A Tale of Apples


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A Tale of Apples

You know the truth, sugar;
the spring of me
is nothing but bleeding skies,
syrup over wounded layovers.

To put it simply
it is a thin circle
with a red wildheart in.

Your father is sleeping,
Eve, you and me.
Date. Now.
Under the apple tree.

All will worship.
All will beg.
Tooth and claw.
Tooth and claw.
(it is how apple trees are born)

My acquaintance says
love is an oratorio
of noise and silence
in a theater of cashmere,
fleeing from Autumn.
I reply love is disagreeing
and sharing apple pie.

The willow is yawning
under the setting sun,
I pay 2 euros and 33 cents
to watch your puckered lips
bite into October.

You idiots, the jewels are for chewing!
Emerald, ruby, pyrite, opal.
Hanging like tears.
You idiots, the jewels are for chewing!

And when you are most alive,
we will lay you down on a silver casket,
we will smother you with souvenirs
made of lights and shadows,
paint you as you’re heaving,
commemorate your death.

Valley, take heed,
the cider is heavy
with too much innocent dreams.
A rivulet goes through cheap cotton,
my blouse soaked, my touch fermenting,
my body pinned to the grass
by the weight of my grandmother’s life
that I have yet to live.

Have you seen her suck
the marrow of a Calville blanc d’hiver
that’s how I wanna hurt!

The lovers are many,
your skin is few.
Names and glue.
Names and glue.

I will eat you,
I will leave your mother
bereft of an orchard.
I will love.

I like to believe that
all that is good of me
will be diced and stirred
in caramel,
seasoned with cinnamon.
That my boneless house is marmalade
and it sticks
to the smiles of the children,
as everything atones
to either lust or rest.
I will wait too long.

*Written for a prompt at dVerse, hosted by Björn. I think I missed the point, but I am grateful for the inspiration and am looking forward to reading other entries which hit the mark better. I find it hard to distance myself from abstractions and allusions when writing, hence why this prompt was very challenging for me.

~ by Oloriel on October 1, 2016.

22 Responses to “A Tale of Apples”

  1. A beautiful passionate love poem and I like the allusions; the play on historical, biblical, and human desire elements of the apple tree was most fascinating!

  2. For me you didn’t miss the point at all, and I think the total impression is perfectly in line with the apple, I like when you put the object both in the Center and in the periphery, just like Wallace Stevens did with his blackbirds. Myself I find that having written imagist poems before made it simpler… I also found that these poems become better the more they are edited :-)… But in all a very satisfactory read.

    • Thank you very much, Bjorn! I know what you mean about editing. I started retyping the poem to computer from notebook at around 4 am, when I found the time, and already edited it some. I did not want to be late (even though I think I was 😦 ) and realised the editing will make it last forever.
      I am very grateful to you for the prompt!

  3. Didn’t miss the point at all. The apple is always there in each stanza, but sometimes bright and shiny and sometimes alluded references. I think it is splendidly written to the prompt and a worthy entry into Cubist poetry.

  4. A stunning share and I like how you were creative with the apple, from the spring to Eve’s story to the way we all love to eat apples ~ A gem to read this dreary morning ~

    • Thank you! I tried to look upon and include many stories of apples that I heard over the years, some folk tales, the tales we all heard and what apples mean to me personally.

  5. Wonderfully jazzy and cubist at the same time.

  6. Missed the point? I think this is just perfection. I love every direction this went, especially the ones that seem to come out of left field, and find their perfect places. Goodness.

  7. Another and different perspective on apples. I finf the last verse to be spectacular.

  8. a tour-de-force ~

  9. A beautiful poem and a reminder to me that I need to get back to Bjorn’s challenges.

    • Thank you! I am happy you like the poem! And Bjorn does make amazing and inspiring prompts, as well as share daily his poems from which there is so so much to learn!

  10. Firstly I was like, but I like sour apples, now I am craving apple pie!

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