Mixed media/ August 2016.

For a while, I wanted to explore and combine my loves for double exposure photography and collage, and this was the result.

As for its title, I have my husband to thank for it. He told me “Go make something!”, I asked “What should I make?” and he replied with “Anything”. I went and made this artwork, hence its title.

I have also shared this on my Society6 page, feel free to check it out!

Tell me what you think!

I am sharing this for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Photo prompt for this week.


~ by Oloriel on October 5, 2016.

25 Responses to “Anything”

  1. Looks really cool. Like the cover of a ghost story movie or book.

    • Thank you very much, Charles! I would love to see my art on one of those! 😀

      • That would be cool. You ever think of promoting such a service?

      • I already do, but I don’t think no-one ever noticed? I hate to be spammy about these things, and 90% of the time I end up working for free.

      • Not sure if it will help, but 99designs has those contests. If you sign up as an artist then you can enter them. It’s a timed event thought, which could be a problem.

      • I know 99designs, but the concept of it is not for me.
        I prefer to work with the client, communicate, and we make something with mutual effort. Sometimes it takes 2 tries, sometimes 10, but they get to be happy without having to extend contest etc. At 99designs, it is basicly about luck and being 5 min before closing, because many people ask for example a pink flower, then award 5 stars and pick a design that is a yellow mouse caricature.

      • Luck definitely does play a part there. I saw some contests with horrible choices and you kind of have to pick something after a certain point.

      • Exactly! I think if I was doing different kind of art, the sort of canon e-book covers or something, I would try it.
        I think my style and ideas can only suit specific people or specific books, so when those people find me, I hope they ask for something 🙂

  2. I love the yellow tree that jumps out at me as being her heart.

  3. Another part of your talents emerging 💕

  4. It is wonderful, Oloriel! I shop S6 often. I will check out your page. ⭐

  5. Meni se sviđa – već znaš šta mislim o tvom radu sa rečima i slikom. I ovo mi je onako, baš tvoje, vilinski lepo. Samo imam jednu sugestijicu: nekako mi je malo mutno, mislim na prednji deo, šumu, samo bih malo pooštrila jer nekako na prvi pogled deluje kao da “izranjaju” pixeli. Izvini na iskrenosti. Smatram da su komentari ne samo: divno, bravo, super… A opet, moram da naglasim da su ideja i kompozicija fenomenalne, i uklopljene, i posebno me je ganula ta njena punđa. 🙂

    • Hvala puno na komentaru!
      Ti pixeli su ustvari textura koja je sva u tackama, pa se mislim zbog toga tako chini. Mene fascinira sve sto je tako mutno i dase kaze naizgled glitchy, tako da kad se zadesi obichno ostavljam, pogotovo zato sto za bilo chiji rad osim za svoj tog blura i grungea moram da se klonim 😀

      • A pa da. Ok. Mene nadahnjuje ta kompozicija. Dobar si kompozitor, to je suština svega.

      • Au, mislim da se moj muz ne bi slozio! Kad god mu predlozim nesto da iskomponujem da svira na gitari, kaze Sta radis to, pa ovako note da se stave uopste nema smisla 😀
        Sta cu, moram malo da se zezam, nadam se da mi ne zameras ❤ I da uzivas u jeseni!

      • Pa baš tako. S jeseni se skuplja snaga za zimu. 🙂 Uživaj 🙂

  6. Still looks like a brain to me!

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