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A blind faith;
handing out tea-cups of air
to a stuffed forest ensemble
seated around the table –
You watch but do not drink,
not even of the sunlight
that spills over the tucked in plush
like a cavalcade of golden devils
coveting the dust
and shushing
all the wounds I made
with hope the light’ll go in.

It does not.
Will not lay over me
like i am water;
wont wrinkle
over my valleys
or carve through
dreamily through my alleyways;
will not breach through my eyes
that reach with the hunger
of the treetops,
hold hands with the nightbound places of my roots;
will not teach the soft
but bump around
my waistline,
my face, my hands, my however
heavy or light – buttoned or not – shirts,
will not move
against my thighs;
all of me, lifeless and still,
that porcelain nook
holding the air:

however I touch,
it will fall through,
and unlike
the dirt my soul has cultivated on my mouth,
will not even notice me watching there;
will not even remember the dark.
(yet nest its leaving in my hair.)

*For day 4 of NaPoWriMo

~ by Oloriel on April 4, 2021.

19 Responses to “Waldeinsamkeit”

  1. Fine work, Oloriel!✨
    (Nice to see you posting again, too!)

  2. Wow! There is so much detailing here weaved brilliantly into a poem. So glad that you posted something.

  3. Magnificent, Oloriel. I read with still with the awe I felt when I first read you. Such a priceless sentiment.

  4. […] our featured participant is color me in cyanide and cherry . . ., where the liminal prompt for Day 4 led to a wonderfuly dreamy-spooky poem, and taught me a new […]

  5. A wonderful piece, Oloriel.

  6. I don’t get it.
    How can the stuffed forest ensemble drink teacups of air?

    • Thank you for giving the poem a read. The stuffed ensemble in the opening lines refers to a stuffed animal tea party, one that my son specifically was partaking in at the time of me writing this poem. during a child’s tea party, the teacups are always empty, but the kids always treat the whole event with pure sincerity, and are known, my son among them, to pretend to pour tea into every tea cup – while they are in fact just pouring in air. Hope this clears it up for you a bit, and thank you once again for reading.

      • OK. Animal tea-party in forest. Got it. Thanks.

      • Not in the forest; all the stuffed animals that we have at home just happen to be forest animals such as raccoons, squirrels, wolves, a moose, a deer, a wild boar, to name a few, hence why the phrase “stuffed forest ensemble” :p

  7. Congratulations on being a NaPo feature. This poem is wonderful. Fully absorbed into this tug-o-war story. Packed with gorgeous lines.

  8. […] our featured participant is color me in cyanide and cherry . . ., where the liminal prompt for Day 4 led to a wonderfuly dreamy-spooky poem, and taught me a new […]

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