Ace of Diamonds


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Ace of Diamonds

There isn’t anything I cannot do!
Exclaimed the prince to the king.
Those mountains
With their tops that pierce the sky,
And rocks where hidden springs
Bequest and lie –
I can move them on a whim!
A seamstress of the underworld?
It ain’t a daunting task!
I’ll stretch my lips
And in small sips
I’ll twirl my young and blooming hips
And she will weave me any mask.
The Sun and Moon in a dispute,
Now elders. Have no fear!
I’ll give you wine
And thoughts sublime,
I’ll match your sunken souls in pair
With queens that fathom Nature in their lairs
And you won’t care!
If Celestine are far or near.
The crops don’t yield, and rain is shy,
We ought to kneel and pray for corn?
Fathers, brethren, clergy – don’t be wry!
I’ll sing a rhyme
And goddesses will burst in tears
And fill your plates with finest meals
So you will never mourn.
Taxes, bandits, sleazy merchants,
Corrupt jesters, starving vultures,
Severed limbs in needs of sutures-
‘tis naught for me!
I can split them, coerce them hang them,
Gift them to the ground that nurtures,
These legs of war will in the future
Take thyne chair from thee!
The tasks below and tasks above,
Mere theater to act!
I toss the meat of lions
Into the eager crowd,
With clever tongue-spells I conjure
The doe or crow,
You listen to me now!
I could rob the sea of all it’s blue!
There isn’t anything I cannot do!
But, asks the king
Could you
Sew the dust into a string?

*From A Deck of Cards series


~ by Oloriel on May 22, 2015.

17 Responses to “Ace of Diamonds”

  1. Wonderful. The teller’s voice is very clear, very stylized. Great final line. Loved the image of robbing the sea of its blue. —Chagall

  2. I loved this! This will sound weird, but as I read it, I heard it in my head in the rhythm of this song, though your work was vastly superior 😉

    • Awesome! I should really try acting out my poems 😀

      • You should, that would be interesting to hear!

      • Hearing me is not the problem, but watching me is! I am pretty bonkers. I think if I did my life better I could have had a great carier as a voice for cartoon characters or a theater actor. I do these now for fun and people who know me seem to be unable to decide is it funny or scary 😀

  3. Necu nista da kazem sve znas 🙂

  4. This is just wonderful.. I feel the advantage of being the ace.. no real concerns you are better than the queens and kings. The rhythm and rhymes make this really easy to read.. Still my favorite passage is:

    Taxes, bandits, sleazy merchants,
    Corrupt jesters, starving vultures,
    Severed limbs in needs of sutures-
    ‘tis naught for me!

    and I tend to agree… 🙂

    • I agree. The Kings will always tell us we cannot change the past, and they are right, but we do control how we change the future – and it should be done with faith, passion and childish innocence.

  5. “There isn’t anything I cannot do!
    But, asks the king
    Could you
    Sew the dust into a string?”…

    Those ending verses are perfect!…

    Also when you mentioned the seamstress of the underworld you made me think of the Moirae, which were the Greek Goddesses of Fate and were in charge of Life and Death

    [In Greek Mythology The Moirae ,were the three white-robed personifications of Destiny. They assigned to every person his or her fate or share in the scheme of things].

    Excellent as ever, Oloriel! …
    All my best wishes Aquileana ⭐

  6. Love the painting that goes with this piece.

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