For A Solitary Raven (Sonnet)


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For A Solitary Raven

I see you perched, a blackened, feathered king,
you rest amid the cold, alone;
no longer a sprouting duo of darkness, like in Spring,
your lady absent, non-existing, gone.
Your fabled name now – dot upon a string,
your dream a warmth extinguished by the white,
and all you own must fit under thy wing,
do you even have a shelter for the night?
In sadness you I utter from my tender nest,
Ablaze do I throw pity for your fate,
and count upon the treasures I possess,
and drown in thousand kisses of my mate.
Yet it is you who rules the heart, a bird!
For mine are now the jewels, but yours is the world.

*First poem of 2016, and it is a sonnet. The superstition goes that what you do as firsts, you will do all year (but I think in my case it will stay in the single digits, the written sonnets, I mean. I am not even satisfied with this one!). This sonnet is about a raven I often see perched upon the telephone line. During the whole Spring and Summer, he was with another, but today, under the massive snowfall I could not wait to see, he was alone.

~ by Oloriel on January 3, 2016.

23 Responses to “For A Solitary Raven (Sonnet)”

  1. Curious about where the other raven is now. So, how does a Sonnet work exactly? Never really tried one.

    • Me too. I did however rapidly jumped to conclusions, perhaps it is not a bird from the duo I kept seeing. Gods know theres tons of ravens here! And I also think of it as a doomed romance, perhaps they were raven brothers or raven friends.
      As for the Sonnet, it’s just a famous rhyme scheme really. I often crave to write it, but struggle with it, because I find myself to feel contained or forced to frolic through motives to meet the criteria. The one here is I think a Shakespearean sonnet, although there is other ones. It has a ababcdcdefefgg rhyme scheme, and there is people far more talented and persistent than I, who write it in iambic meter as well and similar 🙂 I hope my explanations are at least boring enough to help you get to sleep! 😀

      • Or it could be the other thought it better to be out of the cold. She could have been out of sight and muttering about how stupid it is to stay in the snow when they have a perfectly warm nest nearby.

        Very clear explanation and I forgot about Shakespeare. That feeling of containment is a reason I never got into the ‘ababcdc etc.’ poems. I could never get iambic down and would get frustrated easily because I wanted to tell the story in my head.

  2. excellent. I often see a trio, ‘the ravens, three’, something I have an inkling for that will involve three brothers in my mythology. Loved the imagery of this piece, pal. Be well, best wishes from baldy 🙂

    • They say the number of seen ravens is a different omen according to the number of ravens present, but I think people cannot agree on the omens, since there is so many variations, so I pay little heed to it 😀 Best wishes to you as well, hope you are enjoying the birthday fiesta! 🙂

  3. Very nice…… Best wishes…

  4. Excellent Oloriel. I am of the opinion Ravens and Sonnets go well together. I tried to draw my Raven Sonnets out too long, both in serialization, line length, and idea density though.

    • I completely agree with you! I think there will never be enough poems and books or any kind of art about ravens!
      It is nice to see you, by the way, I have not seen your posts recently in my reader, were you a-wall or is it the clacks of WordPress (happened to me recently that I discovered that WP suddenly stopped following people on my behalf without me knowing!)?

      • I set my account to private and stopped posting about 6 months or so ago, and have been posting in relative obscurity on my Facebook instead. I don’t write new material on there as much anymore either, though I did start working on writing a novel, and have periodically worked on it the past 6 months, and gotten 35 pages into it. Haven’t worked on it for awhile, not sure if I will return to it.

        I was on WordPress the other day, reading one of my old posts, and accidentally clicked on my reader, and decided to see what people were up to, and thought I’d say hey! I still go over my old material here on WordPress pretty often, but don’t usually visit my reader!

      • I am glad you are still writing! I wish you a happy new year!

  5. That is a wonderful poem to begin with this year. It has that rhythm which in itself is a representation of cold and solitude.
    “Yet it is you who rules the heart, a bird!”: Loved it.

    I wish you a great year ahead, dear friend. 🙂


  6. A beautiful sonnet! I came back for another read.

  7. What a wonderful perfect conclusion… those 2 last lines really she the sonnet in its full light

    • Thank you, Bjorn! I was worried about perhaps being misunderstood, I am worried those two lines give the impression of someone not appreciating the family and ties they have, while in fact I merely wanted to give some encouragement to the raven himself, that his solitude is not the end of the world and he should keep flying 🙂

  8. I am speechless! This takes my breath away in its simplicity- but even more so- in its complexity. The first line brought a wide smile to my face- the 7th line brought tears. This pulled the emotion right out of me and it’s without a doubt the best you’ve ever written. (According to me. :0) it really is THAT good.

    • Wow, thank you for this comment, it really made me smile. I am never sure about these strict form forms, and prefer the eclectic ones! I am glad the poem managed to pull at your heartstrings. I wish it was all done for me, but lately I am seriously unable to get all the plague of everything out of me with poetry, so am even trying composing! 😀

  9. Beautiful sonnet and loved the ending verse… Also, I couldn´t about thinking of Poe´s poem…
    Thanks so much for sharing. All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀

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