The Avian Offspring


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The Avian Offspring

I beg no pardons
for I promised you no gardens;
I promised you herons.
you can eat them raw,
promised you can split the heavens
until you are a twin sister
to the red sea.

I beg no please, for
I promised you no daisy scones
no marigolds, no poppies, iris
from this mouth
to your scraped palms;
I promised you moonlight,
you can dig for nightingales
in human bones
until you know darkest despair,
until you know

I beg no sorry, no culpa,
I never promised you pulp;
promised no orchards, arboretums,
platters full of berries, mushy things;
I promised you hummingbirds.
Promised you can sleep
under their wings
and stay a child forever.
I promised no lilies,
no petunias,
no lungs out of sycamore trees;
I promised you pelicans.
Promised you can
strip them of their songs
and swallow them.
Grind them into wine,
so you may never know
how it hurts
to stitch the feathers
back into the spine.

I beg no pardons,
I never promised any gardens;
I promised you wild things
that go boom boom boom
in the night
like a call of the skylark,
I promised you can dine on it;
I promised the sea.



Pticje Dete


Ne molim nikakva pomilovanja,

jer ne obecah ti nikakve vrtove,

obecah ti caplje.

Obecah da ih mozes jesti sirove,

obecah da mozes razdirati nebo

dok ne postanes

sestra bliznakinja Crvenom moru.


Ne molim nikakvo moljenje, jer

ne obecah ti nikakve

slatkise od belih rada,

nikakve nevene, mak, narcise

iz mojih usta

tvojim odranim dlanovima.

Obecah ti mesecinu,


da mozes kopati za slavujima

kroz ljudske kosti,

dok ne upoznas najdublji ocaj,

dok ne upoznas dom.


Ne molim nikakvo izvinjenje, nikakvu krivicu,

ja ti nikad ne obecah pulpu;

ne obecah vocnjake, drvorede,

pladnje pune bobica, sentimentalnih stvari;

obecah ti kolibrije.

Obecah da mozes spavati

pod njihovim krilima

i ostati dete zauvek.

Obecah nikakve ljuljane,

nikakve petunije,

nikakva pluca od smokve;

obecah ti pelikane.

Obecah da mozes razodenuti

njihove pesme

i progutati ih.

Da ih smrvis u vino,

da nikad ne saznas

koliko boli

usivanje pera

nazad u kicmu.


Ne molim nikakvo pomilovanje,

nikad ti ne obecah nikakve baste;

obecah ti dovlje stvari

koje idu bum bum bum kroz noc

kao zov poljske seve,

obecah to za veceru,

obecah ti more.

~ by Oloriel on June 8, 2015.

31 Responses to “The Avian Offspring”

  1. Ma je l’ tebi Alfred nešto u rodu?

    • Nista nije nemoguce! 🙂

      • Žestokaaa pjesma (a koja tvoja nije 😀 )
        Naročito mi je super što ti je u glavi zvrčkala ona pjesma Rose Garden dok si pisala 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • I pisala sam ovu kao da je pesma, na neku izvitoperenu melodiju i glas “A Natural Distaster” od Anatheme (live verzije posle koje moras popiti bar 5 litra vode imo, da nadoknadis sta se izlilo!) pod influencom Rose Garden. Mislim da treba biti posebno lud da umesas ta 2, ali ta sam! 🙂

      • A Natural Rose Garden Disaster!
        Ideeeeeešššš!!! 😀

      • Mucila sam se sa naslovom, a mozda sam bas tako trebala da je nazovem 🙂

  2. What a wonderful set of promises… Somehow a little twisted version of rose garden… the set of images are just stunning.

  3. Some kind, sort of… New Age Edgar Allan Poe, somehow. Strong, whatever…

    • Meni zvuci kao: Da je Edgar bio Zena ( i da je nekako isfantazirao da mu je zauvek 15 i da se nije u nista nikad razocarao) 🙂

  4. Powerful ….just, powerful 🙂

  5. you can dig for nightingales
    in human bones


  6. Beautiful poem, so many birds and promises. Sounds like Mother Nature’s provisions for vultures!

    • People often overlook the darker side of Mother Nature, it is not always sunshine, but I think we need to focus more on seeing the beauty and honesty in all of her promises.

      • “The poetry that comes from the squaring off between,
        And the circling is worth it.
        Finding beauty in the dissonance.”
        — Tool, “Schism”

        I’ve always liked that quote, and your comment made me think of it in another way, as in circling buzzards!

  7. Lovely!

  8. This left me breathless! So many gorgeous images! Wow!

  9. “I never promised you pulp;
    promised no orchards, arboretums,
    platters full of berries, mushy things;”

    I must admit to liking promises to come with a little substance. Brilliant piece – thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. […] The Avian Offspring — some of the best imagery I’ve read in a while. Gorgeous poem! Breath-taking! […]

  11. Oloriel, I have not read you for a while, but when I did today, I must say it felt beautiful to be here. Just as always. You come out strong, deep. You come out like you have lived a thousand years, saw everything and weighed it on a scale, chose the best to present. And the language. it isu are magical. Lyrical, moving. Soulful. I think I just love it here.

    • I am very happy to hear that even after a while my writing could at least enrich your own imagination. I am always happy to see you on my page 🙂

  12. It hits you like the most powerful scent of a flower. It’s so powerful! Such images…

    • Thank you very much, CHatty! I am glad that reading my stuff after a while still brings you something nice or inspirational. Have a lovely day and dont forget to stick around and post so I can read more of your stuff! 🙂

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