Wilt. See. Scream.


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Wilt. See. Scream

The language of saints
pricks the palate of the carrion.

|Come|, says the Roman;
his skin a peach,
his torso unbruised.
|Wilt|, says my mother tongue,
devouring blood
like compost.

Oh, but they touch each other
when the back is strained
between the ball and chain,
kiss and toccata,
they explore each others shawls,
trusting the thrust
of words to conquer
desolate territories
of our lungs.
|Look|, they say,
but we see
with borrowed eyes.

The purple chiffon is what remains,
on a new body,
on a young body,
on a fresh war,
on a mouth free of every bird.
We are the old at park benches
getting photographed
and the columns of our flesh say
we conquered, we won!
But, oh, how we screamed.

~ by Oloriel on April 9, 2015.

20 Responses to “Wilt. See. Scream.”

  1. We see with borrowed eyes <<<< that's awesome. This is mysterious! I like that it hints at several things here without spelling them out: I don't have a vivid, clear picture- I have a strong outline and I'm able to include my interpretations here too. You're really good about that; you give the reader a story with all of the players and you set the stage, but then you allow the reader to sort of create the story line as he or she goes along. This may all seem like ramblings- ha. Somebody forgot to sleep again! (Even so, I enjoyed this very much!)

  2. Svesna sam ja da je poezija, kao što je neko rekao jednom, ono što se gubi u prevodu. I slažem se. Ali bih volela ponekad, bar ponekad da pročitam nešto tvoje na srpskom. Ne kažem da je moj engleski loš, ali nije, osećam to, dorastao tvojoj vilinskoj tananosti kojom posipaš stihove. U svakom slučaju – lajk! I veliki pozdrav! I srećan praznik, ako ga praznuješ. 🙂

    • Hm, mislim da smo dostigli taj neki nivo komunikacije da se ne izgubi nesto u prevodu, ali da poezija sama iziskuje da izleti i prsta na papir onako kako je zamislila, na jeziku koji joj se tada prica 🙂 Bice i nasem, ne brini i hvala za citanje! Da ti dani budu vilinski, evo granulo je i Sunce ja mislim prvi put svojski posle Zime 🙂

  3. another brilliant piece, bravo!
    i’ve been absent awhile but have missed visiting your site; nice to be back.
    please tell me what has become of The Tophat Raven? my submissions were accepted so long ago. Is this publication an abandoned one?

    • Hi, nice to see you on my pages and welcome back to the blog world 🙂
      We stopped the publications at the moment, while we are in the process of registering everything to be more proper, we will be back soon 🙂

  4. Уморан сам сад за анализу, али ми се свиђа ова скрама зато што мириши на готику…или ја то само осетим оно што ми одговара…

    Нека остане на томе да перципирам тешко касапљење! 😀

  5. I like it Oloriel! I’ve made an exception and commented on this even though as a general rule I haven’t usually been reading posts or leaving comments on posts after 7. I started reading this 15 minutes before 7, and it’s now almost 8 here, so I liked it enough to think on it and write something intelligent.

    It sounds a little like you are describing fellatio followed by coitus using double entendre, which was clever.

    It also sounds like you were describing the persuasive language skills of upir/vampire legend, the likes of Roman Godfrey à la Hemlock Grove, who I thought of when you referred to someone as the “Roman”.

    Roman’s mind-control skills are similar to how Andy in Stephen King’s Firestarter can make people do whatever he wants them to do, leading to Andy having nosebleeds (pinprick hemorrhages), as happens to Roman when he does this before becoming a full upir.

    “Under A Spell (Tanka)”
    by Ry Hakari

    Oh! To see myself
    reflected whole in those eyes
    as man, not monster!

    For the way I am unnerves,
    cripples you with just a word…

    Talking of “borrowed eyes” reminds me of “remote viewing” or in regards to your speaking of photography, seeing something/someone through the camera eye or through photos post-shot.

    Reminds me of this song I like by the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins, in one of his solo-endeavors:

    “The Camera Eye”
    by Billy Corgan

    Listen, listen:
    This is the mark I cannot place
    This is the wish I dare not leave
    Time uncovers what is keeping still
    I unaware move against my will

    Simon says, “pass on by”
    Passions wane, stragglers weep
    Hungers fight
    For the camera eye

    Hold me so
    I’ll never let you go
    Stay with me for a while
    (while I sleep)

    Momma squeeze
    Grace my spine
    Walk on thru the camera eye

    Listen, listen:
    This is the name I cannot speak
    This is the flame I dare not douse
    Here, things are
    We’ll never get that far
    Close enough to die a time or two or three

    Stretch my skin
    Restless gods
    Maybe turn my heart of hearts
    Deposit change in the camera eye

    Who needs pain to survive?
    I need pain TO CHANGE MY LIFE
    In gentle myths and turning leaves we all come to bury truth

    Honey choose my wet dream
    A naked soul just has to grieve
    If I bleed, the camera cries
    No one doubts the camera eye

    Move fast forward thru the camera eye
    Move fast forward thru the camera eye
    The camera eye
    The camera eye

    • It is always beyond interesting to see your interpretations and I thank you for taking the time to write hem to me outside of your prefered schedule!
      To me (and to you it can mean a different thing), this poem is about war. I used and played with the translations of the famous words of Ceaser. In Latin, Veni is “I came”, but in Serbian it literaly means “Wilt”, like an order. I do understand that using several words I used, like thrusting, would lead to sexual conotations, but I am affraid I had far more sinister motives, perhaps because I see war as politicians and goverments and similar fucking us in the brain, even if our own body is not at this moment on any frontline. I have been observing and listening to conversatrions and my own thoughts that plagued me to write this poem 🙂

  6. I got chills! It’s been a while since a poem has done that to me. Well done! “his skin a peach, / his torso unbruised.” <– This is especially brilliant. And those very last lines? Unbelievable. Do YOU have any books out? If so, I want an autographed a copy.

    • Thank you very much for your words Eva, but I think you give me too much credit!
      A book is coming out very soon and I will make sure you get a copy. Thank you for always being an nspiration for me to continue on my writing path 🙂

  7. So many wonderful phrases here.. the contrast and the end.. somehow i feel that the winner is the one that lost the least… just stunning work

  8. I don’t know how to compliment your present self without offending your former one! Haha…but, I’ll give it a shot. 😉 While this isn’t your most “mind blowing” writing, it IS my favourite from you, ever. (I hope that makes sense!) Many of your pieces are just MASTERPIECES, seriously. And sometimes, they’re SO good, that they’re above me. The story- the words. My sister’s like that. She’s a hell of a writer, but she’s like Renaissance. I’m a children’s book poet. (It shows. Ha.) But really, all of this is just me saying that you’re a fantastic writer! Back to this. :0) This is my all time favourite piece from you because, much like in music, there’s a build up- a creative tension, and then a release. Here, the first part builds it up and when the viewer reads “ball and chain”- that’s the release! And the reader can FEEL it. All of this, the rhythm, pacing- it’s all very much scaled back in a way that I can totally “get it”, all while keeping your play on words, which are usually well guarded and shrouded in mystery. I also love that this whole thing could be an analogy of a cutter. ( I still chew my tongue all over. UGH. it’s awful and it’s a form of self-mutilation. So, I relate to cutters in that way.) And this painted a picture of both a cutter, and a war. (And a really bad marriage…heheh.) That said, you could be writing about pizza and it would fly over my head…heheh. But I know what I like and I LOVE THIS. x

    • I remember we talked about this, I still do it as well, but very rarely recently. I did however replace it with another thing which is not damaging to my health and appearance, if you do not count the inquiring looks. Ever since I am a baby I do this thing with a towel, I put it between my fingers and grip. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, and it feels good to my mouth and inner cheek to have a wound inside (why is it always on the left side btw, I almost wish sometimes I’d bite the other side and give the left side a break!)
      I can totally see how this associates to cutting, as a cuter myself ( present tense because even though I am not doing it, I see it as an addiction, I am just not consuming the “drug”), especially to the conversations that come after or from people who are blissfuly unaware and think at times I am who I am because I gulped something from a silver plate; the struggle to get there every day is invisible.

      • That (all of it) makes a lot of sense! I so totally understand. I have no doubt to other people (who DON’T self mutilate) it’s confusing as hell trying to understand those of us who DO. I used to think it was just a habit, then I believed it to be an addiction, now I know it’s no different than any drug addict. And yes, we talked about it! :0) I’ve invested so much time and energy into my gnawing, biting, chewing, ripping- I’ve exacerbated my TMJ hideously, and no have a jaw that pops in and out of joint with ease. And there’s the wear and tear on the enamel and teeth themselves now. (Only the back and sides of 2 molars, but it’s still pretty freaking bad. I’m no novice at this!) It used to just be the jaws- for the first 25 years as a child and adolescent- then it progressed over to the sides of my tongue. I’m surprised I can even taste anything because I’ll rip off tastebuds like it’s nothing! I hear you though. When I don’t bite, I’ll catch myself knocking or rubbing my teeth together. It’s as if any type of activity there suffices. (No doubt Freud would say we’re stuck in the “oral” stage…heheh.) There’s a good bit of shame too. I hate it. I’m sure you relate! And yes, the pain is the reward, but also the soreness that follows. It’s just sick- all of it. But…I think we’re ALL addicted to something or another, eh? (I say, biting my tongue…ha.)

  9. Beautiful.

    • Thank you very much, Dan!
      My article is still in the making by the way, I am having trouble with getting responses from other people I wanted to include :/

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