Defy the concrete


Sometimes, every view that glances your eyes when you step outside is a scene from a constant battle between Human and Nature.

For The Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrast

17 responses to “Defy the concrete”

  1. I wonder how the composition to leveraging the defiance of the living might of formed if taken closer to the horizontal raising it above the manipulated/manufactured rising false fault.

    1. I am saddened by those who think planting one flower gives them a “clean record”.

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  3. Yes. The human constructions can constrict nature but can never stop it. Powerful statement and a beautiful photograph… I love how that tiny one is growing. 🙂

    1. I agree with you and am happy about it. What you said reminds me of each time I saw a dandelion sprout from the middle of the sidewalk or those fabulous pictures of abandoned houses the nature is completely engulfing to reclaim.

  4. spectraghostseeker Avatar

    I appreciate the rebellious spirit of plants bursting up through concrete. I always say “you go, little plant!”
    Kind thanks for your visit to The Netherworld.

    1. I greet them and cheer for them with the same words too, and have been known to sabotage the removal of the plants as well :p

  5. and there poking up between the cracks.!!

    1. Yes, even more and more every year and I just think how thankfull I am that the gardeners are lazy 😀

  6. so true!! LOVE the capture and the title, defy the concrete…

    1. Thank you, I am glad you like it! 🙂

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I don’t mind the sun sometimes,
the images it shows,
I can taste you on my lips
and feel you in my clothes.
Cinnamon and sugary
and softly spoken lies,
you never know just how you look
through other people’s eyes


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