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I cannot stop emphasizing the fact that I see myself as both writer and reader equally. I find a huge amount of inspiration and encouragement in other people’s work and what I especially like reading is poetry. I am often having trouble finding work that really clings to my mind and has an everlasting effect, but when I do find a poet who greatly inspires me and educates me, it sticks for life. I become a ‘crazed’ fan who will shout about your poems just about everywhere. Although I am an avid fan of what we can now call immortal verses that stretch their ways from the ancient times into shapping our creative minds today, I have trouble finding poets and writers who are still living and whose writing simply bedazzles me.

Therefore, I would like to present you my best poetic discoveries from last year, which will stick for life.

1. Dan Holloway

I cannot tell for sure how I embarked upon his blog and therefore his work, but as soon as I did, there was a tingling feeling within me that simply pushed me to check out more… and more… and more… I downloaded his book “ i cannot bring myself to look at walls in case you have graffitied them with love poetry”, my eyes widened and I was hooked for life. Literally. His poems understand me, they read to me like gospel. They remind me of good times, of bad times, of people I lost and of people I never had and they gift me with this eloquent grace that enables me to move on, encourages me to speak and write.

But Dan, to my great joy is far more than a poet. He is an activist, a speaker, a performer, if you ask me I would call him a magician. His books are deep and challenging and they set the creativity bar quite high. His book “evie and guy” is written entirely without words (yes you did read that right!) , his stories are nests, his stories hit so close to home – they give me a voice and they teach me, about writing itself as a craft, as well as humanity. He is a writer who manages to encapsulate a reader with just one sentence, his excerpt is the one which can turn a book hater into someone spending their life savings on buying a house and turning it into a library, his poems make me wish I could clone myself a hundred times so I could have enough skin to tattoo everything he has ever written on it.

If you want to get just what I am talking about, I invite you to check out his books and blog:

– His blog can be found HERE

– His own online store HERE

– His books on Amazon

My personal recommendation would be: “evie and guy

evie and guy

and the book that gave me a lyrical, literary orgasm with just a single sentence when I was reading a small blurb last year ‘ No Exit‘ :


2. Lucy Brock-Broido

I would like to address her as Madam Lucy, even though I have never met her in person. One day, I was searching for a poem about wisteria, but the mysterious algorithm of the internet brought me to her. Reading her poem left me with a taste of Light and tears inside my mouth. Her poems deeply move me. Besides this fact, besides the emotional connection, her lines and breaks and dots and comas remind me of an EKG recording. Everything is alive, everything is like a dance troupe of a ballet ensemble. Gentle yet bloody, emotional, fragile yet strong. A whole lot of love shines through her lines and verses, even when he subject is pain.

Reading her writing and her poems helps me greatly understand how to deal better with myself, it helps me understand the world better and it helps me accept and overcome my loses. It gives me permission to commemorate, to touch, to feel. Anything I say and write here I consider to be lacking to perfectly describe what her poems make me feel. Her books comprise about half of my Amazon wishlist, I wish to hoard her poems and read them to my grandchildren some day. If someone ever gets a desire to grace me with a gift, let it be her book ‘The Master Letters”.

master letters

To read more about this wonderful and inspiring lady, visit these pages:

– For more about her go HERE

– For her poem I mentioned that got me into her work go HERE

– For her Amazon page, you can go and buy timeless poetry HERE

3. Corey Van – Landingham

Corey Van – Landigham is another wonderful poetic muse upon whose work I embark during one of my Google driven searches for inspiration and new writing I can immerse myself in. A lot of the times, I talk to the search engines like they are before me. I told it “Find me good poetry!” and Corey is what came out, much to my satisfaction. I find her poems to be mind challenging and ecclectic, firm, warm yet distant. I often see them as a recorded message sent off to drift somewhere in space, perhaps close to Neptune, only to embark upon our future selves and past selves, eating popcorn while our current self is struggling to be. Her line breaks are like a midnight staccato, the secret melody thumping loudly amid a room echoing pop music, while you are checking how far can you reach into yourself, checking how far it is to mend.

Her dichotomy is what often sets me out on the paths of my own discovery, her poems both inspire me and challenge me, both to improve and adventure, they are like a sign on the Milky way that says and reads two things: ‘There is something out there‘ and ‘There is something down here‘ .

To see what is it about this poet that grasps at my mind so much, visit her pages:

– Her website can be found HERE

– For her award winning poetry book, go HERE

– Don’t believe me when I say this is one hell-of-a-poet? Read this REVIEW

4. lunarviolet – Steffi Lang

Last year, I have added another web platform  to my ongoing Internet and Art addiction: Tumblr. The search engine befriended me there as well, and shown me this wonderful and aspiring poet whose words etch deep. I was so extatic upon reading them, so amazed and ponderful, that when I asked her permission to include her in this list, I have foolishly forgot to even ask her name (the name issue has been corrected, this wonderful poet’s name is Steffi Lang – REMEMBER IT!). . .

Her poetry, simply put, leaves me breathless and in awe, it manages to depict the celestial beauty which I often seek both in life and in poetry, her words are a puzzle, a cipher, a plate full of most red fruits donned in purple flowers. Her poems are poems that make you soft, make you bleed and make you breathe, I cannot even begin to describe how captivating they are. Her writing is what makes you want to open pages, list the magazines, shuffle through library shelves, so you could find just that poetry which feels like a living being, present there in front of you, a being you can almost touch. I find her poetry succulent and quite refreshing, in a world of today where everything is poetry, it is her poems and books that I want to see on both my shelves and in bookstores, theaters, museums, for they are the testament of the marriage between Darkness and Light. She represents, to me, the poet – poets and writers, whome I hope I will get to publish some day.

There is really no point in waiting here, I can go on with the praise forever, but do go and check out just how right I am at her page:

– To get a glimpse of her words, inspiration and persona go HERE

– To go directly to her wonderful poetry go HERE

DO you know what all of these writers and poets have in common? They are right here and they are writing, if you ask me, they are the new immortals. Their books and poems deserve to be read, so I invite you to share this post if you like what you read.

THIS LIST IS TOO SHORT! Help it grow, RECOMMEND ME A POET! Recommend me a book, a collection, a story! Tell me WHO bedazzles you with their writing? PLEASE!

~ by Oloriel on April 24, 2015.

23 Responses to “Poetic discoveries”

  1. I seriously think you need to include your name to this list- were it not for the “discovered last year” part. If you made a list of who you considered to be “today’s greats” though, I would say that you surely deserve a place on that list. You’re one of the best (ever) writers that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Don’t count yourself out!

    • I really could sign wherever that all of these poets are so beyond me, my poetry compared to theirs looks like just common language 🙂 But that is the beauty of it, that is the challenge, that is inspiration; thanks to them bravely sharing their souls via poetry with the world, I will keep growing and keep writing 🙂

      • I know exactly what you mean! I read my stuff (which I like) because it’s sparse, suggestive, and bold, but then I read YOUR stuff and it’s like a completely different language! it flows, but tells a really great story without being obvious. In other words, I want to be you when I grow up. Ha…

      • Yes, precisley, we are always looking for differences that can compliment and engage us to write or express ourselves. This can be found in any almost any writing and any voice, but there is poets who literaly make me question my existence and influence my mind on such a level that they can instil change in my personal life with their words, and it is something that I hope I will achieve one day with my poems, with at least 1 person 🙂

      • I would second the recommendation for you to be on the list. Your poetry is incredible – your words feel as if they come from the soul of the soil

      • I don’t think I will ever be ready to proclaim something like that in a while, but maybe that is the bane of every writer (that is slowly fading today) or in fact every artist : never being quite satisfied with your work and always find it lacking a little bit more of something unidentifiable.

  2. Lunar violet is my favourite of the lot – her writing feels less academic and more natural talent – the kind of writing that appeals to me.
    Her vivid lines cause a sensory explosion – LOVE!
    Thanks for sharing, Oloriel. I loved the raw passion of this post ❤️

    • I am very glad you liked it, I remember I mentioned making this post on your blog 🙂
      Thanks to you, I already discovered two poets this year, so do feel free to leave more recommendations to me, I am sure rest of the readers who venture into comments could benefit as well 🙂

  3. What a soulful person you are. Lovely post!

  4. Gosh, thank you so much. You are such an inspiration this means so much. And some wonderful poets to discover for myself 🙂

    • The descriptions aren’t enough to do you and your writing justice if you ask me, but it is an honest opinion and praise 🙂
      I really appriciate everything you did and are still doing for all the writers who ever get a chance to know you or read your work, and readers too!

  5. Ooh, and two recommendations of poets who have turned my world upside down – Lucy Furlong https://lucyfurleaps.wordpress.com/ – whom I discovered through her “collection” Amniotic City, a poetic map of London’s hidden feminine spaces, and Adelle Stripe – http://adellestripe.com/ – whose writing about both cities and the land peel the skin off nature to expose the raw flesh underneath

    • Awesome, this is what I wanted! Everyone is leaving me comments without any recommendations, and I think this list should grow, I think everyone should talk about their favourite writers and poets, while they are still alive and writing!

  6. […] POETRY – I am open to all kinds of poetry, but I want poetry that makes me feel something. Poems that are powerful yet sensitive, human and celestial at the same time. I love mythological and surreal poetry, and I am a cheerleader for young writers under 20. If you need examples, read my latest blog post POETIC DISCOVERIES. […]

  7. You have inspired me to seek out all these poets! I cannot write poetry myself, but I really admire artists who do. Reading poetry is a very enriching experience.

    • Thank you, I am glad you feel poetry is enriching, because I could not agree with you more.
      And I would say you can’t write poetry only because you have, I assume, never tried it yet 🙂 Everyone is poetry!

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