Invoking the Huntress – an Artistic Collaboration

Greetings, everyone! Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with two wonderful ladies on a great and inspirational project. These two ladies are great bloggers, writers, creators and beings and are known as Aquileana and Resa around the blogosphere.

What was this project about? Resa makes gorgeous dresses, inspired by life, dreams, mythology and stories and she made a bedazzling dress inspired by the Greek Goddess of Moon and Hunt, Artemis.

Aquileana is, I dare say, famous, for her deep, thoughtful , informative and inspirational posts about everything mythology. Moved by Resa’s creation, she weaved a post about Artemis, whilst I was at the same time moved to pen my inspiration into poetry and art.

You can find Resa’s beautiful creation HERE

And Aquileana’s treasured tales and myths of Artemis, HERE

And here is my artwork and poem:


*Artemis ; Mixed media, February 2017


Invoking the Huntress


The crescent beckons a heave,

a touch upon your corners,


a light brewing

not like a thunderstorm, or a torrent,

but a sickle ready to brand you

in red-

you will be

like two eyes among the pines,

as she lowers her hips downwards,

descends her bow to your forehead;

she tramples your heart with her deer,

her name preaches – You can be here, free;

free in the forest of flesh,

a dancing hunter among the cypress.



She will give you the bear – to fold his head before you.

She will give you the wolf – its maw now your sisterhood.

She will give you the boar – the towns named after your sins but dust beneath him.

She will give you the stag – the horns ripping the night itself to drip

over mouths of dirty gold

whispering her hymns.

Her Kingdom atop the arrowhead

more eternal than the sway of day,


the wilderness, soft and pure, and nectary

grow out the belly

and may

it not fetter the beasts,

let them run through her chambers of your bones and chest;

let her tame them with a single breath.


Her name, like a dream of ground

wet with vine, sizzling like fire

over which the prey darkens,

her innocence unlike any altar,

her savagery unlike any temple,

she arrives

and the winds grasp for air;

Ursa major sticking from her untouched hair,

a moonlight promise,

a devotion of flame

made of her vestibule,

silvery debris

her name, Artemis.


~ by Oloriel on February 18, 2017.

22 Responses to “Invoking the Huntress – an Artistic Collaboration”

  1. Great work, Mirjana. Three way inspiration from three inspiring ladies.

  2. Reblogged this on O LADO ESCURO DA LUA.

  3. Yay! ⭐ I just love the poem! You outdid yourself, Oloriel. What a fun project this has been, and is continuing to be. It’s amazing how we can be living so very far apart, yet feel so close together through creativity.
    I just know we will do another project together one day!
    Much love, hugs and kisses to you, dear Oloriel! ⭐

    • It was a great pleasure working with you two, and I do hope we do more of these posts in the future!
      Your dress is really really beyond stunning, as well, I think it is the biggest drive behind all our inspiration!

      • Well, all I can say is that you and Aquileana have driven my inspiration. Looks like a 2-way street! Much love! xo

  4. […] has posted a most evocative poem with beautiful artwork, “Invoking the Huntress” It is a wonderful part 2 of our 3 part collaboration.Two or three days later Aquileana will post […]

  5. Stunning poem, dear Oloriel. You totally caught the double side of Artemis:, as a goddess of the Moon and Huntress Goddess. Love the metaphors and how you poetically describe her.
    The ending is intriguing and so well penned.
    I love it. Thanks for your contribution and tribute to Artemis. It is Great to team up with you ❣❤️ All the best to you. Happy weekend~ 🤗

  6. […] Mirjana´s poem “Invoking the Huntress” is a beautiful tribute to Goddess Artemis. Mirjana describes Artemis´two sides (Huntress Goddess and Goddess of the Moon) and she does so with verses that are metaphorically powerful and at the same time faithful to Artemis mythos. The different stanzas celebrate the goddess and provide different approaches as well as tell a story, somehow. I commend you to read and savor this great poem by Mirjana M. Inalman! 😀 You can check out this poem and many others by Mirjana on her blog Color me in Cyanide and Cherry.   •~~~•~~~ •~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~• […]

  7. Beautiful tribute and such a lovely work as well ~ Your images of the animals and their strength speaks highly of her character ~

    I didn’t realize you under a blogger name so did not know where to comment when you visited ~

    • Thank you very much, Grace. It is truly magical how the 3 of us combined , conjoined and mixed our passions, art and inspiration. I am most glad to know you enjoyed the outcome!

  8. Lovely to see such beautiful collaboration at work. 🙂

  9. Stunning poem and artwork, thank you

    • Thank you very much for reading the poem, I do recommend checking out the entire project, because it is very unique, creative and very inspirational!
      Thank you once again for the read and visit!

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    Oloriel/Color me in Cyanide and Cherry

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