Queen of Spades


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Queen of Spades


My hips are hyssop,

petals scattered on the wind;

my voice is feverfew,

soothing the playthings

of your head;

My lips are chamomile,

they suck disease out

and twirl it into

autumn haze;

my skin is lavender,

a lullaby for the weariness;

my hands are two marigolds,

singing the garden to beauty

with their veins;

my eyes are basil,

the greenest valley

in a stone-built room;

my tongue dianthus,

pleading the streams to run wild;

my hair angelica,

the bonds between the dead age

and a stillborn Sun,

my breasts are snapdragons,

a gift of melancholia,

for the mouths of gods;

my tongue a horehound,

calling your name through

wretched sleep.


Take me to your palms,

toss me in the pyre.

Watch me burn.


*From the Deck of Cards series, from my book ‘Colour Me In Cyanide & Cherries’

*Exploring the imagery and associations in many venues of art regarding the Queen of Spades, I notice a familiar pattern, that one of darkness, black dresses and shadowy thoughts, silhouettes, whilst I always had a different impression of the card and archetype itself, one of perhaps a tragic beauty, a soul wise beyond its mortal age and similar. If you voyage through my poem, the imagined mortal vessel is attributed with healing herbs. Hope you enjoy reading! 

~ by Oloriel on May 3, 2016.

23 Responses to “Queen of Spades”

  1. An exquisite poem, Oloriel! (And very sensual, saturated with rich imagery!)

    • Thank you, I am very happy to hear you enjoyed the imagery! 🙂

      • And the ending was stunning:
        “Take me to your palms,
        toss me in the pyre.
        Watch me burn.”

        I feel this.

      • Thank you! I am glad to hear that because, like I wrote in my description, this card is almost always associated with dark thoughts. I wanted to show the healing properties we get from love and Nature.

  2. Wonderful.

  3. Wow! Both the image and the words really captures the imagination. Very powerful and evocative. Very, well done.

  4. Koliko ti nedostaje za ceo špil?

  5. Awesome Oloriel! Reminds me of some of the poetry in Song of Solomon, and one of my old sonnets.

    “Sonnets From Hush To Hush VI”
    by Ry Hakari

    I’m an Ace of Clovers — you’re my 10-score Hearts
    I can’t count cards, but Lady Luck’s got my back
    It’s written in the stars, the fate of Blackjack
    souls who Fall born on the cusp of Autumn, charmed
    Summer’s curtain-call, Equinox role started
    Frost-touched, copying Frau Holle — Darling, ash-
    clothed Raven, Queen of Brimstone Crows, what you are,
    isn’t what you might have been, working harder,
    committed to stillness — Instead of pitch-thrown?
    A bridal gown patiently sown, reaped woven
    reciprocity’s met — Us wed crowns, shared throne!
    Your reward would be my love, gilded golden….
    If we wed, not left the Willow Tree scared crows

    • What a wonderful sonnet, I REALLY wish I had your talent and strength of will for this ecstatic rhythm you always maintain with your words. I really like “ash-clothed” raven, that’s just an amazing image!

  6. I never imagined her as a victim…
    I like the images you paint 🙂

    • Yes, not as a victim, but probably as a murderer or an evil plotter 😀 I really wanted to explore this archetype in a way not done so often.

  7. This is enchanting, Oloriel. The tone is astounding, the image delicate and powerful, and the overall effect is that of a trance where realization speaks unto itself.
    What a brilliant piece! 🙂

  8. Hoćeš li prevesti ovu pesmu na srpski? Volela bih da je čujem na našem jeziku. Kad/ako budeš mogla… 🙂

  9. vivid imagery… when I was reading this, I was thinking what it would look like to recreate this piece in a painting… it would be so surreal ♥

    • Oh, that would be so amazing! I always have some visual media in my head connecting to my poem, but then I fuss over myself because it often demands resources I do not have at my disposal. Sometimes I think I should live in a studio, cluttered in tempera, old newspapers, polaroids and shattered vases and just create! 😀

  10. The language of flowers, two books from the 19th century: https://archive.org/stream/languageofflower00gree#page/n0/mode/2up

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