly enjoyed the trip. You live in a beautiful city.

  12. Those are some wonderful photos of the gorgeous city you live in!

  13. The City is beautiful!

  14. Nice, my soul, “White City” 🙂

  15. Thank you for the tour of your city! I love seeing new places 🙂

  16. what a wonderful host
    there’s nothing better
    then experiencing
    a new city
    with a local

  17. Beautiful images

  18. I enjoyed that immensely. Thank you so much for posting it.

  19. Zdravo! I’m so happy to have found a fellow Serb! You liked my post on “awomansaved” and I looked you up. Thanks for the “like”, I look forward to following you and our interaction 🙂 Pozdrav Ljubica

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