In the past two months, I have to admit I was not writing much. I have too many writing projects that all desire to be written at the same time. This chaotic interlude of ideas however did inspire me in another way and during July, August and now September, I have been working a lot on creating artworks. This urge has been sitting inside me pushed out of the schedule for way too long and now it came to occupy me for what I hope will be a long while 🙂

I got inspired to share this piece by the Photography Prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (This is what I mean when I say their prompts are very inspirational and enjoyable. This same prompt already inspired me to finish my latest poem!) Besides the inspiration, I also felt a tingle of synchronicity, of how the theme of my artwork and the photograph chosen for the prompt could complement each other so well.

I think I bored everyone enough, so without further ado, here it is:



Mixed media / September 2016

This artwork, and others that I will share, whether I make them fully digital or however (except pure photography) will from now on be found in a new category on my blog called “Dribbling Nightshades”

Do let me know what you think, what does the artwork remind you of, what does it wake inside of you?

Have a wonderful day, and, Welcome to Autumn!

~ by Oloriel on September 22, 2016.

44 Responses to “Oceania”

  1. Looks really cool. I like the ghostly feel to this. Almost like it would be found in a story about the ghost of a woman who died on a rocky coast.

    • Oh, thank you for this Charles! I am always worried about appearing too sweet, but you totally opened my eyes now and I can see this a painting depicting a the lighthouse ghosts ! And even more so, Dear Esther, that I keep mentioning because I was damn well fascinated with it 😀

  2. I do love this kind of artwork… I so look forward to see more… and maybe be inspired to write even more.

  3. This new piece of art, Oceania, is lovely, strangely haunting as well. Its almost as if this ghostly looking lady has a sad story hiding behind her eyes.

    • Thank you very much, Paul!
      I think I am a slave to canon symbolism regarding water, it eluding to emotions and feelings. This is why I think it is a blessing to share my artworks, because lovely folks just like you always open new horizons for me and help me expand both my creativity and mind. Thank you for that, for taking the time to take a look and leave me a word of your own!

  4. I like it. The Dribbling Nightshades, too. 🙂

  5. It’s beautiful! You are very talented artistically.

  6. Love that image. And I agree, their prompts are really beautiful.

  7. I see disappointment in her eyes. When you’re in that mood, you feel like everything is suddenly transformed into a massive, useless rock, garbage…dead – because something died in that moment. And it won’t come back, this is why I don’t imagine ghosts.

    • I can connect your comment to another observation – how when we cry, how meaningless it feels. It stings, submerges the body and we feel it, but that’s it. In reality, whatever else is what we imagined, and is unfortunately nothing. Life is limbo.

      • I haven’t cried for ages, don’t know why but I can’t shed oceans of tears like I used to in my childhood and early adolescence.
        I think there is something, but it maybe becomes nothing after our death (if there’s no afterlife, in which I believe 99%). Also, I’m not sure if I would call life a limbo, but I feel more and more sick and tired living it when I don’t see better future.

      • When I said Limbo, that is what I referred too. There is this haze we are trapped in, there is hope we cherish within ourselves, but everywhere we look we see decomposing things, decomposing souls, trash and similar (I call the world ” a junkyard”. At least that’s how I see it, limbo as shadows and deterioration everywhere and you can’t leave and get out.

      • I don’t see goodness in human society. The worst event in evolution was the appearance of genus Homo that gave us, Homo sapiens. If optimists want to believe otherwise and to deceive themselves about our ‘glorious position and mission’, than fine, but when they die because of other people’s actions, direct or indirect, they don’t have right to complain…and they can’t.
        We are raised with anthropocentric view of this world, but cosmos doesn’t give a shit about it. Religions are among the 1st to blame for that stupid worldview. On the other hand, we can’t extinguish them because our mind through evolution became capable to believe, not just in religious things, but to believe in something unsupported with strong (scientific) evidence. Everything is so complex and we couldn’t be able to form any opinion without some dose of belief, intuition, generalization… This is why I don’t like democracy, it’s an ideal, but the ideals are unreachable. There are so many information that it’s impossible for us to know them all and then analyse them and form quality opinion. The world is split between leaders and sheep.
        …I guess I could write forever like this, going from one topic to the other.

      • From reading this, I think I am one step or two behind you, but pretty much on the same track. I usually do not share most of my views (unless I am enraged by something, an event lets say.) online because I grew tired of bickering without facts with other people 🙂

      • I have strong opinions despite of claiming that it’s hard to find supporting arguments, but when it comes to the ‘people are good/above the other creatures’, I simply cannot see a reason that will annul the damage we’ve made to nature, and at the same time, to us. If ecocide is not a reason to despise mankind, I don’t know what is.

      • I know exactly what you mean, but I don’t know how to act, honestly, except to commit suicide(and even this will not be good enough because the damage is irreparable and there is still 7 billion others daily doing it.) It is hard living despising oneself, having trouble mingling with other selves and feeling and observing how little you can do to salvage the situation. It also feels horrible, at least to me, to even feel a glimpse of a mindset how “everything is here so we consume it”.

      • I got pissed of when I first heard for a possibility that people might leave Earth and inhabit another planet to escape it’s inevitable end (Sun becomes red giant, blah, blah…). Now I hope they’ll never find it. On a large scale, destruction of any kind is minor compared to the vast space (and time ;-)), but this planet is our unique home and what we know the best and it’s simply stupid and unfair to act in a (self)destructive way.

      • I felt the same way (and I still do) when I first found out, decades ago, that we “export” and dump our garbage into space….

      • Maybe it’s better to float in space than to pollute soil on Earth. I’m not sure if they leave it far enough so that it cannot be hold by the Earth’s gravity.

  8. Fabulous.

  9. Wow! Beautiful artwork. The main white colour oddly reminds me of a photo burning and curling, as if a reminder that it’s too late to save this woman. Either than or I have an odd mind lol. It’s beautiful ❤ .

    I'd definitely love to take part in the future prompts, if you wouldn't mind me sharing in the fun. :).

    • I am actually surprised so many people’s first impressions of the artwork are sadness and ghost stories, I was really afraid I will be deemed too sweet 😀 I really appreciate you sharing what you see ❤
      You are free to participate in all prompts, I deeply encourage it. There is many different ones you can browse from. I personally host a prompt every other Sunday. They are really inspirational and people are very helpful and friendly. I love the Wordle prompts the most! 🙂

  10. Ja ne bih rekla da ona gleda u sebe. Poniranje jeste, ali ona ponire u nešto drugo. Šta je to, to mene kopka! 🙂

    • Mene samu pri kreaciji je vuklo da takoreci docharam nekoga ko je sastavljen i sklepan od okoline i njenih dualnosti, isto koliko i od samog sebe 🙂
      Neizmerno mi je drago sto u slici svako vidi nesto drugachije, i prijatno sam iznenadjena sto se ljudi do sada nisu ustuknuli od vidjenja i onih strashnim, mrachnijih stvari.

  11. I love how the furry patches along her face and neck make me see the land animal in her … lioness or whatever. And the crinkly brown on the left makes me think of crispy, fallen dead autumn leaves. Then there’s the obvious ocean element, which makes me think she’s a siren or something. But don’t you see the sorrow — the longing, sadness, tears — in her eyes? She’s destroyed, but this is who she must be.

    Then too, she won’t look directly at the camera. There’s some significance in that. She doesn’t want to meet your eyes. And contrary to popular myth, she isn’t singing. Her lips are pressed, made up … lipstick, but also fiction. They aren’t even real.

    The water isn’t only made of water. It has paint in it. Pollock dots and splashes. The patches of blue also make me think of a turtle for some reason. Maybe a cartoon turtle.

    Then at the bottom right, the water begins to look more like an old man’s beard. And it’s connected to her chin. There’s an old, weathered man living inside her. It makes me think of Dumbledore. Magic. Wise. But so tired, and also poisoned and dying.

    She doesn’t have a body. Or she’s hiding it behind the rocks. Maybe she’s been decapitated. Maybe this is how her head’s being preserved. The purple at the top and on the right … I think that’s her brain seeping out an opening. I think her skull has been broken open.

    This is a dead girl. She knows who killed her. But her lips are sealed. The story is in her eyes. But she’s biting it back. I think she’s prepared to put herself down, into the layers of the earth … but deeper than most people … she’s burying herself under the weight of the ocean.

    • Thank you so so much for sharing your impressions with me, you made a delightful story, very immersive and on the edge and I really enjoyed reading it. The ending lines feel so chilling to me.
      On a sidenote, I have noticed recently that everyone I see or hear just about anywhere will associate white beard to either Santa Claus or Dumbledore. Such a power and mental imagery imprint that character had globally 😀 I just find it very very interesting, because it encompasses people both young and old.

  12. Always had problems with this one, doesn’t resonate with me…

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