Lady Nonsense


“Lady Nonsense|

Mixed media/January 2017

The first piece of art for 2017. It is simple, crude and pointless, but is very affirmative for me. For me, it reminds me I am still here.

It is also a very juvenile and unskilled nod to one of my favourite cards from The Faerie Oracle by Brian Freud. Gawtcha.

~ by Oloriel on January 4, 2017.

22 Responses to “Lady Nonsense”

  1. sretan praznik, draga

    • Srecan, i srecni i predstojeci, da budemo zdravi, i da vishe brinemo jedni o drugima. ja to ovako kolektivno pishem, nadam se da mi ne zamerash 🙂

  2. WellWell, I like it. You could create your own Tarot deck

    • znam da gledam u tarot

    • Coming from the creator of the Oblique, that means a lot! I did already make a sort of Tarot, for internal family use. But I was doing all the work and got bored of it.
      I might however attempt to do something again, and make a brand new one from scratch, but I doubt it will be soon.
      Thank you very much for stopping by, I am always happy to see your words on my page!

  3. Mnogo mi se sviđa.

  4. You are such a talented artist. I love this creation of yours. 🙂

    • Thank you, the praise means a lot to me, and even more so to know and hear the artwork was inspiring or inspiring to look at!

      • You are welcome. 🙂

        You are always true to your heart and you make the world a better place. 🙂

      • You are being way too kind!
        I can tell you though, your poetry is very inspirational and I find it unique, hence why your compliments mean a lot. You i classify as someone poetically “out of my league” and knowing you read something of mine and enjoy it or can get immersed in my artwork, is a blessing for me!

  5. No nonsense here… not at all.

  6. it’s haunting image…

    • Thank you for your comment, really! One of my thoughts for 2017 is that I want to “return” to my original inspiration for making art or photographs which is darker art, so your comment means a lot to me, because it reads like a promise to myself I did not even notice 😀

  7. You know I love this!!! ❤

  8. I am looking forward to our collaboration with Aquileana! ❤

  9. This is very elegant looking! I love the vibe of the portrait!

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