Old Buildings


Old Buildings

Old buildings;
dear, dead, rotten old buildings,
with mice between your teeth
and gone eras
staining your cheeks,
the cities oldest dreams
and first words
tucked into your walls –
I should grind you,
plow you into dust,
into little capsules
colored like
and baby socks
and I should learn to swallow.
I should tell the world
I take my medicine.

Old buildings,
you lot of lust, larvae, putrid
wet concrete,
of officers who shot first
between the eyes of infants
making love in your bomb shelters,
you bred courtesans
while outside raged war,
not even the devil
lodges on your lips.
Like a wasteland full of graves,
you seek to conquer,
my tongue, my whip, my defiance?
I should burn you down,
oh, both of us should burn
until the opium and the mold
tricks our tenants
into building

~ by Oloriel on August 7, 2015.

24 Responses to “Old Buildings”

  1. Brilliantly powerful piece, superb imagery and pace.

  2. Oh wow this is AMAZING

    with mice between your teeth
    and gone eras
    staining your cheeks,

    Right from the bat I was in love

  3. Those old buildings still not gentrified, stories only told of waste and war.. Maybe gardens, maybe something new.. But with time forgetfulness and paint will cover up the raw concrete… Or we will fill them with new stories..

    • Thank you for reading, Bjorn!
      Coincidentaly, the old buildings that I am refering to,did get ‘spiced up’ with a pretty garden, but it did not help much. The flowers did not grow inside of the people who live there.

  4. I absolutely love that pic. (No brainer. :0) And I must say, I appreciate the defiance I feel in this piece of writing! Very in-your-face (in the best of ways). There’s something about this line that I just love: “I should tell the world that I take my medicine”. So many times in my life I’ve felt that way; I really relate to that. I like the bit about the opium too. ;0)

    • It is a weird piece, I must say!
      And about the photo, I love it to. I took it from a moving car, which is nothing special in itself, but my mother was driving and she drives like she is in a very intense gaming session of GTA πŸ™‚

      • Haha…you know, when I saw that pic, I knew immediately that it was yours. It’s your processing in particular that’s so freaking stunning! I love the grain/grunge-ish texture and the green-grey hues contrasting with the reddish-brown-greys (those two main dueling colour schemes) and after seeing this, I immediately sought out an “Image found here” dfsclaimer, and when I didn’t see one, knew then that it was definitely YOUR pic. It has every component a fine pic should have and I’m totally going to “borrow” your colour schemes here soon. ..heheh. (Ok, maybe not, but I HAVE totally committed it to my colour/hues/tones photographic memory bank. ;0) SO love it.

      • Take your time, I think one should delve into the saved drawers only when they run out of things to shoot, and I think you aren’t even near to there! πŸ˜€ And I am looking forward to seeing more of your color schemes, and blur and grain, it is preparing me to be crispy for autumn πŸ˜€

      • The death of summer is always one of my favourite times. And well, I can only say that I love winter sooooo much. The biting cold- the isolation. It’s the one time of the year my external environment matches my internal one. πŸ˜‰

      • I couldnt agree more! This roasting sunshine outside is really wearing me down and I cant wait for winter. It basicly starts its roasting since 5 am and doesnt stop until 8 pm. I also managed to push through until now wearing pants, but I wore a shorts the other day and I look ridiculous. Constantly being outside tanned my arms, but my legs are goat cheese white. I look to passerby probubly like a tanning nutcase who failed πŸ˜€

      • Goat cheese white- ahaha!! I love it. I could make 3 afghan sweaters from the hair on my legs STILL. Somehow, my (18 years younger) guy still finds me irresistible. Either that or he’s the biggest liar ever- but either way- I’m still reaping the benefits so who cares, right? Haa… πŸ˜‰

      • My husband don’t even notice or pay attention to those things, and I think it is subtly one of the reasons I feel attracted to him? You wont find me grooming in the bathroom for hours, putting make up, shaving legs with a magnifying glass yadda yadda… I am like a very cuddly yet neurotic grizly bear: I am fury, I like food, I like sleeping in caves through a whole season (In my case summer) πŸ˜€

  5. You are right! We should build a garden.

  6. Nice write:)

  7. Wonderful.

  8. Powerful piece, and as usual, I adore your imagery!!

  9. This sounds like one of dreams πŸ™‚

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