The Inward Hand and The Hammer


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The Inward Hand and The Hammer

Tell me the secret of the
curling, sloping women
who dance in sunrise
and I will sew darkness
into your carapace of egg-shells –
let us partition our flesh
into oceans,
let’s proclaim suffocating on geometry
is a fine way to die.
An idyll, donned in blackberries,
painted with the dust of stars.
Anabiosis. Antibiotics.
We are the porcelain,
bred in the night,
arsonists by day;

*Inspired partially by the Wordle prompt #49 at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. I did not use all of the words, and the prompt is from last week, so I will not be linking it there since I consider it cheating. I do recommend you check out the prompts at there and let them inspire you!

~ by Oloriel on March 7, 2015.

43 Responses to “The Inward Hand and The Hammer”

  1. really enjoyed this

  2. Love the flow of this poem. Really powerful.

  3. Brilliant – and the image!!

  4. Најмоћнија! Мислим да ће дуго бити моја омиљена, апсолутно све је у складу са мојом естетиком!

  5. this is just magical as i recite again and again. ‘An idyll, donned in blackberries,
    painted with the dust of stars.’ — loved this especially.

  6. So many great turns here.. especially the two last lines, they made me inhale.. great work.

  7. So cheery. Reminds me of myself- every day! :0) But on a serious note- it’s really so perfect. It scratches that (unspecified) itch. x

  8. I so enjoyed reading this poem … a lovely weave!

  9. I love the way you used Anabiosis when I saw it I thought of the Wordle lol

    • Thank you, glad you liked it! That word and a few others just felt overpowering in the wordle, I was having a hard time implementing the rest of them due to this, hence why I call it cheating! 🙂

  10. “We are the porcelain,
    bred in the night,
    arsonists by day;

    One day I will quote your verses at the beginning of my novels.
    There is an American writer, Dean Koontz. He used to quote a collection of poems called “The Book of Counted Sorrows.” He quoted it in almost all his early works.
    I will always find something wonderful and quote-worthy in your works. I love what you do with words and metaphor. I love it. The only other poet I have loved and respected this much is T.S. Eliot. Did you ever read him? My favourite of his works is “The Waste Land.” You can look at it.

    • Thank youv ery much for your words, Peter. You have my permission to quote anything anywhere, I would be delighted to see how a line or a metaphore of mine inspires you, and vice versa with your work inspiring mine.
      I adore T.S. Eliot, I love the waste land, but my alltime favourite is The love song of a j p, I used to keep it quoted permanently on MSN back in the day, and places like MySpace and stuff, but I was always getting angry that nobody would recognise the work 😦 Besides him, I find some poetic closenes with D. H. Lawrence as well, for example, if you know the poem “The last words to Miriam”. The name in the poem is so much similar to my real life name, which is just one extra reason why and how I got attracted to his writing 🙂

      • The Love Song of J. Aflred Prufrock is another great one. I used to call a guy in class Prufrock because I liked the sound of that name “Prufrock.” I have a collection of DH Lawrence, even short stories. I read a lot of the old writers.

  11. “We are the porcelain,
    bred in the night,
    arsonists by day;

    … what an ending! I often hold my breath while reading your work, Oloriel. 🙂 You are such a talent!

    • Thank you very much, Noora! Don’t forget to breathe in the beautiful air of inspiration!
      It is always nice to see you on my pages, I hope you are doing well 🙂

      • I won’t… It’s all you people on WP who inspire me endlessly. I’m doing good, thank you. Sending much love to you, my friend!

      • And I am sending lots of love and hugs back! Oh, and on the subject of photography, I am very glad you liked my photo and I remember being fond of your photography as well! Are you going to treat us with some snapshoots soon? 😀

      • I like taking pics, but I wish I’d be more talented. I may post some of my Crete pics later, but there IS a gorgeous painting in my last post :)))

      • Oh, I don’t believe in talent regarding photography, I believe it is just about how bold and wiling you are. Sometimes, hptographers with diplomas and degrees and mega expencive equipement produce such boring and unimaginitive shots, while people who say they are just exploring produce amazing art that goes beyond the photograph they took! So give yourself a little bit more credit! 😀

      • That’s what I say to other people 🙂 Thanks, Oloriel!! ❤

  12. Powerful!

  13. truly beautiful!!

  14. i’m reading some of you other poems, you are indeed an incredible writer!! one of the most engaging i’ve read in some time!

  15. Why is this reminding me so much of visiting doctors office…

    • I would say, because I do not know anymore what the definition of a doctor’s office is? In the Home of Sickness or the Whole World?

  16. A montage of imagery ran through my thoughts, from different places, different events, resting inside dark music, a character and her pursuits, partially hidden. Your words capture my mind, like the wind catches the clothes hanging on the line outside the window here, in an instant grasp to then release one to ponder what it felt like again.

    • Thank you very much, Sean, I am glad the poem makes you ponder. I wanted it to connect each and every one of us to the different definition of ‘sky’ – one entirely our own, I wanted both me and the reader to feel the liberation of that definition.

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