If I was Neptune’s daughter


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If I was Neptune’s daughter

I would have a bed of sea-weed,
my mother a verdant stratosphere
with tireless hands,
my lullaby the culprit
for your ravaged cities,
the foam of my waves
a coat of arms for your loves,
crystalline and cut
I would descend to feed myself;
wild in rage I would ripple
and have a thousand songs
and each and every one
could drown you.
If I was Neptune’s daughter.

How the echo of each star
would make my womb rise,
upwards and bloat
like dulcet pastries,
how you would crave to sink your fingers
into me and split me into shores,
but break your vessels,
wet your heart and lose it
to the algae.
Would you ever pose an open wound
before the trident?
Could you hold your breath
for more than 30 seconds
to profess a life?
I could turn your lungs to corals,
stretch you through my ocean home,
we could trick mortals forever,
if I was Neptune’s daughter.

I would transvasate the woe within me
through kingdoms of cusped hands,
I would drink from the lines of your palms
and return your tears to the sea;
I would swirl them into homes for periwinkles,
I would give them gardens, windows, doors and flowers
out of sand,
I would take the midnight meetings of our lips
and hide them
in Lazarus jewel boxes,
I would touch each rock and it would break
to cast your name
into the blue,
and you could prance and whistle, claim
how all sea belongs to you,
if I was Neptune’s daughter.

How I would drag you down below
while you heave
and make sweet rue to you
while the dolphins are asleep,
watching my restless sea-witch hair
invade your veins
and grieve to taste air;
how I would caress you
’till you decompose and fade
and evaporate the turquoise serenade
to all your kin,
how your flesh would grow wheels
for the under dark caravans
and lead us both closer to the Moon,
how we could be the same –
mere children of the ebb
dreaming to devour the land
yet you will be saved
and I would still
belong here
among lagoons, and tides and merman games;
if only I was Neptune’s daughter,
but I am not.


~ by Oloriel on May 13, 2015.

31 Responses to “If I was Neptune’s daughter”

  1. Such a brilliant and inspired piece of writing! Your writing makes my own poems look like advertisements for out of stock leisure suits (which is to say trivial and ridiculous and bland if not for that moment of perplexity). You have the spark, the gift, a true conduit to the divine you are!

  2. This was brilliant and epic, such a creative mind and expressive voice

  3. OMG!!!
    What power!!!

  4. Reblogged this on 21 Shades of Blue and commented:

    Excellent poem, your lines

    “I would drink from the lines of your palms
    and return your tears to the sea;”

    reminds me of the brown recluse I named after a femme fatale I used to write about as a mermaid, that I noticed crawling in my hair while using the John. I held her in my hand for awhile after I washed my hands, and she leaned forward and looked like she was going to bite, but she drank from a line on my palm I hadn’t completely dried, instead.

    • Thank you very much for the reblog, Ry! I still owe you that email, it has proven a bit harder to assemble than what I expected!

  5. Fabulous.

  6. Gorgeous , gorgeous love poem …

  7. “and have a thousand songs”
    eto – taj si uvjet sigurno ispunila! – hiljade pjesama i to prekrasnih 🙂

  8. The darkness in the fourth stanza is stunning.. you prove how passion is built of contradictions, love and death combining into passion.. and the wish for what we could have. Really impressive.

  9. Great mythological fantasy shaped as a beautiful poem!.
    Best wishes! Aquileana 😀

  10. HVala! 🙂
    Ne možeš zamisliti koliko mi je žao što ne mogu da čitam tvoj blog. 😦
    Srdačan pozdrav! 😀

  11. Superb imagery ❤

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