Mixed media / September 2016

I like to give full freedom to the observer to decide what my artworks mean for them. For me, this artwork exposes my love for all things mural, graffiti,spray paint, glass mosaic – that I did not for various reasons get to practice enough off screen.

I find it to be a gentle piece, and I am really interested to hear other opinions, mostly because I am very curious to know does this too feel ghostly and mysterious, like the previous artworks I’ve shared?

Enjoy your day, everyone!

~ by Oloriel on November 2, 2016.

36 Responses to “Starchild”

  1. Yes, there is a sense of mystery about it.

  2. 💚

  3. Definitely has that ghostly vibe. Like seeing something in morning fog.

    • Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with me, Charles! It means a lot to me, because when creating these, this is not my intention at all. Yet I see it noticed in almost every work I do. This is one of the joys and mysteries of doing art, it is just so multilayered, and hearing opinions like yours give me assurance that it will not become boring or unfulfilling to me anytime soon. Not when there is so much to discover, even in pieces that are years old.

      • For me, it’s the partial images and how they blend into the background. Reminds me of photos where ghosts sneak into the frame. What’s your usual intention?

      • My usual intention is I think, to show vulnerability. To show how emotions, when they are corroded, can still be red, or pink, or yellow. I want to show how not everything that is black is so deeply hurtful and recognisable. I guess what I am trying to convey is that, no matter what our appearance is, or our clothing, ultimately what defines us is our emotions, which somebody we are talking to for example, cannot always know just from looking at us.
        I want to show and express that the woman I meet over the years and in daily life, and gradually accepting that I myself am a women among them, are not exclusively cruel or exclusively soft, how there is a shimmering stigma of what a women is supposed to be, lingering like a veil above her, often reinforced by the same representatives of the female gender. Sometimes, and most often, by our own selves.

      • Interesting. So there is the emotional focus that you are putting into it while many people go by the visual. Seems to happen a lot with art of all mediums. We put specific, personal stuff into what we do, but in a way that doesn’t beat the audience over the head. Flexible definitions are what keep people talking about things like this.

      • Yes, I agree completely with you.
        It is not something that is disatisfactory, and I don’t want you to think I am whining or something. I just simply find it fascinating.
        It is something that follows me in life. Just the other day I went to the window a lit my cigarette. It was hella windy. I look at to the road and I see a little monkey, struggling to ride a small ice cream machine against the harshness of the blows of wind. I start laughing and being worried at the same time, husband comes and tells me WTF, why are you starring at a piece of cardboard 🙂
        I have a tendency to read entirely different worlds between the lines, see stuff in art and really life that you would either see something else in, or not see anything at all. Again, I don’t mean you personally, nor do I think I am special or something. I am just very VERY amazed by the fusion of these two things, these two or three or 5 views. You can say I see an untouched concept of the eternity of human soul in it 😀
        (I think after reading these replies, everyone will think I forgot to take my frog pills XD )

      • I’ve run into the differing view of my work many times. Never a monkey riding an ice cream machine against a storm level, but people either going deeper than I imagined or in a different direction. At least with my novels, I’ve found that a person’s beliefs will be a filter. Doesn’t matter if the characters or world shares them. This seems shaky for fantasy since the genre has worlds with fictional cultures and religions, but nothing one can do about it. Visual art like paintings seem to be more accepting of differing opinions. Kind of like people watching clouds.

      • I get what you mean. In fact, I have had similar experiences with my fantasy writing, and even more so with my science fiction writing.
        It is at the same time almost like a burden, and a compliment, when someone invests himself/herself into your writing, to make and see those connections, feel like they belong.

      • It’s difficult to interact with too. I think I wrote a post a few months back about how authors and readers don’t always match up in deciphering a work. A reader can see something that the author didn’t intend, but there’s nothing that can really be done. You can say what you intended and hope it doesn’t turn into a debate. I’ve seen so many forums where people are swearing that the creator of a work has no idea what they’re talking about in regards to that work.

      • I guess you can connect even this with ghosts.
        I can see now, that even my explanation is basically trying to say that we are almost always the ghosts of our own selves, cornered to pretend a single insignificant moment is our entire life.

  4. Beautiful work. A time traveler in a parallel universe, turning to see who’s watching her and why. She’s been noticed, her look and manner, are just different enough to catch his eye. She’s calm but alert, deciding whether to wait it out and let the moment pass, or whether to disappear.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, I love that you left me a snippet of a story, I really love that. I am glad to know that the artwork inspired you in some way! Have a wonderful weekend! 😀

  5. Mala, mala, sve si bolja 🙂

  6. I love this!!! It’s like the deterioration of a life, of a self; but in dying, she becomes part of all. GORGEOUS.

  7. WoW!!! I absolutely love this. You have many talents. ❤

    • A Jack of all trades, but a master of none! I kinda like it that way. I strive for emotions and to inspire others, and I hope these artworks do just that!

  8. love and abundance

  9. In one of her eyes I see galaxy, life, in other void…I don’t see a ghost, balance

  10. this is super cool

  11. This is a very interesting art piece; I would say it shows a vast unexplored part of yourself, such that is in all people regardless of age. One can never know themselves fully. Also the combination of the colors gave it a very nice cosmic appearance so nice job.

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