Cyanide Book Covers

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Maybe you took a glance to my blog and curiosity led you here or you marched into this page with a purpose. This page is for my book cover designs.

I love art and I live art and I disslike when art is a lonely process, hence why I have made this page not to just offer you  my services, but a collaboration. What is this all about?

I design book covers and I can design one for you.

What makes me different from gazillion of other designers that are practicaly jumping out of every corner of the internet like fireworks? Here is a few things you can expect from working with me:

I am a self-taught anarchist; I don’t care about majority of the rules of art – I create them.

I care about what you want on your book cover and I can’t stress this enough. I will encourage you to participate with me in the creation and we will chat about concepts and details. I will not toss out a lame template out of my ass and charge you for it.

I love creating an original work for every book. I don’t want your cover to be an exact replica of some N cover. Just like you as a person are unique, so is your book!

I don’t charge a month’s rent for doing something that will not just make me happy and excited, but will also give me learning oportunities.

I will never NEVER tell you I am too busy for your question because I am working on my own book or similar lame excuse.

At the moment I am limited to book covers that do not involve illustrations ( as in, I cannot draw and paint artworks due to equipement limitations)

If you are interested, talk to me! If you don’t like me, no big deal!

I charge 50 euros. I do not take advance payments.

Here are some examples and book covers I already did (checking out the books that own them won’t hurt you either!)

tim-cover-typo3-corrected      most-png      bc2 autumn street paper promo

AAV-FRONT-COVER        FRONT-COVER         scrolls fFINAL 3

Passage front cover         scrolls gold     together-never-front

If you would like to use one of my photos for a cover , regardless if I am making it or someone else, the price is naturally lower.

If you really like what I am doing, and you can’t pay me, we can work something out, like instead of payment, you send me your book when it is out.

Contact me at :

4 Responses to “Cyanide Book Covers”

  1. Is this a new page, Oloriel? Or, have I been sleeping?
    You are incredibly talented and I love you! Seriously 🙂

    • I have put it up just a few days ago 😀 Hoping to earn if possible for my IELTS.
      Hard when all you can do (and not on a masterfull level!) is art 😀

  2. […] She is the brains behind my new book cover, which I consider to be a piece of artwork in itself. If you, or someone you know, needs a book cover design, click HERE. […]

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