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If you have not heard already, Charles Yallowitz, an amazing writer with magnificent worlds in his head AND books, recently made the first book of his Legends of Windemere series, Beginning of a Hero – COMPLETELY FREE. Do grab a copy – read, enjoy and REVIEW!

I thank you, Charles, for always sharing honest and meaningful advice, that does help me and many others continue our adventures into both reading and writing.

Without further ado, check what Charles has to say folks, on a topic that is very important to me:


Thank you to Oloriel for helping to spread the word that Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero is now free.  Now I’m here to talk about a difficult topic for authors, which is listening to critics and sticking to your guns.

To date, I’ve released 9 books of my fantasy series, which has seen a lot of requests and demands as the story progresses.  Similar to a TV series, a book series goes long enough for the audience to make assumptions and choose sides.  If you’ve wandered the Internet, you’ve probably seen battles within fandoms that revolve around romantic couplings.  Some people want one couple to be created while others want another one.  Each side has evidence to show why their choice would work and this occasionally results in the creator being contacted for a decision.  This tends to ignore that many book series have already had these aspects determined, so you might be requesting that the author change what they initially wanted.

Now, I’ve gotten a lot of odd requests over the years.  Some people want supporting cast characters to get a spinoff or be promoted to main cast.  A problem here is that the characters you love in the story might not have anything else to write about.  Tossing them into an adventure that I’m making to appease others could actually damage them because my heart wouldn’t be in it.  As a reader myself, I always have to remember that an author might not have done something because they didn’t feel a connection to the idea.  That character remained supporting cast because the author had no other plans for them and refused to force a story that simply wasn’t there.  Still, this isn’t even the biggest issue with listening to every critic.

When an audience member makes assumptions and tries to direct everything toward what they think is going on, they might miss other pieces.  This is only if their idea is going in an opposite direction of the author.  Using the most controversial part of my series as an example, I’ve had demands to kill off characters or rewrite books because of this.  It’s a romantic subplot that involves a love triangle, open relationship, and was designed to be a tragedy for all involved.  It’s obviously a big mistake, but the characters go along with it for various reasons.

To be honest, I’m already getting anxious writing about this, so let me jump to the point.  The characters involved in this subplot wouldn’t evolve to the forms I need for later parts of the books if I removed it.  There’s pain, anguish, and maturity that stems from this disaster, which effects future decisions.  It’s something that influences the thoughts of those watching the drama unfold too.  Just because an author’s choice of subplot is controversial or induces discomfort doesn’t mean it can be easily removed without altering the rest of the story.  Imagine taking away a painful experience from your life.  It seems like a smart idea at first, but remember that doing so would change the person you are now.  Any positive effects that were gained from making it through that experience would be lost along with the negative.  You could even end up exposed to it again because you never learned to avoid or watch out for the situation.  Think we’re getting into time travel here.

I’ve had to stick to my guns a lot with Legends of Windemere.  In regards to getting criticism and listening to it, I’ve learned to judge every piece in terms of ‘will I still write the story that I want to write’.  As an author who plans an entire series before writing the first one, I can’t toss away storylines and expect to reach the same ending.  It’s a strange balance that has to be met at times.  You need to listen to your readers while continuing to do what you know is right for the story.  This won’t always be agreed upon and you have to accept that fact.  Best you can do is consider everything and live with whatever decisions you make.  After all, nobody said this job was easy and low stress.


Legends of Windemere




Grab Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero for Free!




~ by Oloriel on April 21, 2016.

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  1. Thanks for helping. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Legends of Windemere.

  3. Terrific post. Charles is Amazing when it comes to planning his stories and this discussion gave some more insight into why he feels it important. Thank you Oloriel for hosting this Charles.

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