What the Stalk of Wheat Said


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What The Stalk off Wheat Said

Next Thursday
you will meet your soul mate
in a bus with one red wheel;
Beware! Scorpio in the tenth house
will stab your Venus
through the heart.
Do as the Romans,
set your soul on fire.
Your lucky numbers are
2, 14, 17, 23, 24, 30, 39.
Jealous sky – buoys
will cast your tongue in silver.
The name of your lover starts with a wound,
like the Moon, like meadows,
like minstrels of marzipan;
Yell it loudly into the broth, thrice mixed.
Write it down into the core of the mountain.
Wear blue.

Love is a wishbone
cracked in two.

*For day 13 of NaPoWriMo, where fortune cookies are an inspiration. It shames me to say that I have always been fascinated by fortune cookies, but have never yet had the chance to try them. And I frequent many restaurants, but none make them here. I tried Turkey too, long time ago albeit, but they had no fortune cookies either. I am soon going to embark upon making my own, but that will only be half the fun! For it will be me, distributing the fortunes into the molded sugar and wheat.


~ by Oloriel on April 13, 2016.

29 Responses to “What the Stalk of Wheat Said”

  1. i was so sure “the name of your lover starts with a wound” was my favorite line until you ended with “love is a wishbone / cracked in two.” such lovely imagery! and the m- alliteration in the last section is such a musical touch.

  2. Wow, it was like one of the fortune telling shows on TV which we get here. But better and nicer.

    • Thank you very much, your comment warms my heart! We have those shows on TV, but I honestly watch them for the laughs. I am hoping my fortunes will give someone a dreamy twist and inspiration for their life 🙂

  3. I like fortune cookies and I like your poem too.

    • Thank you for taking time to read, and I am happy to hear you like fortune cookies, do eat one for me one day if you have the chance!

  4. fortune favours the poet!
    Special line for me in a special brewed piece?
    “minstrels of marzipan”.

  5. Delicious!

  6. better than any fc’s i’ve had. they’re an american invention, it’s said. oftentimes the cookies are stale, and the fortunes silly. yours is far better… ~

    • Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, this is what people who tried them tell me, this is why I would want to make my own, so they are not stale but oozing with my love. This is why I love cooking, because mixing and moulding food with my hands lets me transfuse beautiful thoughts into the food. I swear, I thunk it makes it taste better.

  7. Lovely!

  8. ‘The name of your lover starts with a wound.’… what a line! Fantastic!

  9. Oh this is fantastic.. and the wishbone cracked in two… what a sad climax..

  10. aww, I love this so much, Mirjana ♥ superstitions about love are so powerful 😀 I very much relate to “set your soul on fire”… as I have a tendency to do that lol… 😀
    here in Sofia, in some cafes you get your coffee with small rolled up sheets of lucky wishes, which are different for everyone, something like the wish cookies I guess lol:)) I doubt they can tell future tho, as I’ve got a few saying “love”, but am still waiting for that to come true lol…

    • There is superstitions for everything, I think. I even miss the times when they were more “popular” so to say. You could sit in a cafe at Belgrade and do coffee divination, while now it is literally prohibited by law. Such party-poopery if you ask me 😀
      I never heard before of the rolled up fortunes, they sound interesting, you should take a photo of them some day! 😀

  11. You got the fortunes right. Sound just like the words that get.

  12. I really enjoyed reading this, very imaginative


  13. I adore this and the other poems I have read here today. I may be very sporadic visiting in the next few months, as I am on a series. However, visit…I will! I’ll be in a different city, and will keep my yes open for poetry inspiring street art for you! Love _Resa

  14. “Love is a wishbone
    cracked in two.”

    My favorite part, it is true, so true…
    it is very nice, how you used something to make something with so many different meanings!

    • It’s what I was hoping for! Hope you remember this one, so when someone tries to break your heart, you hold out a piece of air in your fist, release it over their palm and say :”Znam za jadac”.

  15. […] dans un Jardin 46. walls / 13 – grapeling 47. my fortune cookie poem – inktuition 48. What the Stalk of Wheat Said – Color me in Cyanide and Cherry 49. Clouds – thoughts and entanglements 50. Seedlings – thoughts and entanglements 51. […]

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