“Dryads” WIP

Mixed media/December 2016

One of my newest pieces. It is a Work in progress and I would like to take away a few minutes of your time to explain something I often get asked about:

Why do you post a Work in Progress, why do you post something Unfinished?

There is more then one reason why I do it. Firstly, I would like you to see the process. Seeing a WIP and seeing something I dub a finished artwork, can give someone some insight into my creative process and I think, creative process in general. It also gives me the same info. I have the chance to observe and study myself, see my flaws and where can I improve, in a way that it does not impact my imagination and inspiration.

Secondly, just like everyone else, I sometimes get stuck. Regarding this particular artwork, it is not the case, but it happens. It happens in all forms of Art for me, these artworks I create, my poems, my stories, you name it. Posting a WIP can incite commentary and more importantly, advice. You don’t have to be a professional critic or anything similar, any word from someone else can so easily set the inspiration sparks going again. It can also show problems that I do not see, which I can correct before the final version, to make an artwork that is more accessible. To use this artwork as an example: The lighting needs work, the piece is too much obscure. Someone with bad eyesight might not get a chance to experience this artwork. There is many things like the lighting I mentioned that can be tweaked. But sometimes, starring and working on an artwork for hours, gets you so immersed in it that you simply overlook the simple and basic things.

Thirdly, sometimes it is a challenge I set for myself. When I am writing, I usually do not stop until the poem/story is finished. I am way too often scared of my ideas fleeting before I can fully pen them down, from start to end. I have developed habits where I prevent this from happening, and it feels hard on myself to challenge myself. By posting this WIP, I can see how it is now. I am not working on it now, I will be working on it later. Later, I might artistically be, in the hour of working, an entirely different person. And this artwork might turn out better, for my own self, than what I originally intended. It is about letting your ideas grow firmer, deeper and not being scared of change of inspiration.

Those are some of my reasons for posting a WIP, and for the same reasons I appreciate a lot when artists post their WIPs..

What do you think, do you see merit in seeing a Work in Progress, or you prefer to see a finished product?

Thank you to all who managed to read through my wall of text. As always, I am open to your thoughts, suggestions and questions. Have a nice day!

~ by Oloriel on December 8, 2016.

20 Responses to “Dryads”

  1. Interesting how you get that question. Honestly, I’ve never seen that before in regards to writing. I wonder if it’s different for paintings, graphic design, and other picture-based art.

    • I get that question a lot, why do I post WIPs and second most frequently asked is How do you make what you make? I think WIPs can answer that. I think it does not happen that often with writing because there is first of all not a rounded picture to look at, in a writing WIP it would be hundreds of pages. I guess you can say Beta readers are kinda reading a WIP? A book that will most probably go through more editing or changes, which will perhaps even happen thanks to the feedback received. Also, I think many writers would not post a WIP because there is things like fear, anxiety that someone will insult their work and render them unable and unwilling to finish their books or stories or poems. There is also a fear of being plagiarized. All of this is same I think for graphic design and all art.
      I think one of the differences is that many artists, judging from ones I personally know, would never feel comfortable posting a WIP of their art on their blog, or lets say Facebook page etc. They would exclusively post it in an Art environment. I am not interested in Art comments, I am interested in all comments.
      Also, most artists I personally know (I repeat this so artists don’t think I am generalizing) like to give an impression that they are perfect and the amazing art they make takes so little effort and they try to appear always inspired, always in the creative genius zone. I want to show people that is unrealistic. I can’t be a creation machine 24/7, for an entire year. (There is people who can and they often share their advice online. My point is, not everybody can, and beginners should not be shamed for it.)

      • Makes sense. Another thing with writers is that it’s expected that we edit and go through multiple drafts. People aren’t surprised to see an author reveal an unedited piece for feedback since it’s a fairly common practice. It’s funny how most published authors I know don’t even try to feign perfection. The authors I know who claim they refuse for anything less usually stay in the editing stage.

      • Yes, I have the same impression, about the forever editing stage. I don;t think there is an ultimate perfection: perhaps only perfection for the moment. Neil Gaiman gave a fan an answer regarding this. He was asked what does he think of his old books, are they too much worse than his newest ones, which he wrote after many years of writing and he answered with no, they were perfect at the moment of writing, just like the new ones are at this moment, and future ones will be tomorrow.

      • Nicely said. I tend to look back at old books and cringe. Each one has taught me something new until I tightened my style. It’s become rather simplistic in form over the years since my focus is more on telling the story.

  2. Why not?

    • I agree! 😀 In large part because I think we are being taught too much that art in its forms should be confined or hidden.
      It makes me think of all the kids who get to hear: You don’t paint like Da Vinci since your first breath? Stay out of art school please!

  3. I find my painting to be a process that can take me days, maybe weeks and in the case of one piece a few years. I don’t see a problem with showing WIP, I’m not sure why people shouldn’t. Perhaps with writing a story or poem, its something I like to keep to myself because an idea can be ‘stolen’, yet with visual art this doesn’t seem to be the case as visual art is always unique to the artist who created it.
    Lovely from what I can see. Though I’m on my phone right now and have the brightness turned down so not as clear as I’ll probably see it tomorrow. 🙂

    • Oh, ideas can get stolen regarding artworks as well. There is many cases where people abuse the process shown and just go an create the same artwork, using the same resources. This is not a bad thing per say, some artists use it to practice different art techniques. But some of these people also go and try to sue or belittle online the original creator, claiming they stole the artwork from the culprit. There is lots and lots of stories and things that can happen, when you share anything of yours, but I like to think it does more good than bad.
      The light in this piece I shared DOES needs a lot of work, so don’t stress if you can’t see it properly. I would not wan t you to strain your eyes, I know what you’ve been through and know our eyes need rest!
      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with me, I really appreciate it ❤

  4. A lot of my posted works are w-i-p or fragments. My reasoning is similar to yours. Whether your work is finished or not, to me, it is always worth reading!

    • Yay, I am glad to hear I am not the only one who does it, from the WordPress community. Looking at other people’s WIPs helps everyone who cares to look or read a lot.

  5. so interesting to have a glimpse into your creative process, Mirjana 🙂
    for myself, as I post only photos, I only post the finished thing.. but sometimes on the next day after posting I see things to be improved, so I re-edit… posting and discussion always helps, like you said 🙂

    the image you posted here is so full of mystery… will you work on it more?

    • I have seen WIPs first posted by photographers actually. It helps a lot so the bystander and observer can see how much is photo and how much is post-processing. Ask me 7 years ago, I thought all those HDR photos were made like that naturally, without any tweaking and editing anywhere. I was really disheartened I was snapping and snapping, yet my photos looked nothing like it. I thought I lack the talent for photography and will never be successful unless I invest in really expensive equipment. The kind photographers who share their WIPs really made me see the whole picture.
      I will work more on this. I actually added a third Dryad to the picture, because I want to make something big, akin to a triptych. So far looking good 😀

  6. First of all, this is a beautifully wondrous design; a kind of a modern interpretation of dryads. There’s a nefarious kind of tinge to it, which makes it seductive and all the more dangerous. Nature is wild and untamed after all.

    It’s always great to get to see work in progress; it gives an insight into the stylistic intricacies and design process of an artist or a writer. And I understand how things evolve. There is always something new that we can add, something that we can deduct, to make it better for ourselves. It’s an expression of self and thereby, it hangs by our own perception of the kind of perfection that we may want.

    • Thank you very much for your visit HA, I am especially glad that you see something in sharing ones artistic process.
      The dryads themselves are whatever we want them to be, an extension of ourselves and Nature, that we can no longer control.

  7. Her innocence is getting lost in his gaze, it needs more contrast, something to make it more visible…

    • These are both female… I think… though I like your twist of the story better. Yes,needs more light (just like everything in this shitty world!)

      • Nah, not more light as it needs some contrast, a more bright colour like an overlay, not to take darkness from it, some of us like the night!

  8. I like it when you post work in progress, however we both know how bad I am with keeping up with things so not a good source of constructive criticism

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