Eight of Spades

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Eight of Spades

‘Tis you and I
in the eve of the dead,
serving syrup, blood and vibrant moons
from clasped hands
to the wandering souls.

‘Tis you and I
in the hour where the rotten trunk
will burn with new desires,
when hope is a flaming tongue
and this world – a wound.

‘Tis you and I
written in the frost day,
when secret ills, unspoken wraiths
soil darkened corners,
sit and suck the milk
like hellhounds.

‘Tis you and I,
our feet dangling from a cliff,
giggling like crickets
among wildflowers;
cracking the cosmic egg.

‘Tis you and I
in ribbons merry,
windswept widershins
circling the fairytale
of tomorrows plastic horse.

‘Tis you and I
drinking the sunlight from horns,
the hides of tamed beasts
keeping our bosoms
wild with forests.

‘Tis you and I
on the season slice
when the candle mourns it’s wick,
descending like equinox
upon wary travelers,
rolling our stretched skins downhill
with the kings.

‘Tis you and I
in the wet morning
that engulfs the field of corn,
in the buzz of the sickle
cutting to grow,
in the drop that yearned the mouth
of late blooming fruits
and not the sea

yet when the eye betrays the tome
and asks whoever why whatever
must be so
’tis me,
’tis I,

*From A deck of cards series. I know I am boring with these, but I love them, at the same time – I want to be done with them and focus more on other writing projects I am doing.


~ by Oloriel on December 13, 2015.

13 Responses to “Eight of Spades”

  1. Oh I love the images you paint of the Wicca magic, till the logic of the loneliness… That end,

  2. Excellent poem… I love the way the poetic images get powerfully intertwined with feelings here… Plus, the fourth stanza stands out…
    Thanks for sharing… All the best to you. Aquileana 🍓🔥

  3. Dodjem, vidim tvoju pesmu, pročitam i kao da nisam ni odlazio.

  4. You are such a rockin’ poet.

    Love these:

    “serving syrup, blood and vibrant moons”

    “when hope is a flaming tongue
    and this world – a wound”

    “soil darkened corners,
    sit and suck the milk”

    “giggling like crickets
    among wildflowers”

    “windswept widershins
    circling the fairytale
    of tomorrows plastic horse”

    “and asks whoever why whatever
    must be so”

  5. They’re not boring! I love this series too. What superb imagery. 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on Queen's end and commented:
    A wonderful poet. Check out her blog!

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