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My time in the deaf room ends.
The stalks of wheat sway,
they do not know teeth.
They rub their titter on the nettle.
My curtains are pale,
soul in a fever;
the river calmly pulls the fiddle bow ,
swallows penetrate the asphalt.
The boulevard is a winter without snow,
lips dried blueberries,
strung like laundry
between cheeks.
The stars pullulate patiently,
the heavens slouch between clouds.

What do I whisper,
to you,
unruly blue,
so in front of me, now,
you redden?


*It is a weird feeling when you are unable to translate the words you use/hear daily into your mother tongue, as well as realising that the translation we all use is just the English word, pronounced in a Serbian manner.


Moje vreme u gluvoj sobi je završeno.
Stabljike pšenice se njišu,
ne poznaju zube.
Taru svoj kikot o korov.
Moje su zavese blede,
duša u groznici;
reka smireno povlači gudalo,
lastavice prodiru u asfalt.
Bulevar je zima bez snega,
usne sasušene borovnice,
nanizane kao veš
između obraza.
Zvezde niču strpljivo,
nebesa mile između oblaka.

Šta da ti šapnem,
goropadno plavetnilo,
da se preda mnom sada


~ by Oloriel on July 19, 2016.

20 Responses to “Trailer”

  1. Very well penned poem, with a remarkable poetic imagery that combines great urban and rural´s cosmogonies….
    `the river calmly pulls the fiddle bow ,
    swallows penetrate the asphalt´.– those verses are powerful indeed…
    Love and best wishes, Aquileana ☀️

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to read, and the comment about combining the two different sceneries really warmed my heart. I am glad you could perceive this short, little poem in that way.
      I wish you a delightful weekend!

  2. I see a little of what I have found myself in that a poem sounds different in English (yet with the same voice) when it’s translated from your mother tongue… I have tried the same a few times and have seen how it changes… Love the use of swallow which takes a double meaning in English.

    • Yes, I think the differences make it special at times. I am however newly disappointed with the lack of evolution and nurturing of my mother tongue. We have no word for a trailer, as in a movie trailer, and we simply just read the English word the Serbian way. Lately, I am seeing this more and more, even with words we have.

      • You are probably right.. I see the same happening in Swedish… of course we need it to evolve… but sometimes we should use our fantasy as well… and no we don’t have a word for trailer here either come to think about it.

      • Колико год им понекад звучало лоше, Хрвати успевају да ‘преведу’ више ствари од Срба. Још нисам престао да се грозим на ‘лајковање’, кад почеше да вичу ‘шеровање’. ;-(
        Нека ти српски стагнира на уштрб ових дивних песама на енглеском, боље и то него да се претвори у хибридни језик.
        Могу да сугеришем да и изнад превода буде trailer, кад већ не можемо рећи исечци, предприказ…падају ми на памет и неке кованице, али ми се не допадају.

      • Ima dosta zamena za rec, ili nesto sto zvuci slicno, ali ja volim da bude bas to to.
        Lajkovanje, sherovanje, i slicno nazalost ocekujem, pogotovo kod mladje populacije, ali veruj mi da nisam ocekivala da naprimer na radiju cujem vodtelja emisije da umesto motor kaze endzin. Isto tako smo u srednjoj skoli imali pojam merchandajzer, od enegleskog merchandiser, a na pokretnim stepenicama na aerodromu pishe eskalator, iznad escalator.

      • Одосмо у англицизме! ;-(
        Волео бих да могу да чујем српски за 100 до 200 година, ако уопште буде постојао.

  3. So many different worlds within the single one we walk…

  4. Са елегијском нотом ми се помешала слика оне рекламе у којој деца испрљају беле чаршафе боровницама. Телевизија ме је окаљала. 😀

    • Od kad ne zivim sa roditeljima, mozak mi se preparado. Televizor imam, ali samo na njemu par kanala. Ovako, moji ga upale, stave Pink i to ne sme da se gasi. Niko ne gleda, ali mora da bude stalno upaljena, kao neki life background noise. Po prvi put u zivotu se osecam oslob oslobodjeno jer nemam pojma ko su grandove zvezde niti njihov ceozivotni repertoar, nemam pojma sta se desava, ne znam koje su serije in i slicno i osecaj je divan 🙂
      A mozda tu reklamu mogu da protumachim i kao da samo mi taj beli carsav, lepo opran, natovljen varikinom. jedina nada su nam deca.

      • Дивота! 😉 Мада, има и солидних ствари на телевизији, мени су Discovery Science, Animal Planet, NatGeo дојадили, биологију знам много стручније од лавовске шетњице коју приказују, али зато сад висим на Viasat History, дају занимљиве емисије о уметности, а умеју и да пруже интересантне (и у датом тренутку пресудне) чињенице које се не бубају у школи.
        Можда на индивидуалном плану, али на дуже стазе влада безнађе, свет је одавно отишао у пропаст, сад се само котрља низбрдо.

  5. Your image choices are always so perfect! But it’s those one-of-a-kind words that bring those static images to life.

  6. It reminded of the night when we were watching trailers and you got upset as even I know actresses for their figure…how you dis-regrade yourself as not worthy while you are…

    • I think it is pointless information. I’d rather you know the T. S. Eliot poem I mentioned few comments ago. Why don’t we ever talk about those 😀

      • Coz life is pointless sometimes and you should know random things, at lest I like knowing random facts about random things, everything…select encyclopedia and chose random page

      • Yes, but why do you do it only for tits, shits, assess and dicks?
        Why not know random poems, books, or book characters?
        If I say “Dante” there is at least 4 characters I can name, and respective books. But you wouldn’t know it.
        Yet if I say a random models name, you know her, her sizes and who she fucks. Not you, you personally, I mean in general.
        Thats my point, it is always something that is entirely useless, even as a random thing. We all have either tits or dicks.
        But not everything has poetry! 😀

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