The Stone Beholder


*This breathtaking mural is by Misha Hunter, and was photographed by the wonderful Resa McConaghy

The Stone Beholder

I am
The matting season
of airborne sakura
and the scalding asphalt;
gift me your opals
and I will nest them
inside the linear odyssey
of history’s grayscale.
I am
An artist’s commemoration
Of mortal stars,
The whispering sand,
The fragment in the bonfire.
The doves you could not catch,
but just persuade
to fret for you,
a million different moments a day,
until the winterlands
corner you inside a bedroom,
until you are a mourner of lilac,
threading the adolescent, rebellious horizon
through the creases of your cambric shirts.
Whichever song you sing,
It will not wake me,
It will not wake the dead,
It will not bury your head for an eternal rest
Atop my stone breasts
Under ornament crossroads;
I cannot open my eyes
For the lonely man
Sipping on his 2 dollar coffee,
I cannot open my eyes for the spider
Searching his limbs,
I cannot open my eyes
For the ripe rainbow of fall,
Cascading, sibilating,
Loving the earth,
I cannot open my eyes for the palace
Feasting, breathing, twirling,
Dancing the Kathak,
Tapping their feet on the marble, rearranging the clouds.
I cannot open my eyes for you,
I cannot stroke the vinyl in your sockets
And spin it,
Spin it until the Moon falls in love,
I cannot gaze at you,
Man, fortress, child, cub.
If I do,
I will be
No longer a sister, a wife,
A hollow watcher,
Stagnant, silent.
No longer a giver of dreams,
But a lucid horror,
Begging to be drowned in fresh white paint,
Today, tomorrow.
Mute there, I would be eaten
by the handfasting,
of you, of the world, of the gallivant ghost,
I would cry out
A macadam to Jerusalem.
Stay, I ask you,
Do extend your hand,
Lay your soul there on my lids
And I shall keep it forever;
Go then, turn your back and walk
With eyes wide open,
Always, find me always
Wherever you may go,
I am you, I am who you were,
I am the storm of it all.


It is not a secret that I am entirely infatuated by street art, especially graffiti, so when Resa offered some of her glorious findings and snaps to feed my inspiration, I said YES before you can even think about eating a biscuit.

As a lover of graffiti, I am often saddened by great murals disappearing day after day, by so many of them gracing the walls of cities I have never been too, vanishing before I can mix in my prints gently into their DNA (like the Sir P. Terry mural I will forever lament not seeing!), hence why I take great joy in browsing Resa’s galleries and even more, for doing something to make at least one of these paintings; scenes, last a longer lifetime. Hope you enjoy reading the poem, I hope you venture to Resa’s wonderful page and fall in love and find inspiration too!

~ by Oloriel on March 30, 2016.

16 Responses to “The Stone Beholder”

  1. I love street murals too. If I win the lottery I’d love to travel the world just to see murals. If you’re on Instagram you can follow many of the muralists and see what they’re creating all the time.

    • It is always nice to meet another mural enthusiast! Thank you very much for the instagram tip, I have an account that I never use, but now it might have a purpose!

      • I follow a couple muralists on there and it’s pretty cool to see what they’re painting and where. My city hosts a mural festival every summer, so I’m lucky to see about a dozen new ones every year.

      • Forgive me if it is too much to ask, but would you mind sharing the links to the galleries of your favourites? I would love to follow them too!
        I admit, the selfquesting sometimes leads me to artists who misrepresent themselves and such, so I would love your recommendation!

      • Sure. When I get a chance I’ll go into my IG and look them up.

      • Of the top of my head, one is youngjarus

  2. Darling Oloriel,
    My body shivered and flushed as I read your profound words. You are so very talented, and I am so blessed to have met you. As much as I like writing, I am at a loss to describe my feelings at this moment. Thank you so much for helping to make our ephemeral street art & poetry collaboration immortal with your gift.
    I’ll be back, but let me just sniffle and bask in our glory for awhile.
    Much love,

    • Thank you very much for the heart-touching words, Resa! I really loved our collaboration, and trust me when I say I am already writing more! That beautiful Lion is just watching me from my desktop and roaring: Now me, Now me!!

      • ❤ Whatever you want to write to whatever I send to you, I am honored! The thing with this mural is….. the second I laid eyes on it, I thought of you! Much love _Resa

  3. The poetry is as breathtaking as the mural…

    • Thank you very much for your kind words and for taking time to read my poem. I am so happy that you liked the mural, and I heartily recommend visiting Resa’s page, where you will find an endless amount of more! The inspiration flourishes!

  4. Reblogged this on Graffiti Lux and Murals and commented:
    Oloriel’s poem is amazingly powerful. She was inspired by a pic of some street art that I shot.I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  5. Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

  6. A wonderful marriage of words and art.

    • Thank you very much for such a heartwarming comment, I am glad you enjoyed the poem, and I hope the mural inspired you in some way.
      Have a wonderful day!

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