Mixed media/November 2016

A simple and gentle piece, or at least aiming to be. I love the look of the eyes. It reminds me of Mother Earth, looking at me, and thinking :”Oh, there you will go, child, and do something stupid again!”


~ by Oloriel on January 15, 2017.

14 Responses to “Earthmother”

  1. Love your painting. It description below says very well in how us humans are.

    • Than k you! I hope one day we can change that, so it reflects in everyone’s art worldwide!

      • We will one day exchange the power of art and poetry. You my friend are amazing. I always cherish our friendship. 🙂

      • Likewise here. I am really glad that after years on WordPress, you are among ones I still see writing and using their blog.

      • Really? Do people not use their blogs?

      • A lot of people I started reading when I started blogging at WordPress are no longer on it, switched platforms or something and some of them dissipated forever, their blogs deleted or made private or just with haunting posts from years ago.
        It might sound selfish or wrong, but it bothers me when people who write admirably just disappear all of a sudden. it makes me feel like I personally have not done enough to make them feel like they should share their poems, because someone is reading and listening.

      • Interesting. I had the same conversation with a friend of mine the other day about this.

        She also, feels the same way you do about all writers disappearing and deleting their WordPress.

        I was at a point myself where I wanted to leave and not express myself anymore. However, that has changed over time with great patience.

        You are doing a lot for this community. Your paintings and writings are inspiring those who read and envision from their eyes and feel from their heart and soul.

        You make the world a better place.

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    Love this!!!

  3. Very fitting quote from mother earth and really great artwork.

  4. love the earthly color palette… and the lines, they draw one’s attention into the picture.. I really have no idea how you do this magic…

    • I am happy to know you liked the colors. I wanted to make an earthly piece, but not in my usual style where the greens and browns are dark and heavy.

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