Some questions for the Sky


*Image from my Photography blog, Suburban Witchcraft

Some questions for the Sky

What was yolk before the shell was cracked
as though what were you,
before my eyes fell open?

In the morning,
you mirage all fabrics
on a woman’s shoulder
into shimmering
as they call their peonies
by your name
while I, much like a child,
seat myself on cedar flotsam
and could never ever
resist touching the water.

How do you sterilize my savagery?
How do you usher me forward towards the bus stop,
like a gouvernant
that turns last-night’s midnight
secrets and doubts
into breakfast,
chirps and whispers,

You’re propped against the universe,
and stare at me –
while I do all the talking.

I want to feel you,
much like a river does,
I want to compliment you
as though the sea does,
I want to spin you inside my chest
and make you dewy and blush
like a ripe peach,
something you can bite.

And when you are pale,
pale and cold
like a tear-stained embroidery,
gelato, honey and oranges,
and heaving
like a seasoned sailor’s hair in the wind,
electricity, diodes in the fog –

I forsake nothing
for nothing ever threaded my being;
no Babylonian blood,
no architecture,
no incantations of the Mayans,
I could care less about calendars.

The streetlights detach from your pockets
like cylinders
of fairy dust and mundane
need for sleep,
I want to
cradle your solitude
in my bosom,
I want to speak kindly and loving
to another
in the language of your blue;

when can I visit?
When can I stay,
when will my heart be a suitcase?
Does a meadow, perhaps,
somewhere out there,
have a staircase?
Should I sew, should I climb,
should I try some other ancient rhyme?

I am shadowed by atonement
enveloping the brink.

When will you seep,
how is light to be tended?
Do the reds of your dresses
need be amended;
the beauty, the vastness,
and all the hues oblivious to the masses,
how can I latch?

I ask and ask
while in the distant silence
the stars begin to hatch.

*For NaPoWriMo day 2. Completely forgot about it starting yesterday, so I am as usual late for the party. Today’s prompt spoke to me in the language of Nature, and it is a motive that follows me since my early days of writing, so it felt fitting to revisit it once again. I hope you enjoy reading and have a wonderful Spring day!

~ by Oloriel on April 2, 2019.

19 Responses to “Some questions for the Sky”

  1. This is so amazing. This is how I feel on my morning walks as I gaze up at the sky. Am in complete awe of the vastness, the colors. You’ve done justice to every hue.

    • Thank you very much for your heartfelt comment! I have been fascinated by the sky since my early ages. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and leave me a word of your own.

  2. I shared this on Twitter

  3. Oh yes, plenty here that pulled me in. Not just gelato. Great finish.

  4. There is something so important about questions… I really love how you started the poem and then following with other questions becoming more and more precise….

    and I love the thought of stars hatching (maybe connecting back to the egg in the first stanza)

    • Thank you very much for reading, Bjorn!! Connecting the opening and ending was kind of my idea at ending it with a question, but I am glad that the imagery itself was also pleasant, seeing it was the line in my head which birthed the poem.

  5. Such intriguing images here — I love the way you create these word pictures with their metaphors rising to meet the height of the sky. The questions are evocative and the tone engaging in their articulation. A lovely reading experience, as always, Oloriel! 🙂

  6. I adore the way your poetry leads! ❤

  7. I love this. Will my heart be a suitcase.

  8. I love the fluid flow of thought in this poem. Really good.

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