Quiet Sleep

soft whispers in a quiet room

*Image found HERE

*Originally written in Serbian, and the original is below.

Quiet Sleep


A word

as an ember

in the womb

of a censer.



as flame,



swallowing forests.



as murmur

of sideways,


of the Milky Way

in the eyes of a child.


A word

as a drop

of a broken faucet,

A verse

as a guggle

of grids

before the storm.



as birds.


at two in the morning,

as nobody’s.

*This was one of those short, spur poems that I found hard to express in English. It happens, albeit rarely, that some of these thought demand themselves unheard and I wrestle them through foreign languages!


Tišina sna

kao žar
u utrobi

kao plamen,
gutanje šume.

kao zagor
kumove slame
u očima deteta.

kao kap
iz pokvarene slavine,
kao klokot
pred oluju.

kao ptice.
u dva ujutru,
kao ničiji.



~ by Oloriel on May 19, 2016.

13 Responses to “Quiet Sleep”

  1. I have tried a few times to write in Swedish and then translating.. it’s so interesting that my translated voice comes out so different… usually softer and more mellow… I actually read a different voice in yours as well…

    • Yes, I believe this is even a common thing they are trying to research scientifically. Recently, I have even read and heard at various places that we have different personalities for each language that we speak. I try it, sort of, and it sounds true. I think I often times, against my will or any plan, sound more connected and personal on Serbian. This is something my best friend who reads everything I write commented upon. he says “When you write in Serbian, I see you. When you write in English, it is still you, but somehow, cruelly distant.”. I would love to read some of your Swedish writing, don’t ever fear from pointing me to a piece. I wonder, like for the NaPoWriMo last day experiment, what message would I get from unknown words.

  2. oh, I love the Serbian version… 🙂 you know, most of the words I can understand easy and it has a special melody, which I enjoy… lovely work, Mirjana 🙂

    • Thank you! I think Serbian and Bulgarian are pretty similar, even my husband says that for example Bulgarian is similar to Turkish, often times more than Serbian. I would love to do a poetic experiment one day and mix all 3 languages and see what it weaves into! 🙂

      • Bulgarian and Serbian sound similar to me too, at least I understand Serbian when I’ve visited the country a couple of times and everyone there understood me 🙂 Turkish is quite different though, I don’t understand a word of that… there are only a few Turkish words borrowed that I guess have stayed in the language back from Ottoman times, but we use them mostly in very colloquial conversations, jokingly, and are not acceptable in a more formal dialogue 🙂

        I’m sure you will come up with quite a fascinating poetic experiment, if you decide on it one day 🙂

  3. Very beautiful. I don’t read Serbian, but the translation sounds perfect to me. ☆☆☆

  4. Greetings from the United States (A little place called Kentucky). I loved the poem.


  5. Now, this one I like very much, simple, paints big image with just few words and you can feel it, understand, like that spur of the moment, it is clear 🙂

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