Paleontology of a Spring day


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Paleontology of a Spring day

A nameless thing in me
takes heed of the prairie dog,
sun drenched, his paw dug into the sand,
the horizon
a pompous Eden with a welcoming porch.
Crumbs of rye bread
lining a gray beard like lodestars,
their aged innkeeper
squeezing a ripe raspberry
with his index finger and thumb.
A mandala of seagulls
flying over the soul-swarmed ferry,
circling enviously around
the lady with the pink hat.
The river swallows coca – cola cans;
digests them into diamonds for winkles.
The morning shift ends,
the burning ones take five minute breaks
as the white, round clocks
on kitchen walls
re-sharp their sickles.

Nothing is eternal;

I cut sideways through the hip of an apple,
a painter in Milan streaks green across the canvas,
then black, then green again,
a boy with missing teeth
nurtures the wing of a wren.
A nun, her lip fresh of a prayer,
bites into the papaya.
A red dot on the forehead of the sky.
The EKG machine a telegram describing
the Lovcen mountain
to ten thousand specters of Giovanni Gonelli.
The frown of the officer, in dark blue,
who travels through the crevices of coats
and never finds two ducats.
Her grandfather’s old Zippo
mistaken for a love letter
read in the dark.

Nothing ever dies.


*Written for NaPoWriMo day 11, hope you enjoy reading and hope you join in on the NaPo fun, if you have not already.


~ by Oloriel on April 11, 2016.

39 Responses to “Paleontology of a Spring day”

  1. absolutely masterful – and I’m familiar with the blind sculptor

    • Thank you very much for taking time to read and leave me a word of your own, paul, I am very happy that you are familiar with the sculptor, I am very fond of him and seems like not many people have heard of him.

  2. That’s wonderful, love the image as well πŸ™‚

  3. I do not know anyone who can write poetry as well as you do.

    • Thank you very much for your comment, it makes me feel, and my words, more worthy; more rich with the potential to nurture, and most of all – inspire.

  4. I love that the clocks re-sharp their sickles, and so much more in this piece. Three readings so far. Mesmerizing – rich with imagery and wisdom.

    • Thank you very much for your heartfelt comment. I can never shake of the (needed) cruelty of time from my poems.
      Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. I feel like I’ve just been through multiple vignettes. First I rushed through, then I walked through and at last a leisurely stroll through and became one with it. A great experience.

  6. The two halves of your poem contrast, wonderfully. The details are awesome – I can imagine myself seeing those things.

    • Thank you very much for reading and letting me know what you think, I love hearing how the poem made someone feel, especially if the reader tried to imagine and sort of, walk, through the poem imagery πŸ™‚

  7. A mandala of seagulls is a lovely image. There was much to enjoy throughout, but that was the image that lingered…

  8. Wonderful.

  9. This is a definite read more than once poem to be able to absorb it all: such a rich world created

    • Thank you very much for the heartfelt comment. I hope if you re-read the poem, you always discover something new and I hope it inspires you! πŸ™‚

  10. I love the detail in your creations.

  11. Soulfully written.

  12. The seagulls and the warm deck of the ferry took me back to times when I have traveled so… if filled me with nostalgia like old postcards almost.

  13. love it… a poetic vision of the “butterfly effect”… that was my first thought reading it πŸ™‚

    • Oh, see, I never thought of that! This is why I love talking about poetry (and everything in general!) because you just showed me a whole new world! Thank you!

  14. I love the mandala of gulls and oh if only rivers could digest cans into diamonds….


  15. i love the contrast, even oxymoron in “nothing is eternal” and “nothing ever dies” – your poem is such a beautiful illustration of both of these life verses. the descriptions are vivid and incredibly original. beautiful.

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  17. This feels like our high school days…
    Can’t say why, it just is, in net caffe, spending our youth πŸ™‚

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