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winter of stone

*One of the newest photographs I made, a solid proof my creativity has been trying to work!

Hello everyone! Although my absence is noticable, does it help to say I have been busy? I don’t wanna bore people with the outakes of my life. Instead, let’s talk about poetry!

As you may or may not know, I’ve been tootin’ about making a poetry book. It’s going great, after many unpleasent roller-coaster rides with electronics, bad internet, naughty children, and migraine inducing weather, I can say I am getting closer and closer to completing this goal.

The insides? Quite spiffy. The cover? Done, and done, and bloody done! Intros, greeting cards and jazz? Done. But it’s not all done.

I have a penchant of not being able to describe myself. Whatever I say feels like either going way over the top,thinking too highly of myself, or simply like I am not saying enough, like I have this need to, well, be a little bit of everything, and maybe I am, but perhaps it is not visible? Perhaps you as a reader see something different entirely in me. Do I have to reflect upon my poems, should they be a part of me, is it a map, is it a tavern, where the hell were we?

If you read through the last paragraph, you have witnessed what pretty much looks like me trying to write a backcover blurb. I can do yours just fine. For anybody. In two minutes tme. But me? Haven’t found a box yet that could be my castle.

So, I am asking you, if you are in the mood or feel like it or want to help this overworked mind of mine, how would you describe my poetry, my writing, with just 1 word?

I would compile as many of these words as I can and put them on the backcover of my book (so it , hopefully, looks sensible!), or something similar.

If you decide to indulge me and bless me with your participation in this plea, PLEASE do not feel the need to praise me. If you hate my writing, disslike me, or anything connected to me, now’s the time to say it! In fact, ill even print it out for you on the back of my book! Dont feel the need to only talk english. Dont feel the need to make sense. Just remember a poem of mine you read and tell me the feelings of it, tell me what stayed after you closed your computer or your phone.

If you feel like writing a blurb, the whole thing, for me, you can do that too, but only if you accept and hereby swear you will allow me to compensate to you in some way (most likely with a copy of the book, or similar?)

Besides the fact you all will be obviously helping me achieve something, there is an undertone in this which may not be so obvious. I always say and repeat how writing is such a lonely process, reading, sharing, creating. I dont want it to be that way, and I guess these are my first steps towards changing that, for me, and perhaps for someone else as well.

As usual, I am more than interested in hearing what you wonderful people have been up to. Don’t be scared to leave a link to your content I missed and you would appriciate feedback. This is something that is always an ongoing thing, wherever you can reach me.

Have a great weekend, and Merry Everypossibleholiday!

~ by Oloriel on December 20, 2014.

48 Responses to “Fit a Description”

  1. The first word that popped into my mind when thinking of your work, or body of work as a whole is “lucid”. I say that because, when I read most of your work, I’ll be in the middle somewhere and suddenly, I get the same feeling as when I’m dreaming and suddenly become aware- that’s what it is. I could think of many words to describe your work, but lucid is at the top. And congrats on your book! (I feel you. I had to ask my sister to write my bio on my back cover. Ha.) x

  2. The first word that comes to my mind is “Evocative”, which is a word I have a tendency to include while commenting on your poems. It is just because I experience a powerful surge of feelings while reading your words. The light and dark, the glaring truth, the profound ideas, the kaleidoscopic images, the this and that, the emotive flow, the reverberating echo: all that emerges from your verse touch a chord somewhere within, leaving a lasting effect.

    • Thank you very much, Ha. I am always uncertain should I be happy when my poems are evocative, because I fear what I may be evoking is darkness into the depths of someone’s heart. I hope it is not the case with you, and that together we can use both my poetry and yours to shed a beam of light on our lives.

  3. I had read a few of your poems again to get a great word to describe your writing..

    Word-painter is what I would say… Maybe too much of the technique than the poetry itself.. But yes you are a painter of words.

    • Thank you very much, Bjorn, I get what you mean and it makes me happy to hear it.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in this idea and project of mine, especially for taking the time to reread the poems.

  4. Merry christmas and good to see you back

  5. Nice seeing you sweetness … I’ll go re-read a few poems as Bjorn did and get back to you … I’d like to do this properly.

  6. As I stand here listening to US Irish punk rock from the likes of Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys, I tend to find recollections, reflections upon Oloriel writing; Oloriel’s a woman, a writer that’ll watch passers by from upon her window seat, watching them into the late evening, listening, penning as the weather turns for all living things in an urban world. While beneath, those street lights paint, reflect a universe waiting to be spun in her tales and verse, an inverse reflection to when day takes Oloriel roaming the streets, collecting less seen worlds in words and lines. Her poems at times can tap into the everyday, or switch between lunacy’s varied chunks, each shaped between light and shade. Perhaps when reading her work in some cases, taking flight may seem the only solution for the damned in reading such diverse and multilayered work. But beware of invitations to dinner, for Oloriel knows how to Capture and suspend, until you, a reader wants more.

    • Thank you very much Sean for this wonderfull description. I was reading your poem yesterday and left a comment, but I did pick up the allusion to the mentioned bands, but didn’t wanted to mention it 🙂
      Funny thing which you wrote at the end here, about dinner invitations. made me smile, because, outside of art and writing, what I want to be is a chef 😀
      Thank you once again!

      • Yes, I caught your comment while out reading and experimenting with more lines to yesterday’s poem. The odd thing is it started out in a much different place earlier in the week in thought, but found its relationship days later 🙂

        In a way the description came out from some of your poems I most remember in parts, while in the middle I tallied with words to your “Pick a Door” categories. I’d also reread your about and a few other pages, and well remember the want to become a chef, while also recalling the unusual metaphoric dinner party poem you wrote 🙂

  7. Bas is nedostajala!!! Ej drago mi je da izlazi knjiga, ndam se da cu moci da nabavim primerak, jel neki nas izdavac u pitanju ili kako?

  8. My first word describing your poetry: whimsical. 🙂 (It´s a very positive word to me, English not being my native language. Hope it´s so to you as well.) Love, Deelia

    • Thank you, and no fear about English, I even wrote that people are free to write a word in a different language, one native to them, if they see it fit 😀
      Thank you very much for participating in this with me and for gifting me such a lovely word, a word which I revisit often when writing!

  9. The photo is awesome
    I always found your writing a little edgy

  10. Hey, gone through a couple of your poems.. I think I commonly find your writing being ‘mysterious’ and ‘windy’.

  11. where have you been?

    • Hunting for jobs, getting accepted, then erased from existance in the eyes of the employer. Or shortly, in the 21st century! 😀
      Nadam se da si dobro Goste, da uzivash sa najmilijima i da kitite jelku i spremate se za docek u radosti! 🙂

  12. Emailed my thoughts, and super excited about your book! 😊

  13. Tvoja poezija u jednoj reči? Vilinska… šumska vila. 🙂

  14. […] putting together her first book of poetry, which is a time consuming task! Here’s the LINK where you can read all about it, and maybe, you too would like to add a few words to her comments […]

  15. Welcome back Oloriel!

  16. Deep.

  17. Зачудност, зачудно, очуђење, острањење, онеобичење, ostranenie (остранение).
    *I agree with the suggestions above.

  18. Жао ми је што ће одговор некако да се одвоји, не видим где могу да кликнем reply. Трилогија ”Вапаји из сенке” више не представља моје стваралаштво веродостојно, није чак ни хорор. За сада је ”Песимум” најрепрезентативнији; до краја јуна ћу објавити и све из 2014-е.
    Почињем да размишљам о рецепцији… Гроза и тмина су дефинитивно чврсто стајале у сенци у неком периоду, али будући да су the most profound радови херметични, не сматрам да емоција (тмина) експлодира. Чини ми се да је песимизам оно што се осети и што ће наставити да буде приметно. Ти кључни радови имају најјачу филозофску потпору, једну мисаону мирноћу која се види само у објашњењима, али њих не објављујем. Драго ми је што си приметила нешто од чега се зазире. Од блек метала човек мало огугла на страхоту.

  19. Shaky hands 😉

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