Everything did everything,
I praised the outing of a lip, the clatter of teeth
plots with the eyes,
schemes with the sockets wet and drowning.
The mind is nothing, my heart knows what it wants,
it borrows the river;
it runs low, slow, stretches through murk and reeds,
corrupted, like a stein in a pretty valley,
an ill-begotten renegade vein straining
like iron through porcelain,
it borrows my body, it borrows wholeness,
the children of my children’s children wear it,
I am black cataracts in green painted plastic,
a fevered ancient with each passing second
towards distant futures, a contrast
of legs preserved in dirty emerald and nanocytes,
jerking the tomorrow’s self.
Do everything, heart, now
while the sea finds it’s way through your bones.
Everything is nothing. Everything is borrowed.

Listen for the ease of sorrow beckoning remembrance,
like a knave falling for homeland,
like a sinner lowering knees for forgiveness,
a drizzle of echoes that never abstain,
no guilt for the fuel, no guilt for its red,
I refrain from nothing, my thoughts are borrowed
from the dreams of dead I’ve never even seen,
my heart wants what it wants;
bluebirds tidying about their nests, to be like oysters,
like a fire set to kerosene
where the hills are treacherous, the seas are adulteresses,
slaves for pantomime between guts and spleens.
I inject the bleeding horizon, distress it, undress it, for a death bed,
my heart wants what it knows it wants;
a lullaby of factory smoke spoken softly,
it borrows myself, it borrows a messiah
and weds me to the body of the world,
a body of words,
teaches everything to barter for a salve,
a pinch of whiteness that could mend all broken halves,
their weight in water, their everything disdain.
I do anything with my heart,
it knows what it wants:
the all of nights where the fireflies dance
to be pushed to the stomach;
a journey of a swarm of moths around a rusted lantern;
the gulp of inanimate objects choking on circles and squares.
Do everything, heart. Breathe. Clatter your teeth. Drink from the tongue.
Entombed in the body. Unleash.
I am nothing. I am borrowed.
All the pain is borrowed from everything I love.

*Written for the Photo prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

~ by Oloriel on September 20, 2016.

16 Responses to “Catharsis”

  1. This is brilliantly written … and I believe the opposite of it all. 🙂 Every line is contrary to my nature. I am exactly the flip-flop to this: “The mind is nothing, my heart knows what it wants.”

    But your work is damn engaging to read. I’d like it if you’d post more frequently, but do what you must. 😉

    • Thank you very much for your comment, especially the honest part. I often yearn to see “the other side” and do know when i find myself not feeling like this, I will think of you and this comment 🙂
      I do not post so frequent nowadays because I had a spree of wanting to do digital art, which consumes most of my free, creative time. Rest assured, there’s many more poems from me coming!
      Have a wonderful day!

      • I’m hanging on-to your every word. Do you share your digital art on another blog?

      • Usually not because it is usually work for various clients, and sometimes they do not want it or the job allows it. After a long while I had the opportunity and time to work on stuff for myself and personal portfolio, and am planing to share it here on the blog soon (I wanted to merge a lot of artworks, so I don’t spam the WP Reader with a dozen posts.). I also have an amazing book cover for a wonderful book to show very soon (I am bragging, sorry, but I am excited about it a lot!).
        Another reason I don’t share my artworks very often is because I have done so in the past and often received criticism for being self-taught and not going to any art school. Seeing I chose a life path that excluded a university, these comments do have an effect on me, because I feel like I am being personally judged instead of the artwork being looked at and being immersed in.
        But, I am growing out of that issue the more I have an opportunity to create, hence why I will share it soon 🙂

  2. Wow, your poetry always evokes such feelings inside, much more than any other poems I’ve read. The photo used is so fitting too. I’m certainly going to check out this Mindlovemisery Menagerie

    • Thank you very much for the heartwarming comment, C!
      And do be sure to check it out, there is a different prompt every day, and I am even hosting one for this week! 😀

  3. This poem is so strong… actually could have been written for a prompt at toads “what if death were a woman”… so many images here where I see it both as victim and victor… maybe the reflection of the image being both immersed and not in water…

    • Thank you very much Bjorn, I will be sure to check that prompt out too! I feel the prompts at various places too inspiring at the moment, with so little time and what are impossible deadlines for me.
      As with I think all my poetry writing, my fascination with duality always comes to surface. I have always been guided and puzzled by the fact that water is a blessing, a cure, our living essence – but at the same time water is flood, drowning and death.

  4. Once again outstanding O. Imagery, emotion, thought provoking. ❤️

  5. Your diction is always entirely unique and absolutely captivating! I really enjoyed this cathartic experience in poem form.

  6. the final line is very strong, so deeply heart-felt…

    • Thank you very much, I am very very glad you you liked it! I always have fear my endings won’t be as powerful as other parts of the poem 😀

  7. I couldn’t feel it, I think that was the point?

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