The Way of Emptiness


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The Way of Emptiness

Oh, if my skin was indeed a parchment
For desolate lovers,
An empty book thirsting for words
In a world of draught and noise,
A letter of lost lives
Measuring its worth against the champagne canvases
Mirroring fabled wills of the sky
And anointed by tired tears of starved dodolas,
An artist’s cut off index finger
Kept fresh in some jar of vinegar with the promise of forever,
A curvy white line lost in the pallid vastness behind an azure iris,
A stroke of dry paint decaying on the asphalt,
Choking under circles and dreaming of hearing
The sweet song of wrens while having no ears,
But only a mouth with no language –
What would you write me?
Would you twist the lies into
Atlantean verses, lost forever under the graveyards,
Anointed in wine and hum of bone dust
Rubbing its particles against my lips, against my will,
Against my reasoning to marry the wind
And become something but the palliative touch
Courting the roses to grow again same time next year.
Would you warn me?
Would you dare agitate the beasts and demons,
Sitting, drenched in my sorrow
In their graphic centumvir,
Making paper planes from my organs and dreams alike,
By tossing underneath their hammer
A heart that’s nothing but human?

Would you plead me,
Forgiveness or another kiss or to scorn you,
Would you hold my head down
Inside the lakes of dew gathered
In the orbits of your wounded palms,
Until I have no choice, nothing but instinct to beg
to be burned in the fiery pits instead,
to be purged of the soul and stabbed in the body,
to be called a sculptor?
Would you dare paint me into cherry blossomed trees
With rubellite powders
And dress your children in me,
Hang me upon a wall in a frame,
Cage me behind glass in my best dress
And impress your guests by reading from me?
You would roll my dead cells,
Far across snow field and glaciers
Into rosaries,
You would make the daisies kneel and pray
With my teeth,
Forgetting, deliriously denying
How no-one but me
Is listening.

Oh, if I was a scroll you retrieved in secrecy
Behind the back of the easily amused librarian,
And if I
Was a love letter where lovers shun
And ink their poison,
Pitiless before the yearning and the churning of their guts
That always knew better,
Wording promises of tossing padlocks downstream,
Not turning around when ghosts call them
Not sleeping under windows with guitars in hand,
Not lost among the stars ,
But accepting of the brevity of anything that’s white;
Not collecting dove feathers anymore
And certainly, not sewing them into hats,
Not needing each other like breath –
Would you rewrite me?
Rewrite me,
into all the lava that I press back into the chest,
which I hide from the clouds
and I don’t let it get wet,
would you rewrite me into
what I know as love,
and would you despair,
for never knowing
would it save me
or destroy me?

*Writen inspired by the Wordle prompts at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Plural because I technicaly cheated, since I missed the Wordle of rpevious week I liked, I decided to combine the words from that one and the newest one and just go where creativity takes me.


~ by Oloriel on May 23, 2014.

30 Responses to “The Way of Emptiness”

  1. Izvini za trol, ali kako ti je prijatelj iz Obrenovca? Welt se interesuje…

  2. And we’re very glad that you went where creativity took you. 🙂

  3. Such an outstanding poem. Applause!!

  4. Oh O, this is so moving and really, life-changing on the whole. It’s so deep! I adore this line in particular: “Against my reasoning to marry the wind” That was a total head ****! At that moment the entire thing shifted and I felt as if everything were flipped upside down (or right side up). What a writer you are. This is definitely one of your best. Thanks so much for sharing this. I needed it right now. x

  5. This is beautiful and great job weaving the two Wordles together. Brilliant!

  6. Speechless!
    (in a good way!)

  7. This is stunning, honey! The third line and the one about an index finger – brilliant!!!! I have missed your poetry so much! X

  8. cool.

  9. Masterpiece. Enthralling, enrapturing and an immaculate specimen of your masterful writing. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, HA! I hope the heat is not giving you trouble!

      • Well, the heat is quite horrid actually. I thought of going out today but had to return within 20 minutes. It was as if I was on fire. The temperature must be somewhere around 45-46 C and it is expected to rise even higher.
        But yes, I am awaiting the monsoon, which is expected to arrive sooner this year. 🙂

  10. Yes, I would. I would do such as you wish.

    “And anointed by tired tears of starved dodolas . . .”

    “Would you twist the lies into
    Atlantean verses, lost forever under the graveyards,
    Anointed in wine and hum of bone dust . . .”

    Your words thrill me, my friend. They bless my days. They take away the vanity from my daily readings.

    • Thank you, it means to me a lot to hear that, because I am a narcissistic writer; I really have to like what I wrote and I often wonder why does it fail to tickle the imagination of others.
      I am also very glad that the dodolas verse did not confuse you and was instead harmonius 🙂

  11. Fabulous! So one wordle wasn’t challenging enough huh? You weaved them together masterfully 🙂

    • Thank you, Melanie! 🙂 It was not much about the challenge, but more up to the immense inspiration that I often have no time to cater to :/

  12. While reading I felt the emptiness of a crowed street, people imposing their definitive separate wills upon their own awkwardness to differences, when I take a step inside some places while passing for just fractions to contorted moments and then gone vanished. For they were all just dwindling in their light by the side of the road as I passed by, close, too near their slanted worlds until standing before an open field, before a new forest. It’s they who seemed empty and tethered to their restrained enslaving ways. A fine museum piece, carved into a trunk to a cherry tree, kept in glasshouses with cold stone floors.

  13. You have amazing art Blog, full of joy , Bless,eM

  14. One word keep popping to my mind while reading it “palatalizacija”…
    Don’t know why…somewhere near the end.

    • For fucks sake, I woke up and thought of this word, followed by proclaiming “I know nothing anymore.” Lets synchronise on a more interesting matter plx!

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