Five of Diamonds

Rebirth by Cutteroz

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Five of Diamonds

It begins blue.

When the finger of the Sun
breaks the tunic of Darkness,
water of you I shall ask;
A wild hour begun,
a timeless creed harkens
to the umbral mask
and I about my trivial tasks,
about my hunt.

I will sing of its Birth
as it cradles my soul,
I’ll devote my flesh to the surge;
and plea in my thirst
for a handfull of coal,
pray for a gift I can burn.
Pray I’ll fit in the urn.

The Noon will raise me dead
and guild me grooves of shade,
of ash I will fashion my crest;
the woe of procession, the leaves on my head
softly follow and descend
to nocturnal behest,
no longer a glade, but an unrest,
no longer a joy, but a jest

and when the finger softly pulls
in spirals, Mother’s bluest wool
over the wounded horizon;
I will falter, I will riddle then
what isn’t heard,
solitary, cast out in the grass that roars
to wed the seasoned mirth
and I will weap,
for I will be of iron.

After they’ll lay me down,
the foxes and the rabbits and the bears,
lay me down to sleep
in kingdoms of the cursed silent tongues;
without a smithed moontear or a gown,
unmade, hollow, without heir –
lay me in the deep
where silence abounds.
Lay me in the ground
so I am found.


*From A Deck of Cards series


~ by Oloriel on January 31, 2015.

27 Responses to “Five of Diamonds”

  1. That picture is stunning!

    • Please do browse the artists gallery, I am sure you will find many more artworks which will enchant you! 🙂 You can find the gallery by clicking the word HERE under the image! 🙂

  2. Čitao sam jednu priču gde glavni junak pokušava da se spase ovog sveta polagano se zakopavajući u zemlju kraj puta i što se više ukopava sve se više oseća kao biljka (reaguje samo na Sunce, kišu, ne plaši se oluje…). Do kraja se gotovo ceo zakopa ali baš tada ga neko od meštana spazi i alarmira selo i oni se skupe i otkopaju ga. Pisac u poslednjoj rečenici ostavlja nedoumicu da li je od struka na dole imao noge ili korenje… To mi je bila prva asocijacija M. + utisak da je rhyme prime.

  3. “Lay me in the ground
    so I am found.” Odlična 🙂

  4. Prelepo. Ma ti si vilinski prah (dosadna sam s tim, al ne mogu da odolim) 🙂

  5. When the finger pulls…mother’s bluest wool over the horizon” – love that image!

  6. sto kaze cale “ako raste iz zemlje verovatno je ok” 🙂

  7. Опет зачудност, али са великом истином о кружењу материје. Имам сопствену интерпретацију наслова, али ме занима права, ако није тајна.

    Такође, ‘hunt’ се фино надовезује на ‘pray’ које по изговору може бити двозначно (prey).

    Ритам, нека разиграност, пишчев глас на некој висини – евокација древне књижевности на таласима савремене…бар ми је такав утисак остао, што савршено одговара сцени, тој шуми која се нигде не спомиње, али ми знамо да њоме лутамо вечно у потрази за исконским собом.

    Увек ме одушеви доза биологије у уметности, моја струка у новом руху.

    • Istinitost naslova polazi od toga da se vec dugi niz godina bavim divinacijom, te su sve ove pesme oznacene da poticu iz serijala “A Deck of Cards” ustvari moj nacin iscrtavanje simbolike kada gatam sa obicnim kartama za igranje 🙂

  8. Занимљиво, изненађујућа веза! Говори ли уметност више од карата?

  9. Breathtaking. 🙂

  10. “It begins blue”
    Ha! It is a wonderful way to start a poem or a novel.
    If I had read you from the beginning, I’d have become a great poet. I am still improved nevertheless.

    • I think your writing is great, Peter!
      I think I have an amazing talent for starting novels, I always think my starts are amazing, but then I give my husband to read them and he never likes them 😀

      • I love great starts. Sometimes I don’t get good ones for my stories, but when I see a lovely one I get carried away by the work. I feel a sense of mystery and curiosity when I read “It begins blue.” It is profound. I think the way a work of literature begins tells you more about the author’s capability. It is like what they say about first impressions at interviews.

  11. “Lay me in the ground
    so I am found.

    … awesome ending. Your imagery is always impressive and love how your work flows. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to stop by lately. I’ve been incredibly busy but will be reading your posts today. Hope all is good in your world.

  12. The Beginning, as it set in blue tone I cannot not love it!
    Yes, I know, double negation, I speak like that…
    But ye, love the images! 🙂

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