A Portrait In Which I Have Five Hearts


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A Portrait In Which I Have Five Hearts
You are the cauldron
in which I cook my love:
paleness, bones and moonlight
tossed into the fire,
learning the secrets of the dawn.
I listen to you mumble
Delirious nonsense through the night,
waiting to become your river.
I’d follow you to Hell,
Because Hell with you is Holy
(even though you’d constantly complain
how it’s too hot)
I love you from the bottom of my soul
to endlessly up.


You are a vanilla ice-cream
under the rain,
You are the playfulness of the ocean,
the tenderness of its waves,
all the azure of the sky,
a walking, talking strawberry tart.
You are the sunshine boy
the dandelion king
with a million names –
they all mean my heart.

You are the boy whose hair
was tinted by night’s strings,
Some god’s forgotten violin, you weave
symphonies for this writhing realm.
You, a crossroad between
summer and spring,
you thump and march,
just like my heart bursts,
would even tear the Moon down
from the sky,
just to see you smile.

You are my poinsettia,
sad to be in a suburban sour vineyard,
sprouting pink for no-one, someone, anyone.
My velvet harlot, devourer of worlds,
cloud-catching partner in crime.
In a tiny room beneath the ocean
I have found your wings
and I never returned them to you.
You don’t need them.
You are a dreamer in the wrong, wide world,
I love you, you are the butterfly pinned to my lungs.


You are the song of my undoing,
a little girl on the rocks,
I’m so sorry you were never born a fox,
nor tortoise, nor hare, nor a sparrow,
even though it is one of your names,
you are the one who dances, while I wallow.
You are the one who prances, while I wither.
You are sorrow – poison in a little bottle,
big dreams in a slaughterhouse,
I’m so sorry you were not born a mouse,
or a bear, or the prettiest candid apple
on the faire.
You are a carnation, I am carnage,
you are the ark made from my salvage,
you are raw, untainted, kind, candid;
I’m so sorry I was grown a bandit.
One day I’ll be worth enough
to love you.

*Written for NaPoWriMo Day 2 prompt, and posted fashionably late. Hope you enjoy reading. Are you doing NaPoWriMo as well? I would love to know and bask in your poetic efforts, just drop me a line to where I can read your poems!


~ by Oloriel on April 4, 2016.

30 Responses to “A Portrait In Which I Have Five Hearts”

  1. This is splendid in its contrasts… how you weave the passion that undulate between love and loathing… just like real love is.. You know I know bright colors in poems.

  2. A fabulous poem, Oloriel! I feel you could have written this, inspired by your son in as much as anyone else, including yourself. Well done, a mystery of poetry! Resa xx

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  4. Ostala sam bez daha. Ali stvarno. I izvini što ti ostavljam komentare na srpskom.

  5. ❤️ Absolutely amazing work.

  6. So much passion. So happy to see you back.

  7. wow, love is always the greatest passion and inspiration, isn’t it …

    Mirjana, your book has arrived and is in my hands right now, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to start reading it, it is a beautiful magical world inside it 🙂

    • Yes, yes it is! Sometimes I feel faulty for even trying to put it into words, like I demean it.
      I am happy to hear the book arrived, I hope you find a companion in it! I am happy to have the opportunity to, as I see it, perhaps be with my soul in your backpack while you are outside roaming and capturing moments with your camera!
      I am also very glad to hear from you, because I wanted to catch up with your 365 project, but your page just would not open. It was giving me a weird message about domain, but I am glad I can finally see it! 🙂

      • there is so much passion and subtlety in your poetry and the way you put your soul to words… your weird vivid metaphors are my fav 😀 and I am sure I’ll find plenty of inspiration in the book, even for taking more emotional photos… 🙂 you need to sign it for me one day 🙂

        oh, thank you so much for checking up on my blog… sadly, it was down for a couple of days and I lost all the photos, which I am now re-uploading, lost the doman and had to repurchase it, and all my stats and followers were reset to 0… but I still pursue the 365, thanks for checking in on that too 🙂 ♥

      • Oh, that’s a major bummer! Do they not send some kind of a notice like “Hey, your domain us about to expire!” or something? It is sad to hear you lost all your efforts, but glad to see you are not giving up. And nice that you mentioned the follower thing, I completely forgot to re-follow you, since I visit your blog usually just by typing in the link to the address bar 🙂

  8. Bjorn said it perfectly ♡♡ gorgeous

  9. Amazing use of words and thoughts. A outstanding poem.

  10. Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

  11. Oh, I see 🙂

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