Macaleni Iintozomlambo 2010 Nicholas Hlobo born 1975 Presented by Tate Patrons 2010 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T13242


The afternoon rips our arms apart,
The snowdrop calls for the hare,
the river unbegotten
and forgotten of our names
and dead still inside the pot
waiting at the stovetop,
a heartbeat of memory,
a minute-long place
where the tea has stained
a bruised heart,
a wavelength of quietly
sneaking in the extra teaspoon of sugar
into the world,
the lunch that’s never early,
the bite that’s never too late
and I, for a moment,
not letting go against
another day’s passing curl;
your kin- distant into the sun,
the frying pan of childhood,
scattering the breadcrumbs
away from home,
growing the olives
against the midnight whisper of the sea.
I prick in the thorns,
teaching the soul amaranthine
and the corvids laugh
so hard my dreams
are shaken off their pedestal.
These bodies of sparkly dust
choose like puppets,
pry into the sky
for fairies and unnamed stars:
I want to preach innocence
when the choice is
I want to be the raindrop
to the earth.

5 responses to “Tea-stains”

  1. Beautiful, Oloriel!

    1. Thank you, Resa, happy you enjoyed reading! ❤

      1. Welcome!You write beautifully! ❤

  2. “against the midnight whisper of the sea”

    beautifully written.

    1. Thank you very much for reading and taking the time to leave me a word of your own, I am glad you enjoyed the imagery. Have a wonderful day!

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I don’t mind the sun sometimes,
the images it shows,
I can taste you on my lips
and feel you in my clothes.
Cinnamon and sugary
and softly spoken lies,
you never know just how you look
through other people’s eyes


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