A vivid fantasy world – guest blog by Charles Yallowitz

As a lover and reader of the fantasy genre, I am always fascinated by books sprouting in serials. I am amazed and fascinated by the vivid worlds and characters and creatures they offer, and I often find myself wondering what is it in the writer’s way of writing that makes those worlds survive their daily lives, lack of inspiration or the influx of new ideas. That is why I asked Charles to chime in and share some of the secrets he uses to make Legend of Windemere such an enticing universe.


Thank you to Oloriel for letting me be a guest on her blog. She asked me to write about how I’ve maintained a vivid world in my head for so many years. For those that don’t understand the topic, I’m writing a lengthy fantasy adventure series called Legends of Windemere. The world that these stories take places began to form in my head back in college. Though technically it was earlier than that. Maybe a brief Windemere History lesson before I get into the actual question.

Way back in high school, I created a world called Mylrix. Let’s just fast forward to college where I made the world of Windemere, a Super Hero world, one of vampires, and a couple smaller dimensions. Well this created a mental balancing act over the years with each world jockeying for attention. It even caused a lot of confusion where I was mixing up characters and making such a mess that I was tempted to nuke it all. Then I noticed that holes in one world could be filled by merging it with a few of the others. Mylrix became the Pre-Great Cataclysm form of Windemere, the super heroes got absorbed to fill a continent where nothing happened, the smaller places were turned into cities, and the vampires stepped in to explain why the current species were so strange. In the end, I put together a massive world that is spread over a waist high pile of notebooks and papers.

Some people might have figured out what keeps me going back to Windemere and why it never gets dull. It’s because the place is so massive that I always have a place to revisit. Burning out on Luke Callindor and the other champions? I’ll wander over to see what Clyde and the Dawnfangs are up to in their series. Don’t want to hang around the continent of Ralian? I have some series that take place in the Cerascent Islands and Canst’s Fields. Even some history of Windemere adventures if I want to examine the past. I could keep going, but you get my point that I have enough on my plate to routinely jump to something before I get writer’s block or burn out.

My advice for anyone who wants to create a vast fantasy world for their stories is simple. Just have fun with it. Any idea you have can be placed somewhere in the world and tinkered with over time. You can always walk over to another city and go back to the other one when a new idea strikes. Filling the world with creatures, characters, and cultures is a lot more difficult, but the environment you place them in will help. Again, whatever pokes at your curiosity can lead to a unique region that will give you at least a week of daydreaming fun. I tend to wander my world while listening to music and biking in the morning. It helps get me in the mindset to do writing and acts as mental warm up. Showers, commutes, breaks at work, and any other time where you aren’t running around can be used to drift off and explore what’s growing in your mind. You’d be surprised how much a mental world can evolve when you’re not paying attention.

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Allure of the Gypsies- http://amzn.to/1tDlTRp
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~ by Oloriel on February 27, 2015.

22 Responses to “A vivid fantasy world – guest blog by Charles Yallowitz”

  1. That was fun. Thanks for hosting. 🙂

  2. Great perspective. Those quiet times when our minds wander are awesome.

  3. Reblogged this on Legends of Windemere.

  4. I must admit that fantasy isn’t my favourite genre (I’m a die hard true crime buff and anything that’s based on a true story) but his entire world sounds fantastic. Even as I was reading about it I could envision craggy cliffs and multi-tiered colours mixing and bleeding together. It sounds enchanting. And who knows? With enough press, anything is possible. (i.e. J. K. Rowling)

    • Yes, Charles tends to offer a multidimensional experience, and getting an insight into his writing habits and the way he maintains the world so vivid is what helps you approach the book and give it a chance. For example, if you are reading a book and you notice the characters are not lively and seem badly constructed and fake, you feel like there is nothing of your mind to invest there.

    • Thanks. The world is definitely a big selling point for many fantasy authors. It’s basically a constantly evolving character in itself. Guess I’d be lucky if Windemere ever gets to the same level as Middle Earth and Hogwarts. 🙂

      • Oh I can totally see that happening. You have to always press on- no matter what! I remember hearing how Rowling caught her break. She couldn’t find an endorser/sponser or anyone who was interested in her manuscript! (Can you imagine?) Her agent was turning her away even. So, one day her agent’s kid got a copy of it and demanded to see the next installment. It was a done deal. You have a really strong (and quite incredible) vision. I think it’s totally doable. What you bring to you story line, though- that’s so lacking in many other fantasty and even sci fi stories is that atmosphereic element of “The Twilight Zone” – it feels a little dark and foreboding. The part that got my attention the most is that the superheroes had nothing to do (and maybe were bored?). I love that! Anyway, as you already know, PR is the hardest part of all. It takes real creativity and ingenuity in today’s market to not fall through the cracks and to really stand out and SELL. But the authors of today have something they didn’t have 50 years ago: blog promotions! :0) I encourage you to send a complimentary copy of your book to no less than 10 power bloggers- the trade off is that they guest spot your book for their thousands of followers. (You may have already done this.) We have the advantage in 2015 as self-promoting authors.

        For what it’s worth, I really think Windemere has what it takes to go BIG. All the best. :0)

      • Thanks. I remember hearing that story, so I hope I can catch a break like that. It’s funny too because some of my stories are dark while others aren’t. The current series has dark parts and lighthearted humor. I like making people chuckle, so I slip in comedy from time to time when I can make it work.

        As for the superheroes, good point on them not having anything to do. I was spending a lot of time creating the fantasy world with a thick web of stories and a grand finale. The superhero world didn’t have the same oomph because it always came back to ‘normal’ after an adventure. This is one of the reasons I’m pulling them into the fantasy world. I think it would be interesting to see such characters awaken in a world where it’s more magic than modern day stuff. Though the alien bounty hunter is still giving me trouble. :/

        I did send my first book to a bunch of bloggers when it came out in 2013. At least they were people who made requests. There were a lot of sites I saw that said they weren’t taking submissions because of backlog. Anyway, I didn’t get much from the free copies. Most times I never even got a response when I tried to ask if the book arrived. So I’ve become a little leery of doing that. The current challenge is that I’m aiming to release my 7th book in a month. So far into a series and you can’t really send it to people who haven’t read at least some of the earlier ones. Still, I should take a look around for some of the power bloggers.

      • Oh yeah, I totally understand that. I wouldn’t bother too much if your first attempt was met with such lackluster. Well I wish you all the best! I really believe if you push through with your dream (Windemere) despite any setbacks, you’ll succeed. You may want to adapt it to a screenplay at some point and pimp that sucker out! Best of luck. x -Birgitta

      • Thanks. The screenplay has been suggested since I write in a present tense third person style. One of the obstacles is that I’m terrible at screenplay formats.

      • I have to say I think Windemere and Luke, Nyx, Sari and the rest would totally rock a theater stage… but than again, I might be a sucker for theater that would actually interest me and not put me to sleep 🙂

      • Not sure how that would work. Nyx is especially hard to do because of her magic. A lot of special effects would be needed. This is a reason I think an animated/CGI show would work better for it. That sounds odd, but reality would have a few too many restrictions on some of the characters.

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  6. “Just have fun with it.” Great advice, Charles. Thanks also for reminding us that the world needs to be big enough to explore. I love the fact that your world is so vast and your people groups so interesting.

  7. indeed – a wonderful, well planned interview!

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