Moon Girl


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Moon Girl

Such is the day:
A dominion of tendrils
That prod the mush
Of was and never will be,
A road paved of
Crumbs and mucus
In the underbelly
Of the hollowed out avocado,
My skin –
Not enough emerald,
Not enough viscera,
Merely a swarm
Of unspoken desires
Melting between
Buoyant and distant star bodies –
Veiled in blue,
Their decorum stern,
My hands

I will not walk there,
I will not carry its yolk
Over my spine
Like a dreamy settler,
I will not rub my mouth
With cherub-dropped cherries
And dissolve,
Like sepia,
Over the sleeping creek,
I will not be indigenous for a cold lover,
I will not wear a crinoline
And swallow dead embers,
Twirl the tea stained handkerchief
In the caramel quicksand;
The lights – elastic,
A sea of words
That cut, infect and hold
Like plastic.

Draped in the velvet blanket of the eve,
Like a tenebrous daughter –
A skyscraper stabbed into my cheek,
Wreathed in marigolds
Like a decaying altar in the sheets
I will lay,
Stuffed with moon chutney,
Starring at the ceiling,
Needing nothing more.

*Inspired by and used lots of words from the Mindlovemisery’s Menageries Wordle prompts (3 of them). Link to the latest, clickity-click and be inspired 🙂

~ by Oloriel on February 9, 2016.

16 Responses to “Moon Girl”

  1. Today it’s been Spaceships and a Moon Girl, some crackling embers from a forgotten campfire, while here another storm rages in weight as it passes near by on horizons.

  2. My skin –
    Not enough emerald,
    Not enough viscera,
    Merely a swarm
    Of unspoken desires
    Melting between
    Buoyant and distant star bodies –

    I will not be indigenous for a cold lover,

    wow wow wow so many great lines! Gorgeous writing, fantastically vivid

  3. wow… i truly love this. such a beautiful piece! wild imagery – must read again, and again…

  4. You always comes up with so many images… I feel passion that’s laced with pain… I agree this is worth many readings.

  5. Another beauty! Okay, I’ve got to write something before I go mad. Your free use of words is so tasty, and well, lingers on my mental palate.

    • Thank you! I am glad it comes of that way, because I have a hard time to explain to people who never met me I talk like that in real life too (unless I am hella tired, then I have no idea what I am talking about! ) 🙂

  6. Hi! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award here: All the best to you!

    • Terribly sorry for the late reply, I had to fish the comment out from spam!
      Thank you very much for the nomination, it is an honor!

      • No problem! I love reading your blog. It definitely deserves recognition and an award. All the best!

  7. “A road paved of
    Crumbs and mucus
    In the underbelly
    Of the hollowed out avocado”

    That’s intense. It feels good to read this poem. You are a gifted one.

    • Thank you very much Peter!
      I will need you to drop me some address of yours somewhere, preferably on my email, so I can send you a copy of my book. I am waiting the proof now to list it on Amazon etc, but as soon as it arrives I can get you the copy I promised you long ago!
      Hope you are doing great!
      Here’s the email:

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