“Sought After Bloodlines: The Escapist”, by Eva Xanthopoulos – A Review


“Sought after bloodlines” The Escapist is a new and exciting book, the first part in a trilogy, and it makes you want to engage into the worlds and characters presented. This book combines the fantasy elements I really like and the writer took great care to show Etherique realm will not only be loved by the reader, but she as well. The dreamlike and cruel realm is presented in a simple yet magical language. The book is accessible to readers of all ages and the characters feel amazingly real. A contrast to that, the many magickal creatures that you will discover in this book indeed feel magickal and less like a slave to rules of human origin, which is a detail I especially liked. Each creature has its own lineage and story that is different and intertwined with the fates of others, which is what makes a fantasy book interesting. While reading I did not just feel invested into the protagonist, but the antagonist as well, and the whole realm and every possible character, when Eva says the fate of her world depends on everyone, it means everyone. Besides being an interesting read, this book also gives strong and important messages that we can ponder on in real life, such as our relationships, our lifestyles and our personal choices. You will find many virtues in the characters that you will recognize in yourself or a dear friend and that just gives this book an extra spark and makes me want to read it the third time, instead of wasting my time with yet another bland teen, vampire novel.  For me, this book really puts quality fantasy back on the menu.

The only remark that I have is the way too often cheesy romantic snaps, but it is simply because such things are not of my taste.

The fine folk of WordPress probably already know Eva for her inspirational poetry, but if not, this is the perfect time to connect with her and explore the many venues of creativity she shares with the world. Here is the SABL blog:


And here is where you can buy the book:

Sought After Bloodlines: Escapist – at Amazon


If you enjoy reading, and whether you are a fantasy reader or not, you should try Sought After Bloodlines, because I am sure the creativity, originality and vivid characters will certainly pull you in.


~ by Oloriel on January 16, 2016.

11 Responses to ““Sought After Bloodlines: The Escapist”, by Eva Xanthopoulos – A Review”

  1. 🙂 Thank you so much for featuring “SABL” on your blog! I’ve always been a fan of your work, so it means a lot to me that my first fantasy book is amidst such lovely poetry. ❤

  2. great review and kind message, pal. Hope all is well with you, best wishes from baldy x

  3. Reblogged this on Sought After Blood Lines.

  4. I enjoyed reading this review, I have read the book, thoroughly enjoying each chapter. Great writer wonderful Author, patiently waiting for the next book.:))

  5. Happy New Year, Oloriel! How are you? I will read that book. If you love it that much, I must read it. I trust you, having read your work.

    Meanwhile I posted a story. Not the one I told you about. I left it for later. This one follows after Soulless, my first story that you read. The one with the Devil and the soulless character. It is a little long . . . but only if you have time.

    Good day!

    • Happy Holidays to you, Peter! I hope 2016 brings nothing but good your way!
      Eva’s book is great, it is a very fast fantasy read and I really like how she handled the whole magickal creatures thing. It is nice to read something I can also recommend to my nephews or younger brother, but it still has really important stuff and scary too.
      I am going to read your story now, I always have time for your stories, please don’t ever hesitate to share your links here! 🙂

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